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Return of the Mozzies!!

In a bide to protect his little son, Kiat went into a murderous mood yesterday night. Before we called it a day, he took out a can of insecticide and sprayed under our bed. I didn’t allow him to spray anywhere else as I was worried that the insecticide might settled on Declan’s toys, sarong, pillow and any other thing which he might pushed into his mouth.

I guessed, shortly after he did that, those mozzies which were hiding under the bed all fled and showed themselves! Out of nowhere, I suddenly heard a lot of loud “Piak Piak” sounds coming from the bedroom while I was in the kitchen. I walked into the bedroom and saw Kiat whirling about trying to kill the flying mozzies with bare hands. What a sight! Hahahah He managed to “finish off” only 2 miserable mozzies. We kept the light on for a long while and put ourselves out as baits, trying to lure the mozzies out so that we could kill them. Not much luck… mozzies were not taken in…. We thought since they did not appear, they might had left for good. So, we happily off the lights and off we went to dreamland.

I couldn’t quite get to sleep. Kept turning and tossing and just when I was about to fall asleep, Little Dec wailed… We on the lights again, picked him up from his sarong and were very upset to see that, he had been attacked by those hideous mozzies again!!!! This time, they attacked his face and head! Poor boy got 1 big bump just under his right eye and another 3-4 huge bumps distributed on his head. Kiat went frantic and started swearing at those mozzies!! He turned on his murderous mood again! He searched the room with his “bionic” eyes and HA! detected 1 mozzie lazing on the wall. He “Piak” with all his might and shouted 给你死!!!! So mozzie died. But he only managed to kill that one… I guessed the rest had already “turned in” after feasting on baby Dec….

We continued to fume for awhile, before Kiat decided to place BaBY Dec between the 2 of us and with him placing his hand on Dec’s head to protect his scalp from being attacked again. We wrapped him up with his “towel blanket”. That’s the least we can do for him now…..

I must get in all sorts of mozzie repllent, mozzie net, mozzie coils and whatever could keep mozzie away today!!! I can’t continue to let them bully my little baby like that!!!


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Death to the Mozzies!!!

One day, after I entered my “Mozzie Kisses” entry, I woke up in the morning and found another huge mozzie bump on Little Dec’s upper left thigh and one more strategically planted on the top of his “sparsely haired” head…..

ARghhhhhhh Fed up!!! I swear that if I don’t kill u mozzie I’m not MAMA SEAH!!!!

But yesterday went pass uneventfully. In fact most of the day I was out so… Mozzie could just leisurely cruised around the flat without me threatening to drain it’s blood or my boy’s blood so to speak.

My mum went frantic after seeing Declan’s “bumpy” legs, he urged me to send him to the clinic. She’s worried about dengue fever. In fact I’m worried too and it didn’t help that there was report of rising Dengue Fever cases recently.

All these while, we were wondering how come Mozzie so clever, only kissed Declan and not the rest of the adults at home. However, this Mozzie was overcome by greed! Drinking from Declan could no longer quench it’s thirst and kill it’s hunger. It shifted his target from soft and tender Declan to tough and thick skinned me! 没死过!!!! I woke up with an itch on my right foot. I scratched scratched, open my eyes and wahhhh there was a huge bump on my foot! That really made me fume!! At the same time, I felt a sense of relieve because this meant that Mozzie had finally got sick of tasting Declan’s blood and decided to savor on his mama instead.

I was still lying in bed thinking about how I should declare war on the Mozzie Clan when I detected a black being perching quietly on my pillow. AH HA!!! It’s none other than MOZZIE!!!! I got overexcited and forgot that I promised to poke it with a needle. Instead I extended out my hand and *PIAK* hahahahah victory!!!! Mozzie was reduced to a little black mess. There was no “blood shed” leh…. It was just a black mess without any hint of blood…. uh-oh… did I malign that poor little mozzie?? Maybe it’s not him/her?? Maybe its it’s friend who was the culprit??!! Anyway I don’t care! For my baby’s sake, I’ll rather 宁可杀错不可放过 (rather kill wrongly, then to let the real culprit off)!!!! That’s an expression of motherly love, I suppose.


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Mozzie Kisses

Stupid mozzie!!! Kissed Baby Dec ssssoooo many times!!!!! Look at his poor little limb.

So 可怜hor???!! I see liao so heart pain…Crying 1 Of all the 6 human beings at home… this idiotic mozzie gotta choose to sting the one with the least “catchment area”!!!! Not once but 7 times!!! All congregated on his left leg!

At least if mozzie choose to sting any one of the adults, we can locate the itch accurately and scratch it to sooth the itch… but for a baby he do not have the right motor skill to aim specifically at the little bumps and scratch them! Imagine how irritating it’ll feel if u are itching all over but unable to scratch it! Poor boy….

This mozzie better pray with all his available limbs that I dun see him!!! If i do I’m gonna use a needle to poke him and drain him of all my boy’s blood!!Hot Head

Anyway chaps, I’ve uploaded about a few new pics on little Dec, you can see it here.

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Chic Mama’s Blog

I’ve deleted the sideblog to make things look less cluttered. So, if you wanna read about my views and thoughts on issues other than baby talk, you may skip over to Chic Mama

From now on, I guess Multiply will be use for me to post photos instead. See ya!

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Formula Rejection

It took Declan 6 over months for him to decide that he really doesn’t like formula milk… Prior to starting solid food, he seemingly loves formula; always drink till the last drop. Of late, he refuses to drink a single drop of formula when we are outside. He’ll rather wait till we are home so that he can savor on his favorite Mama’s brand milk. The wonderful thing is, he won’t fuss wor, not even when its way passes his feeding hour…. Hmmm weird…. What’s happening??

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Tough Diaper Time

Nowadays it’s so tough to change diaper for Dec… By the time we manage to slap on a piece of fresh diaper on his butt, we’ll be so tired as if we just walk out of WWF wrestling ring…..This boy just refuse to lie on his back for even 3 seconds.. The moment you place him on the changing mat, he’ll flip over faster than how Mr Prata Man can flip over his prata. How to change diaper with him on his tummy??

So whoever changing him will have to wrestle with him. We’ll try to keep his butt on the mat and he’ll try to lift his butt off the mat. End result -> You have a screaming baby and a frustrated plus exhausted and sometimes “dirty” care taker. The “dirty” will take effect when he poo. Imagine the mess he’ll create when he keeps trying to flip over with his backside full of his excrement and then the “changer” will have to try to hold him down… My god…. Won’t the situation be worse when he learn to crawl??? Shocked Somebody! Save MMMMEeeeeeee……

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Declan on TNP

Hiya! Declan appeared on yesterday TNP’s “What’s your pic” column with this pic

Cute hor??!

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