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Gone were the days when he’ll sulk when we sent him to school.  During his PG1 days, whenever we asked him :”Do you wanna go to school?”  He’ll shake his head.  He’ll be quite unwilling to let go of us at the door of the school.  We observed, we asked questions, but everything seems alright.  Thus, I guessed probably it’s because of communication issues that resulted in him disliking school.  1 year ago, he can’t speak and express himself as well, so maybe it resulted in frustrations when his teachers and peers couldn’t understand him.

This year, it’s so different.  The answer to “Do you want to go to school?” is always a “yes” accentuated with many nods plus smiles.  The teachers no longer need to ply him away from us at the door of the school.  Nowadays, he’ll happily skipped into the hall himself without turning his back.

I feel great relief that he is finally enjoying the company of his peers and teachers.  His dad probably felt the same too.

Great job Bee!  He’s showing us that he’s a big boy now 🙂 


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We had built the routine of going out for breakfast every weekend morning.  Today is no different.  We woke up early since we had bills to pay and errands to run.  On our way home after breakfast, we passed by Bengawan Solo Cake Shop.  The rows of cakes, caught the attention of Dec.  He stopped by the display fridge, pointed to the cakes and said :”wahhh… birthday cake.. I want to buy.”  His dad offered to buy a slice for him, however, this boy got other ideas.  He wanted the whole cake.  I negotiated with him patiently, trying to persuade him to choose a slice instead of buying the whole cake.  He keep ranting about wanting to buy the whole cake. 

“It’s not your birthday dear, you do not need the whole cake, it’s too much, we won’t be able to finish.” I explained.

“It’s my Birthday!” He insisted.

Being the obliging parents we were sometimes, we relented.  He choose a Panda Kaya Cake, we got him a regular one instead of a large one.  Happily, he trotted home.

Cake cutting time!!!

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The moment we presented the cake to him, his hands went straight to the piece of chocolate in the center of the cake.  Within seconds, it’s gone!

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Look at that satisfied face just from that little piece of chocolate!

“Ok Bee, let’s cut the cake!”

“Wait, sing birthday song first!” ……..-_-” 

He really thought that today was his birthday….  No harm though… so we sang him a birthday song.  As we sang, we was swaying around shyly.  After we sang, he ceremoniously proceeded to cut the cake.  As if it’s really his birthday… *slaps forehand*

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After cutting his cake, instead of savouring the cake, he wiped out the pink colour decorative cream, one by one, leaving the cake looking really naked without it’s “dressing”.  He did it really quickly and swiftly.  Scooped it up with the fork in one swift action, sent it into his mouth, gulped it down, one glob of cream at a time.

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Just to play along with him, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DECLAN!!!” though his actual birthday is sometime in June.  I promised to plan early for his birthday this year.  Minimally, I’ll get him a cake to bring to school and let his friends sing the birthday song for him so that he can get the kick out of this whole birtday ceremony thingy.

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His Own Language

It’s funny how kids will somehow come out with their own way of structuring a question.  It’s even funnier how the parents are able to interpret the meaning correctly, even though the sentences don’t make any sense.  Don’t believe?  Let’s try.  I’ll give you a scenerio below and u all guess what Declan’s trying to say.

Declan walks into the kitchen, the ah ma was sitting at the dinning table. He ask his ah ma :” Ah Ma, 你是什么来?”

Make a guess what is he trying to say?

*drum roll* the answer iiiisssss……. :” Ah ma, what are you doing?” Eileen and Phoebe got it right!!  not bad! hahahah

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Where did the letter go?

Down the shredder.  In one year’s time, if things remain status quo the letter will be resurrected.  This time, it’s not one but 3.  I’ve struck a gentlemen agreement with my manager.  In 1 year’s time, if things don’t change, I’ll go, he’ll go plus another girl will go, minimally.

I’ve been given alot of TLC ever since my letter surfaced.  I wonder whether to bask myself in the warmth of it or be very wary of hypocrites.  I agreed to stay, because my Manager promised with his “phantom” letter that he’ll try to influence the culture and also because of my clinicians.  The clinicians are great people. 

Now that I’ve aired all my frustration, I’m in a better position to move on.  Chief will “handle me with care”.  Frankly I forsee that the there is a very high chance of the letter being resurrected.

