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Speech Development

Sentences and phrases which he’s been saying a lot :

1) Mummy wait me. (Actually he meant to say :”Mummy wait for me”)

2) I don’t want

3) I want Yakult

4) Mummy *slur slur slur* yes? Ok? Ok? (till now I can’t figure out what he is trying to tell me)

5) I want choo choo train. (When he says that, he actually wants to form a human train with me. Me in front and him at the back)

6) Mummy, 我的card哪里? (he’s asking for “his” ez-link card when he knows that we gonna take a train)

7) 我要kai kai (means he wants us to bring him out)

8) 我要 take MRT train

9) ohhhh bird fly already

10) I want make, 我要make.(he wants to assist in making his milk)

11) I want close, 我要close (he wants to close the door or cap his water bottle, his milk bottle etc)

12) Ohhh raining!!

13) Good night

14) Good morning

15) I love you

16) Darling, dear (he calls me those sometimes)

17) He’ll say :”Mummy, see daddy..” while pointing to his dad. (he’ll do that when he perceive that his dad is bullying him)

18) Mummy nice one! (when he sees a piece of clothing he thinks is nice)

19) 我要she she ( when he wants to pee)

20) I want to bath with daddy

21) 我要这个

22) Mummy see moon & Mummy see star (when he spotted moon and stars)

23) I want eat this, mummy please

24) Excuse me (he knows how to use this when he want us to make way for him and also when he burps)

25) Shit man! (yes.. he knows when to apply that..)

26) Mummy help me

Now for the grand FINALE – 救命啊!

Of course he’s been saying a lot more things, these are just part of the list. Ohhh I just heard him says : mummy 衣服破了.. (it’s actually my blouse’s arm hole, it’s not torn)


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Line Dancing Fun

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I brought Dec to see my granny last week and on our way back, we heard some Chinese oldies playing loudly at the open court and a whole group of aunties and uncles waving their arms and kicking their legs in tune to the music. They are doing line dancing.

Dec saw them and decided to join in the fun. He started to wave his arms along with them.

So I left him at the side of the court to dance and found a corner bench to sit and watch him. Not long after, he met another boy who acquired the same interest as him. Quite a cute sight to see both boys mimicking the elderly.

Maybe I should consider sending him to some dancing class in future. Definitely not ballet though! I find male ballet dancers such big sissies!! No offence, this is just how I feel.

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My Little Loyal Guard

The noti dad walked pass me and gave me a slap on the thigh while I was cuddling up with Declan. Having witness that, he gave his dad a killer stare and a fierce :”NO!” before lashing out at the dad with his hands.

He kept on shouting :” NO! NO! NO!” fiercely at his dad while trying to revenge me by slapping the dad. No amount of explanation by the dad can stop his fierce and protective act.

The sour dad then goes :” Next time got people protect you liao.”

I feel so protected. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Little Happenings

Black Chicken = Bird

During one of the weekends, when Dec’s bad appetite played up and he refused the fish bee hoon which we ordered for him, I re-ordered a black chicken soup for him. He’s a “soupy” boy. He’ll refuse anything except soup.

As he was seeping his soup, I tried my luck in getting him to eat the meat too. I assumed that he’ll reject it due to the color. Instead, he took one look at the black meat and swallowed it. He loves the meat! Yeah! Half way through eating, he pointed to the meat and say :”Mummy, Bird!!” ?????? You know what?? Apparently, he mistook the black chicken for the mynahs and crows he sees everyday on his way to school….. He loves watching those birds and now I know he loves “eating” them too….. *faintzzz*

Chinese phrases

Bil had been teaching him Chinese phrases such as “心静,自然凉”. There was once he started off “吃软” and Declan spontaneously continued “不吃咸!” …… for those who don’t understand the joke, the actual continuation should be “不吃硬”

Oh Shit

Once he ran out of the bathroom and knock himself on the cheek against the door jam and he goes :”Oh shit!” while rubbing his cheek….. I turn to his dad and ask if it was Jason who thought him that (as Bil loves to teach him funny phrases) and he sheepishly replied that he was the one who blurted those 2 words just awhile ago over something and Dec’s radar somehow manage to pick it up……

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Happy National Day!

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That is our national flag from the view of Declan. From this piece of “artwork”, you can see that his creativity is very much in the “pte ltd” category…

Anyway Happy Birthday Singaporeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Nope, we are not going to watch the parade at stadium as I am sure my little itchy backside won’t be able to sit still for that many hours and neither are we going somewhere to catch the fireworks as this little terror is afraid of fireworks. I love fireworks!! sigh…..

For those who are concern about his eyes, thank you so much, he’s getting better and healing well 🙂 puppy eyes will be back in no time!

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Puppy eyes no more

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This pair of puppy eyes had since become puffy eyes.

He had been rubbing his eyes alot for the pass 2 days and I noticed yellowish discharge from his eyes too. He also whine alot about his eyes being painful and he tears often, thus we brought him to NUH Children Emergency to check his eyes out.

Doctor suspect eye infection and worries that the infection will spread to other areas such as *ahem* the brain….. According to the doctor, children’s infection and virus are prone to being spread elsewhere and eyes are especially close to the brain. That worries me alot!!

They had given us an urgent appointment at the eye clininc tomorrow morning with 2 types of antibiotics and an eyedrop.

Hopefully, the puppy eyes will come back soon.

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I think a rambutan fruit from his childcare must have dropped on his head and woke up “part of his idea”. I observed quite substantial improvement in his intellect and speech these few weeks. It’s either that or I’ve not been observant enough.

Breakfast Cutting Set

A lot of toys which were given him will normally end up being thrown around by him. I gave him a “Breakfast Cutting Set” much earlier this year, but he never really know or seem interested in learning how to play this toy. He prefers to throw all the items around. So, I kept it. I took it out recently again and viola! After a few demo by me, he did it right!

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Not only is he cutting, he’s adding more spice into play by pretending to feed me the food that he’s cut. After I pretend to take a bite, he’ll ask :”nice?” When I took over and pretended to feed him, he’ll also pretend to take a bite and goes :” mmmmmm nice!”


Sil pass down her son’s tricycle to Dec sometime last year. Since then, he’s always been “waddling” or being pushed around on it. It’s only about last week that he’s learnt how to pedal. I guessed, it’s most likely due to his short legs that delay him in learning how to pedal.

Building Blocks

When he first got in touch with building blocks in his school, he’ll just pour the blocks out of the container and then put them back in before pouring them out again. Now he’s learnt to put them together to form different shapes and combination and he will also use his imagination and tell me what he is building.

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There was once, he linked the blocks together in one long chain, then he excitedly shouted to me :” Mummy see??? MRT Train!”

Role Playing

He seems to enjoy role playing. The figure he role play most is none other than me. Ain’t it worrying?? See him trying on a pair of dainty heels at Charles and Keith?

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After putting on the pair of heels, he dragged them a few steps before asking :” Nice?” *faintz*

What is this?

Whenever we bring him out, he’ll point to whatever he can and ask us “what is this” along the route which we travel. I think this is our retribution. How we as parents love to ask them :” What is this??” ever so often! Now he is doing that to us. Nonetheless, as he asks and we answer, he learns. I don’t really mind, but it’s just that it can get quite tiring answering his long chains of “what is this?”

I need to brave myself for tougher times ahead, he’s forming longer sentences now and he’s also getting very “involved” in stating his preference on where to go, what to eat and what to wear.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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