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The dad is an indecisive fellow. Throw him a question and he wil happily adopt an open ended deadline to get back to me. At times I can wait till the cow comes home and still don’t get an answer. This time, the “hot” question is :”Do you want a second child?” As usual, his answer was :” Let me think about it and get back to you.”

I waited and I waited and I waited. It has been about 2 weeks and apparently he is still thinking as I didn’t get an answer. Thus, today, I gave him the ultimatum. I laid out all my plans for him clearly on the table (literally) like a nice cold dish platter. I wanted an answer by 1 week time but the dad wanted me to stretch the timeline to 1 month. Ok fine! He’ll have 1 month. The plans I shared with him are as follow :

1) Yes for a 2nd child

We’ll then try in Sept 2006 and hopefully we can pop one by 2007. This also means I have to shelf all further studies and travelling plans due to the lack of resources in terms of money, time and energy.

2) No to a 2nd child

I’ll then save up and go for my further studies. I intend to pick up child psychology and hopefully + wishfully I will be able to pull through all the necessary stages and get myself certified as a child psychologist and get the kick out of people addressing me Dr Seah. wahahhahaa. Dream only lah ok, it’s just a dream. Nevertheless, I dare to dream. The more I dream the nearer I’ll get to it right????

My personal preference is to have them both. Unfortunately I know that it is not quite possible. Thus, my ultimate route will very much depend on the dad’s decision. The answer will be out in end April.


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huh?? Again???

Declan is down with fever AGAIN!!!! Yesterday evening, he measures 38.5 degrees, however he was still as active as ever. I fed him medication and the fever went down. Phew!

This morning, when Kiat measured him, he was 39 degrees… HOW HOW HOW???? I’m real panicky! With the news reporting that HFMD cases are shooting up real fast and a childcare centre at Jurong had to close down due to HFMD how can I don’t panic?? He’s just recovered from HFMD, I really hope that he don’t get it again this time…..

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Deja Vu

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Cute hor? My friend delivered this little bundle on 20 March and I went to visit her yesterday.

As she was describing to me her birth process via phone on the day of delivery, the memory of me wandering around the delivery ward waiting for the contractions to come in came into my mind vividly. Both of us delivered at Mt A, thus as she described, I could clearly see the delivery suite and the layout of the bed and equipments right before my eyes. DEJA VU! I really can’t believe that it’s nearly 2 years since that exciting day took place.

For those who’ve not seen my multply site in the earlier days, here’s how I look on the day of delivery.

Image hosting by Photobucket

What’s even more deja vu was when I realised that the nurse who was attending to my friend was the exact same nurse who was looking after me then. She was the one who helped me relieved my bladder when I had a swollen urine tract and couldn’t pass urine on my own. Then she was just a junior nurse. Now, she’s already a staff nurse.

I can’t help but pick the little bundle up when I lay eyes upon her. So chubby, so red! Just like how Declan was, when he was a newborn. This was how Declan looked when he was a newborn.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Don’t you think there’s resemblence in the below 2 pics??

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

He was 3.65kg then and she is now 3.49kg. Pretty close.

Holding her in my arms made me had an urge to have a second one. The memory of my pregnancy and delivery was a pleasant one. Now, if the dad agree, I will probably try for a second one at the last quarter of this year and if the dad don’t agree I may just jolly well stay at 1 as I can’t imagining myself chasing after a toddler (or 2 if we kanna twins) in my mid 30s…

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Back to Child Care

He’s back in childcare since yesterday. I expected him to wail when we handed him over to the teacher after resting at home for about 10+ days. He didn’t. He was cool and calm and I’m real glad about it.

Prior to his return to childcare, the centre actually sent a rep to visit him at home and they even bought him a pressie. The centre gave him a little toy train and a pack of mini milo drinks. The pressie even came with a little greeting card which his teachers penned down their well wishings. Need I say more about their great services and their care for the little ones at their centre? I doubt so.

See how this boy is enjoying his milo drink.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Despite my hope to keep HFMD confine to just him, I was informed that 2 other little ones went down. Fortunately, they are also considered mild cases and one even recovered faster than Declan and was back at the centre before him. Thus now the record is 3 cases in that centre. Let’s hope it’ll just stop at 3.

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1, 2, 3

Declan : neh neh neh neh!

off went dad to make a bottle of milk for him. Instead of drinking his milk, this boy held the bottle and started rolling all over the bed and of course spilling the milk.

Me : Declan, you better lie down and drink your milk at the count of three ok?! 1…, 2… (and before I can proceed to the next number)

Declan : TWEE!!! hahahah!

……………………… -_-”

Until last night then I realise he had learnt to count to three…… When you start counting at 1, he’ll know how to go on to 2 and three. However, I think if I place 3 apples in front of him and ask him :” How many apples?” I don’t think he knows how to relate numbers to objects yet.

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HFMD Update

He is well on his way to recovery. It was fortunate that he does not have many ulcers in his mouth. Fluid and food intake is not an issue at all. phew! He still gets to enjoy the ice cream and cold soya bean milk which we already bought though. He’s a happy todd! No child care, no need to wake up early and a few tea spoon of ice cream twice a day. The only thing which he needs to endure was the itch on the rashes for the first 2 days and of course the confinement at home.

I will think that, most folks will shy away from him since HFMD is contagious. However, it’s not so. Our neighbour right opposite (they are actually kiat’s uncle and cousins)don’t seems to mind his condition, probably it’s because his rashes isn’t that bad after all. They still invite him over to their place, still come to our door to say hello to him and even attempted to hug and kiss him. I sweat as I watch them do this. I always wonder do they really know he’s got HFMD???

Another hero is the grandpa, he still dare share his food with him despite my repeated warnings…. He’ll go :” Never mind, it won’t spread..” *shrugs*

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sigh… I guess you all will have guessd from reading the title what I am going to lament about….

Yes… I dread to share that my boy is down with HFMD…. Though the Mt A doctor put him as a suspected case but looking at all his tell tale signs, I think the doctor can safely classify him as a confirm case.

He started with fever on Wednesday night. Thursday night, the fever still hovers at 38.5 degrees… I also noticed little red spots surrounding his lips, tiny spots are also showing up on his legs and palms. I am not too sure whether there are ulcers in the mouth as he refused to let us check. What I do notice is that he will keep his saliva in his mouth and he looks like a hamster with a loot of hidden food in his cheek.

I am glad that he’s still active and lively. He’s a little clingy though. I’ve got to coax him back to sleep this morning before taking a cab to work. He wanted us to hug him to sleep.

This will probably mean he’ll have to stay at home for the next 2 weeks… I am now really concern about the rest of the little tots in his playgroup. I have communicated with the centre and have also offered to help them with the disinfecting of the place. Let’s hope that it’s just confine to him and let the rest of the little ones be spared from this dreadful disease…

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