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Ready for Potty?

Declan is 20 months old today. One of the very crucial issues, which I have been looking at, is to get him potty trained. During the past 2-3 weeks, he has been taking off his pants and diapers on his own accord. There was once he pooped and he took his own liberty to remove his diaper without telling us that he had “ng ng”. Luckily, Angelia (bro in law’s gf) caught him in action and held on to the diaper for him. If not for her, we’ll have a big mess to clear.

I wonder if the pulling down pants and ripping off diaper action is a sign of readiness for potty training or a sign of him turning into a pervert flasher.

There are times when he’ll refuse to let us put on his diaper and pants and he’ll run around the house butt naked with us chasing after him.

We tried introducing the potty to him many months back but it was not successful. The moment he sees us approaching him with the potty, he’ll start shaking his head and say :” mai mai!” then run away.

Due to his “flashing” acts, we have reintroduced the potty to him again. This time he is more receptive. He don’t mind sitting on the potty, he seems to be even enjoying sitting on it judging from his grins. However so far we have only managed to get him to pee 2 drops of urine into the potty.

Yesterday night, he told his “kong kong” he wants to “she she”. “kong kong” announced that to us, so Kiat and me excitedly stripped his pants and diapers and rushed him to the potty. He insisted on sitting on it, we were more than happy to let him do so. That only last a few seconds before he got bored, stood up and told us “mai mai”….. Aiyah…. anti-climax…..

Side track abit : YL I didn’t burn down the studio, his photos turn out fine I quite like it but both Kiat and myself looks shitty in the photo. But never mind, the main idea is to capture the little on not us. No time to scan the pics, will post it up once I scanned them.


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Let’s see, how many of you display the following symptoms?

1) When you talk to your kid, your pitch will usually be one octave higher (which may sounds really mushy to a 3rd party) without you realizing it. – I’m guilty.

2) You do not really call your child by their actual name, but by some mushy nonsensical pet name. – I’m guilty. (mine is “ling ling” as in darling or “b” as in baby, what’s yours??)

3) You can’t stop kissing their cheeks. – I’m guilty

4) You can’t stop soliciting kisses from them. – I’m guilty

5) You can’t stop hugging them. – I’m guilty.

6) You can’t stop soliciting hugs from them. – I’m guilty.

7) You don’t mind acting silly just to make them giggle and laugh. – I’m guilty.

8) You think your kid is simply the cutest one around, no horse run! – I’m guilty.

9) Simple things your kid does makes you squeal in delight and vice versa. – I’m guilty.

10) You can’t stop smelling their hair and goes “uhmmmm how nice!” no matter now sweaty and sour they really smell. – I’m guilty.

11) You can’t stop snapping their photos hoping to capture and document every second of their life and every little achievement they accomplish. – I’m guilty

12) You babble non-stop about them to your friends oblivious to their interests. – I’m guilty.

13) Everytime you go shopping, you bring home more stuff for the kid more than anyone else, including yourself. – I’m guilty

14) Your schedule and activities are planned to suit the little one’s time in order to be around him more often. – I’m guilty.

15) You handphone and PC wallpaper show your kid’s face. – I’m half guilty. He appears only on my hp.

16) Your office desk is “littered” by the little one’s photos. – I’m not guilty at the moment.

17) You feel real bad when you go out for fun while leaving the little one at home (even though there is a reliable care giver to look after him/her). – I’m guilty.

18) Whenever he/she goes :”mummyyyyyyyy….” Or “daddyyyyyyyyy…” you feel as if you gonna melt there and then. – I’m guilty.

Added on as of 22 Feb 9:37am as suggested by yl

19) when you took a studio shoot of your baby and the shoots didnt not turn out well, you threaten to burn down the photos plus studio together… 😛 I’m definitely gulity as it was actually me who wrote that in the comments of my last post.

Added on as of 23 Feb 8:37am as suggested by ylyet again!

20) there is NO DENIAL symptoms as compared to other addictions…Guilty guilty!

If you have most of the above symptoms then finish, you’re probably too addicted to your child. Are you? I am! But who cares??? It’s not an offence! We better be addicted to them while we can and while they allow us to do so. When they grow older probably all the above will disgust them. :p

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Excuse me Are you a model?

I always like to take photos. I think it’s a great way to capture emotions and memory. I’ve been planning for a family portrait for the longest time. In fact, it was first scheduled last November. Unfortunately, due to our tight schedules, the photo shoot was postponed till late January this year.

When I communicated with the photographer, I emphasized that I wanted the photos to focus more on Declan and less on me and Kiat.

