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These photos were like 2 weeks old already. Keep wanting to post them but lazy…They were taken at a carnival 2 weeks ago.

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Did you guys notice the evil stare??

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I think this big headed thing is suppose to be Marilyn

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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now my star collection!! my biggest catch of the day!!! *drum roll*


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Us and Minister Lim!! *clap clap*

more pics from the same day can be found here


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Baby Talk

Dec has learnt to say dog and bird quite a few months back. other than bird, all other animals to him are “dog”. Recently, even birds have become ‘dog’ to him. I kept correcting him but he still refers to cats and birds (especially) as dog.

His favorite verse at the moment is “No more” and he is quite fluent with that.

Other new words and verses he acquires are :

1) na [Chinese pronunciation of the word ‘take’]. other than the verse ‘no more’, ‘na’ is his most frequently use word as this little itchy hand will say ‘na’ whenever he wants to touch or take something.

2) ball – he calls a ball a ball but he also calls balloons and oranges ‘ball ball’. So at this moment, anything which is round and smooth and bounces when u throw it is ‘ball’.

3) nei nei – means milk to him. Nowadays he has developed the habit of crawling towards his dad and shout ‘nei nei’ repeatedly into his ears around 3.00 – 4.00 a.m every night, until his dad drags himself up to make milk for him. *phew* he didn’t choose to do that to me :p other than ‘nei nei’ all other food to him is “mum mum”

4) night night – means gd night. He’s not very fluent with this yet, one gotta strain a little to catch this.

5) duck – refers to his yellow rubber ducky.

6) hello – which sounds like ‘ayo’. I think he learn this through imitating us on the phone.

7) meimei – means little sister and refers to ethy. This came as quite a surprise. I’ve never hear him call out meimei until yesterday.

8) momo – just heard kiat calling out to Dec and say :’ baby ohh, momo momo!’ “What’s momo???” I asked. “ohh it means dark dark” replied kiat and Dec came stumbling back in mumbling :’momo momo’ ………… This is a language which escapes me… Only the true blue Lims will understand..

9) bao bei – not sure if he understands the meaning of bao bei (means precious in mandarin) and not sure who or what he is referring to, just heard him blurt that just now.

10) or or – it means sleep.

11) mai – means don’t want in hokkien

12) mama – refers to yours truely and sometimes he’ll point to the cat downdstairs can call out mama…..

13) papa – refers to none other than his dad

There are also some words and verses which he can’t pronounce but when we say it, he understands. They are :

1) handkerchief – he’ll go pick up his hanky if u ask him to.

2) blanket – he has got a comfort blanket and when we refer to his blanket he’ll know we are referring to his comfort blanket.

3) rubber ducky – he’ll give pick up and show you his yellow rubber ducky.

4) yes and ok – he’ll nod his head to indicate yes and ok.

5) comb hair – he’ll take a comb and goes through his thin layer of hair.

6) wash hair – he’ll do the action of shampooing.

7) brush teeth – he’ll put his finger into his mouth and starts ‘brushing’.

8) close your eyes – he’ll shut his eyes but only for a few short seconds before his eyelids spring open again

So much for now. He’ll be 15 months tomorrow and I really hope he can differentiates between dogs, cats and birds soon.

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I think motherhood really make all ladies become very selfless. Before I become a mother, whenever I hit a shopping mall, I’ll be searching for stuffs to buy for myself. Nowadays, I’ll just be looking out for things to buy for my little one.

