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Last Saturday was the first time I attend Parent-Teacher Conference at Dec’s childcare. This is a session whereby the teachers will update the parents on the development of the kids. Parents are also shown the works of the children.

Let me share with all what was observed of him by the child care teachers.

1) He always dozed off during assembly time hugging his blankie.

Explanation from the mum : This is because this little monkey always sleeps after 12mn. Anytime before that is quite impossible as the moment we off the bedroom lights, he’ll start protesting and no amount of comforting can make him stop.

If we forced him to lie down on the bed, he’ll spring up and slide of the bed the next momen…

2) He’s not picky when it comes to food.
????? from the mum : At home he is forever picky and he’s always uttering one of these “我不要菜, 我不要肉, 我不要饭”

3) He’s always the first to fall asleep and the last to wake up during nap time.

Explanation from the mum : It’s probably due to the explanation as mentioned in point 1. He usually sleeps after 12mn. At home on weekends, he’s usually the last to sleep and the first to wake up the next morning. The exact opposite…..

4) He’s better at interaction now. When he first joined, he played the observer role. Other todds play, he watched or played alone. Now he’ll initiate play with his classmates.

Observations from the mum : Agree, better at initiating. So much so that at playground, when he spots another kid, even those much older and especially girls, he’ll go close to them and start flashing his cheeky smile and attempt to make friends.

He’s also learnt his friends’ name as I often hear him utter : bye bye Zhi Zhi, bye bye Max, bye bye “Lyan” ( I think should be either Ryan or Bryan) while he’s playing with his toys.

5) He loves songs and music.
Observations from the mum : Agree, he started screaming “泥娃娃” non stop one night and he’s not stopped since. He’ll scream that a few times a day and that’s about all he knows out of the whole song.
Though he loves songs and music, he’s not as articulate as little Zara He can’t really catch the tune and lyrics yet except for “泥娃娃” and “little star”.

6) There are a lot of other things which he needs improvement on. E.g. the ability to express hunger, toilet training, hand eye coordination etc. Too many, I can’t really remember.

7) Teacher shared that he’s able to express his frustration by screaming when a fellow classmates snatched his toys. That I don’t dispute :p

8)I was also shown some of his artwork. Nothing fantastic, mostly assisted by the teachers. Coloring was haywire hahahahha. Anyway, I’m not gonna lost sleep over those as I believe he’ll pick those up at his own pace. The important thing is he enjoys the company of his little friends and teachers.

9) I was also shown a pic of him building blocks. I must say that he’s improved. Formerly when we gave him blocks, he’ll just throw them all around, now, he’s able to build upwards and sideways too. He’ll construct this long line of blocks and tell me :”Mummy see?? MRT!” *clap clap*

10) I’ve observed that he’s picked up mandarin from his centre. I’m happy about it.

I am looking forward to the next PTC to see how else he’s developing.


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Wishy Washy Mornings

Our morning routine of sending Dec to childcare had become real wishy washy. Nowadays, it’s a great chore to get him changed into his uniform. Somehow, he dislikes changing out of his pajama top. There are days when we simply give up and dress him in “half uniform”, which is just the pants.

He’s getting choosy about his shoes. He’ll dictate which pair of shoes he wants to wear. There was this particular week which I bought him a new pair of addidas shoes and he simply refused to wear any other pair except that new pair of shoes….. However, this situation is getting better, he’s back to his sandals again…. Phew!

Bidding farewell was much easier then. Now, he sticks to me like super glue. I have to hold him while the teacher take his temperature and I always end up being the one feeding him the cod liver oil, rather than the teacher. After the temperature taking and cod liver oil routine, he’ll know that it’s time for mummy and daddy to take leave and go work. He’ll transform himself to a koala bear and cling onto my shoulder and many a times, the teacher will have to peel him away from me. He won’t always cry when the teacher do that. Most of the time, he’ll show his upturn lips and we can see that he’s holding back his tears.

This morning, he decided to play boss in his centre. When we reached the centre, he decided to take his mum on a tour. He led me by my hand to see the rabbits munching on their breakfast. He went :” Mummy, see! Rabbits!” After which, he led me towards the little play house, opened the door and invited me in. He’s playing host. I told him I got to go work, I’m running late. “No! Mummy come!” He kept trying to usher me into that little play house.

That’s when the teacher came to my rescue. The teacher scooped him up and offered to bring him into the animal kingdom to stroke the rabbit. That’s when I took the chance to slip away quietly, didn’t dare to bid farewell, in case I got stuck again.

I wonder how it’ll be tomorrow morning….

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This little scenario was related to me by one of the childcare teacher.

A playgroup full of little todds is getting rowdy. The little ones somehow got over excited and started jumping up and down creating a big din. In an attempt to tame them, the teachers got the children to all lie down and look up at the ceiling and imagine that they are looking at the sky.

Teacher : “wahhh you see sky…, very nice….”

The little ones lay down and looked as guided by the teachers. The group started to sing songs like twinkle twinkle little star. To make the environment even more soothing, the teacher actually off the lights to simulate night time. Not too long after that all the kids got “cooled” down and was singing co-operatively. Time passed by fast and soon it was tea break time!

The teachers on the classroom lights and all the little ones sprung up, except for one little figure, who continued to lie down all curl up. The teacher went close to check and realized :”Oh!! Ah –Bee had fallen asleep!” hahahhaha that Ah-Bee was none other than my dear little boy. (Ah- Bee is how I addressed him and his teachers had since used this little nick to address him too.)

Seems like he got a little too comfy and doze off.

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Family Day

20 June was my office Family Day. Unfortunately, Kiat can’t be there until near the end as he’s got a volleyball match. Thus I have to bring the litte one on my own. Tough job! but quite fun. As I’m part of the organizing committee, I dressed the boy in a similar colour as the committee. Orange T heheheh.

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He was a happy boy that day. Lots of freebies for him. He’s got many balloons and ballon sculpting. Not forgetting the free flow of cotton candy and pop corn. For him his major activity for the whole day was eating, eating and eating. My friendly colleagues fed him well.

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other than being busy eating, he’s also busy feeding other ladies. Yes, just ladies.
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The dad came right at the end of the event, when we are packing up…

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It’s was a long and tiring day. We arrived at 8.15a.m and left at 3+ p.m. It was intersting looking at how Dec socialise with other adults. He’s alittle tense at first, ignoring most of the teasing from my colleagues. As the day went by, he started to warm up and played with the girls. This kind of event is a good break from the usual shopping trip or trips to tourist spots. Cheap and fun!

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Off Pacifier!

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Once again, Declan has shown that he is no longer a little baby.

He’s off his pacifier!! Ain’t that great?! I’m happy. I still remembered the frustration within me on the day that Kiat’s sister first push a pacifier into Declan’s mouth despite the fact that I didn’t want him to use one. I wonder how can someone be just so inconsiderate towards someone else’s wishes. That’s my kid … HELLO??!! That aside. My fear of him being unable to give up the pacifier when he reaches schooling age has proven to be unfounded. His habit of sucking pacifier die a natural death.

There was this day his pacifier just went missing mysteriously (wonder whether he threw it out the window), we didn’t have spare thus he had to go without it for that night and we were too busy to go get him one and he had to go without it for another night and then another night and another………..

It’s been 3 weeks!!! Not a slightest fuss from him! He’s officially off! Yeah!

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