The photo shoot took place on 27 January. It was quite fun! Declan was not really co-operative at the beginning. In fact he cried and wanted to get out of the studio the moment we stepped in. It took awhile for us to coax him and the photographer had to sacrifice quite a few packs of chocolates to get him to co-operate. It’s not an easy job to capture snapshots of a moving toddler. At some stages, the photographer even had to lie on the floor with him in order to snap the photos.

I snapped these during the shoot. See? 3 big men (photographer, make-up artist and Kiat) had to entertain him as if he was some big shot diva.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

I bet Zoe Tay and Fann Wong were much easier to handle than an 18 months toddler. The photos will be ready by this Friday; I’m praying hard that it’ll turn out nice!

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Hi Friends, help me know myself better. Click here. Just be truthful ok? Thanks! 🙂

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Ear Infection

Ah boy is sick yet again…. He’s pretty weak nowadays. He was feverish since Wednesday night. The fever went up to 40 degrees on Thursday night. That garnered a trip to the hospital where the nurse advised us to sponge him and they inserted a pill into is “poo poo” hole. An examination detected sever ear infection in the left ear. I innocently asked the doctor whether the infection is caused by hygiene problems and he replied no and went on to explain to me the possible causes. A jab and a blood test later, we were sent home after collecting bottles of medication and a bill of nearly $130. That is not inclusive of the GP visit and the PD charge for his follow up. No wonder people say that having a child is expensive.

He’s still feverish as of now… The fever came down but never went away. Today, diarrhea was added to the list on top of fever and vomiting. A big relief was he’s still quite active. It’s tough to feed him his medication and we are getting all confused over what to feed him and when… The different medication required us to feed him differing amount and at different time period.. Very “Luan….” He missed 2 days of childcare last week and he’s definitely not well enough to go back on Monday. “sigh…..” the momentum which he built up bravely will be gone with the wind again……

It is at times like that, that causes me to have the same sentiments as Mama Blurblur that I can be at home to accompany my child through his sickness. I’m still pretty new at the new work place, thus it will not be convenient for me to take leave. So, ah boy got to stay at home with just his ah ma.

I was cuddling ah boy and chit chatting with Kiat when I suddenly notice him doing this :

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Ah boy is protesting that the Ah mi is noisy :p hmm or is it due to the ear infection? I prefer to believe its the latter.

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He is coping well

I think this little boy is coping well with childcare. He no longer cries when being put on the school transport home. The below are the messages written in his communication book by his playgroup teacher and centre director

Dear Ivy,

I just want to assure you that he is eating fine and always eager to feed himself during mealtimes. He would usually finish his serving of food.

I think he is settling down well and is starting to initiate playing with his classmates.


Dear Ivy,

We saw a marked improvement with him this morning. He cried for bearly a minute when we received him and joined the rest of the children with play and assembly after that. I think he has developed a sense of security with the school. A really good sign!


I’m really glad to read the second observation, which was penned by the centre director today! He cried bearly for a minute! wow! Well done! I expected him to cry for weeks.

Since we put him in childcare, he’ll usually whine alot when he’s home. The moment he came home, little things will trigger him to whine and he’ll go :” ah miiiiii…… ahhh miiiii…….. ahhh miiii…..” with his eyes half closed, squeezing out a few tear drops and be very sticky towards me. This can go on the whole evening until bed time…. It can get a little frustrating but I know that I have to be patient with him as he’s learning to cope with the changes. Today, he didn’t whine much! Just once and it ended soon after it started.

I am looking forward to him getting use to his new routine. I’ll really rejoice on the day when he’ll wave bravely to us when we hand him over to the teacher at the gate. We have since decided against putting him on 2 ways transport. We treasure the little time the 3 of us can spent as a family on our way to the centre. It may be abit of a hassle, all of us have to wake up real early (6+ am) but I really enjoy the bus ride with Declan and Kiat to the childcare.

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Auntie Boy

In an earlier post YL, was commenting that “soon, the auntie-boy would be going to the wet market, haggling over the prices of fish and pinching a few stalks of chilli after buying some veggies”. He’s quite close to doing that in fact hahaha.

Weekend mornings, if I can manage to get out of bed early (which is quite rare), we’ll then follow mil to do marketing. This auntie boy loves to hitch a ride in the veggie cart.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

If we let him run loose, he’ll probably be combing every corner of the market. Since he enjoys being push around in the cart, we are only too happy to put him in there so that we’ll have some control over him.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

That’s him , kwai kwai standing in the cart, while his ah ma was busy choosing fish.

Image hosting by Photobucket

At the end of the marketing trip, this helpful chap insist of pushing the cart even though I bet the weight of the cart is heavier than him. He did quite a good job in pushing the cart in the right direction. I bet when his speech is more developed, he’ll be doing what YL is expecting hahaha.

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