Anyway, I’ll put all these behind me first and get on with life…. 

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Seeing the light

Dear Ladies,

Thanks for the concern expressed directly or indirectly to me.  I really appreciate that.  I am feeling better these 2 days.  Firstly, because I noticed that after my outburst last week, my Chief did change her approach and I can see that she did digest my feedback.  Secondly, I realised that there are more people in this place worth staying behind for rather than letting 1 idiotic department drive me away.

My letter is suppose to be an internal and hush hush affair between Chief, my manager and myself.  However there’s a turn of events again today.  Not gonna bored you all with details.  The summary is, suddenly I had another few persons who wanted to speak up for me when they knew about my letter.  These are the support which I never knew I had until today.  My clinicians are all ready to go up to my chief to second the frustration that I am going through.  In fact they are the same people who always wanted to go to my boss to tell her that she overworked me.  I don’t really feel overworked actually.  I love to be kept busy, but just leave me alone to do my job, don’t drag me into some power struggle.  I am totally not interested.

Frankly, I’ve got soft spots for my clinicians.  Now, my manager is feeling quite sore over the fact that when the clinicians opened their mouth to retain me, I was swayed, when he tried doing that, I stood firm like a rock, refusing to move even a single inch.  Anyway, I’ve rejected an offer to go on a study trip to Thailand.  A gentleman agreement had been struck up between me and my manager.  The ball is now left in my Chief’s court.  Tomorrow, we will be lunching together to talk it out.  if I am not convinced that things will change, or if she pissed me off with her biasness again, then the gentleman agreement between me and manager will not have a chance to materialise. 

Whether the letter goes down the shredder or proceed to HR will depend on the outcome of the lunch tomorrow.

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mil, hubby and declan is up at sil’s home.  Their mission today was to learn how to make pineapple tart from sil.  It was actually my suggestion… but because I am feeling so exhausted and lousy…. I didn’t join them…. 

I am really sacrifcing my family time…. 

Let’s see if I can gather enough spirit to move my butt down to sil’s place in another 12-30mins to join in the fun… probably they’ll be done by then… 😦

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In Low Spirit Part 2

I’m still not feeling good… 

After he received my letter, my immediate manager wanted to talk to me about it.  What’s the point.  I’ve talked to him before about my frustration over the bad handing over of an ex-colleague.  Saying that it was a bad handing over was an understatement, frankly, there wasn’t any phyiscal handing over.  She just emailed me soft copies of minutes and that’s it.  My Manager told me :”You are on your own.”  Fine!  I went to my chief operating officer, she said :” I’m sure there are things attached to the minutes.”  No there wasn’t.  Why aren’t anybody listen to me???? arghhhh  Anyway this only contribute to a small part of my frustration.  The main bulk is the way ONE department always get away with things and claim credits over MY department’s hard work. arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Now that the letter is out, then they wanted to talk to me.  Wayang ah?! My Manager came to my desk asked for 10 minutes, I rejected him, told him there is nothing to talk about.  Late that day, I was conned into a meeting room, thinking that I was supposed to attend a meeting and when I reached there, there’s only 2 person in there.  Those aforesaid 2 whom I tried talking to.

My request of not wanting to talk was not respected.  Felt so trapped in there.  I ended up spilling my guts out quoting names, department and examples.  That’s when my Chief frowned and said why didn’t I told her earlier?  Would she listen?  She is a great boss, my manager is a great boss.  Her flaw is she pampered ONE department and it’s manager too much, disregarding her own execs frustration.  His flaw is he choose to ignore my request for him to assist me to highlight things to my chief.  TLC was given, praises was given and they tried to disregard my letter saying :” ok now that we have talked we’ll just take that this letter never existed.”  My answer :” No such thing.”

Chief wanted to talk again on next Wednesday.  Frankly I really see no point in talking…  The only thing which is holding me back is my lovely teams of gals and 1 guy.  Though we sometimes disagree when it comes to work, but our team spirit is strong….  

sigh…………… how nice if the whole team can be migrated to somewhere together……. 

yl… no post on declan… cos I spent most of my time digging history in office that I’ve not been seeing much of dec…..  so need not remind me to post on dec… cos no observations made and pics taken of dec for the past 1 week…. 

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