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Dwindling Appetite

Dec’s appetite had been dwindling. He’ll only take a few mouthful of his lunch/dinner and reject the rest of it. I’m really got no idea how to solve this problem. We’ve tried giving him different food. Rice, noodles, cereals, pastries, cakes, bread, fast food, meat, fish, pasta etc etc. nothing really seems to interest him… Not even when the food is all dressed up in one of his favorite mode of transport – the aeroplane.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These photos were taken some time in August at Sake Sushi. We ordered a set of yummy looking kid’s meal for him. He ate some of the meat balls and reject the rest of it.

I’m just glad that at least he is still taking his milk.

I reflected this problem to one of his childcare teacher, who assured me that this is a common problem among kids his age. She told me that it happened to her own kids and she ended up giving them supplement and vitamins. I wonder whether I should adopt her method and start giving Dec vitamins and supplement too!!

Mummies… any idea how I can improve his appetite?


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Who Got Money?

On our walk home yesterday evening, the brightly lit Coca-Cola vending machine caught the little boy’s eyes.

Dec :”I want to buy water.” while pointing to the machine.
Me :”Do you have money with you?”
Dec shakes his head while smiling sheepishly.
Me :”You see? No money, so you cannot buy.”
Dec looked down (I was carrying him), pointed to my pocket and said :” Mummy,这里有钱…” and he gave me that sheepish smile again.

chili padi…………………… and of course I didn’t give in.

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Freak Accident

A scary incident happened at home yesterday. The thought of it still sent shivers down my spine. The Ikea chest of drawers that we bought recently, collapse on Declan. It all happened so suddenly that my heart nearly jumped out through my throat.

I was watching some show on youtube on the bed when suddenly I heard a loud crash followed by Declan’s cries. Within split seconds of the crash I turned to see the chest of drawers leaning forward with Declan beneath it. It was fortunate that the chest of drawers could not fall flat on Declan as there was not enough space between the chest of drawers and my bed for it to fall flat. I jumped out of bed and quickly use all my strength to hold up the chest to prevent the weight from hurting Declan. With both my arms holding up the chest, I could not pull Declan out, how I wish I got a third arm at that moment. I screamed for Mil at the top of my lungs. She took her own sweet time to respond. While I shouted for her to come quickly, she did not. She took her own time and replied :” Wh..y..? What is it??” I feel like cursing at her that moment, luckily I didn’t and just call out :” JUST COME NOW !!! QUICKK!!!!”

A few moments later, she finally appeared and I guessed she was quite shock at the sight too. I asked her to quickly pull Declan out while I hold up the chest. The poor boy was crying non stop. When the chest fell forward, all the drawers flew forward at the same time and Declan was hit on the forehead and the cheeks by the drawers. He got a bump on his head and a red streak across his cheeks.

After she pulled him out, Declan had to cope on his own while I get Mil to help me pull out the drawers one by one so that I can have my arms off the chest. Only after that, then I could free my arms and go hug my crying baby. He stopped crying moments after I hugged him. I guessed he cried more out of fright rather than pain. Mother and son sat hugging each other on the living room sofa for quite sometime. Both our hearts were racing. I can’t imagine what will happen if the bed is not there and the chest fell fully forward and pin Declan’s little body down under.

The room was in a mess, everything on top of the chest of drawers were all over the floor and bed, all 6 drawers were lying everywhere. After we settled down, I tried fixing back the drawers but I realize they were a little too heavy for me. I called the dad who was at his company’s party to relate the incident to him and guess what was his reply??? “Ohh do you need me to come back immediately?” After hearing that I fumed like mad and replied :”UP TO U!” and slammed down the phone.

I stormed into the room and managed to pick up all six drawers with their full contents and fixed them back. Anger does give the weakest being the most powerful strength!

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Baby Bunnies

The bunnies at Dec’s childcare answered to our government’s call for more babies. All in all 3 mummies downloaded a total of 16 tiny babies! I’m really amazed with their reproduction ability. Dec love the bunnies, he loves observing them and naturally he is quite intrigued with the wriggly babies. Here are some pics of the babies in 3 different stages of their “infancy”. The first lot already grow quite a bit, the tail had shorten, ears had poke out and they have grown fur! Cutie!

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Stage 1 – totally no hair, eyes still close. Kiat thinks they look ugly.

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Stage 2 – slight hint of fur, still not so adorable.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stage 3 – super adorable!! they are so tiny, just about the size of my palm!

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Dec just love them

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I want 6,7,8,9,10 ?????

Saturday night I came back from my DND at 1+a.m to discover that my little boy is still wide awake waiting for me. The dad said he’s been asking for me the whole day. awwww.. how heartwarming..

Needless to say, the little boy stuck on to me like a leech when he saw me and refused to let me go bathe. As I carried him into the room, we walked pass his chest of drawers and he pointed to my bottle of nail polish and kept chanting :”I want this!” He refused to give up .. sigh… i’ve got not much choice but to bring down the bottle for him.

Ever since he saw me putting on nail polish once, he’s obsessed with coloring his own toe nails… That’s a bad sign ain’t it?

He insisted I paint his toe nails for him, to pacify him, I painted 2 of his toenails with a very very nude colour. He’s not satisfied.

Dec :”Mummy I want…”
Me :”Mummy painted for you already, see? I painted 2 already.”
Dec :” Mummy.. I want 6, 7, 8, 9, 10..”
Me :” ?????”

Do you get what he meant? He wanted to paint all 10 toe nails, but he didn’t know how to put it correctly as “Mummy I want to paint all”. Instead he counted out all his toe nails for me.

I know I should not paint for him, but I’m not prepared to handle a sticky, wailing toddler at 1+a.m. He ended up sleeping only at 3.30a.m…

I’ll solve the toe nail painting obsession by hiding all my nail polishes in my wardrobe and never to let him see me painting my nails anymore.

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Bad Omen

This afternoon I opened up the fridge, intending to get a piece of cheese to go with my bread, somehow the whole row of colourful bottles containing medication caught my attention instead.

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I was wondering :”Wow, how come I never realise we have soooo many bottles of medicine lying around in the fridge.” I picked up a bottle and look at the name, it belongs to Declan. I picked up another bottle, it also belongs to Declan. I picked up the 3rd bottle, it, still belongs to Declan…. Ended up, majority of the bottles in there belongs to the little master. This also signifies, how often my little boy falls sick. I picked up my handphone and snap a pic of this row of medication and thought maybe I can add a post on this blog regarding this. Anyway, thinking of it now, what’s soooo interesting about these bottles of medicine right??? What’s there to blog about right?? choy choy choy!!!!

I guess, it’s all just a bad omen….. My little boy then came home sick in the evening… He’s develop eye irritation again, probably due to impending flu virus. His eyes were watery and I can spot a few burst blood vessels in the white, I guess it’s due to too much rubbing. He got a running nose and a cough as well.

The dad will be bringing him to a doctor tomorrow..

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Long Long Train

I came home one day and saw Declan building this long long train with his building blocks. He was so immersed in the task that he didn’t really care that we just got home. (usu he’ll rush up to greet me when I’m home)

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Though it’s not some out of the world architecture, somehow I still feel a sense of satisfaction seeing him able to translate his likings into something material. He loves MRT train, he loves to watch it and ride in it, now he even enjoys “building” a long chain of blocks and pushing it around pretending that it’s the MRT train.

Look how satisfied he himself is after accomplishing his task.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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