To prove this point to all, let’s see what I acquire within an hour today at IMM

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1) a box of magnetic alphabets and numbers – $5.90 (bought this cos he loves to play with fridge magnets)

2) a set of Nuby Starter Set fork and spoon – $3.90 (he is learning to self feed)

3) Garfield Soup Spoon – $2.00 (for him to try feeding himself soupy stuff and porridge)

4) A set of 4 CDs of mandarin nursery ryhmes – $15.90

5) A set of wooden magnetic puzzle – $18.80

6) A bundle of 3 tins of Friso 3 (2 cans of 900G + 1 can of 400G) – $37.80 (not in pic)

7) A pair of snoopy squeaky sandles – $9.90 (I promise not to let him wear this to enclose areas, he’ll only use this when I bring him downstairs for walk)

8) Avent silicon teats – $5.15

9) 2 butter cup cakes and 1 sponge cup cake – $2.80 (not in pic)

SEE SEE????? Everything I bought was for him and it cost me a total of $102.15!! How much did I spend on myself on this trip? ZERO dollar, not even transport fee as I took free shutter service to and fro.

This trip means no more shopping for my own clothes, shoes or bags this month. But the joy of seeing our little one’s eyes lit up when they see their new toys will more than compensate for the lost of personal enjoyment doesn’t it? I bet all mummies will agree with me.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am please to announce that Master Declan are showing signs of adopting ‘WALKING’ as his main mode of “transporting” himself from point A to point B. In fact he can already walk few weeks back but just 1 or 2 steps at a time. These few days, he can walk on his own for quite a distance and the ambitious him even attempted to run…..

So now, concern uncles and aunties can quit asking me how come he is not walking yet.

Bringing him out is a nightmare now. The ‘hao lian’ fellow prefers to stumble all around the shopping mall instead of allowing us to carry him…. He even wanted to push the pram and hence causing severe human traffic jam at the oredi very crowded Suntec City….. His dad have to wrestle with him to keep him in his arm in order to clear the ‘obstruction’ before anyone issue us a summon.

I was browsing in a shop when I suddenly saw a head bob out from under the racks and a pair of round eyes looking up at me and say:”Mama!” ohhh that’s my son! I can hear some ladies giggling at the sight of a straying baby crawling rapidly around on the shop floor like a lost little mouse. Apparently his dad has lost his grip on him and that’s when he goes scrambling away trying to explore the big world out there…..

we spend the rest of the shopping trip trying to keep him in the pram or in our arms while he keep fighting and screaming to be let down. We’ll rather let him scream and behave like a spoilt brat than risk loosing him in the crowd. SIONG AHHHHHHH!!!!!

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Milk AGAIN???

I’m back… he just wanted milk.. yet AGAIN!… he just took 180ml… now he’s taking another 90ml…

What’s happening??? For the past 2 days, he’s been asking for extraordinary amount of milk. After taking 120ml, within half hour he’ll scream and demand for more milk, so we’ll just make another 60-90ml for him as we don’t want him to be over bloated… shortly after taking the extra 60-90ml, he’ll want another feed!!!

*scratch head* what kind of syndrome can this be??

His granny reprimanded him and say :” At the rate you are drinking the milk ahhh your daddy will not earn fast enough to buy u enough milk!”

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He’s ill Again

Aiyah… just when I was still celebrating his recovery from his stomach flu.. He’s down again with fever, cough and leaky nose…. Fortunately, he’s still pretty active despite being unwell. His appetite for porridge and rice is gone, instead, he’s drinking more milk now. From his usual 120ml last feed before he goes to bed each night, he’s now demanding nearly 200ml. His usual afternoon feed of 90-120ml has also increased to 180ml.

Feeding him medication is a real nightmare!!! I basically gotta wrestle with him and pin him down before I administer the medication into his mouth with the help of a syringe. In the process, it’s quite common to poke him accidentally somewhere in the face due to all his struggles and at times, he’ll knock his head against furniture….

This boy when he is ill is extremely demanding and sticky. He’ll want to be carried all the time and he’ll whine and scream at the slightest provocation. Sometimes I and mil will really be at a lost, we simply can’t interpret what he wants. hmmmm he behaves more like a whiny girl than a macho man…. that’s bad…

At this point, while I’m blogging, he’s screaming his head off outside with his grandma at his side and keep asking in an exasperated voice :”what you want?? what you want???” I guess I better get going to relieve her; otherwise she’ll go insane very soon.

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