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Good Boy Day 1

Kiat is on 2 weeks reservist.  That means I will have to lug my heavy bag plus Declan’s bag plus a 12kg toddler out of the house and onto public transport every morning, all on my own.  I chose to skip this task yesterday as I’ve got a meeting at 8am.  Can’t risk being late.  Some of you may have heard me lamenting before how difficult it is to get my boy out of the bed and get him changed into his uniform every morning.  So he skipped school yesterday.

I prepared him yesterday night.  I told him :” Dec, tomorrow morning when mummy says, good morning, wakey wakey, open your eyes, you must wake up and not cry ok?”  He nodded his head eagerly.  I am still not quite confident that he will co-operate.  So, I did another silly thing, I sealed the promise with him by a thumb touch thumb action. As if he’ll understand………..

Fortunately this morning he kept to his promise.  He did wake up with a smile when I say wakey wakey.  I had to persuade him a couple of times before he allow me to change him out of his PJ, all without crying.  phew………

I must say he was super co-operative today.  He asked :” Where is daddy?”  I thought it’ll be too complicated for him if I were to tell him daddy went for reservist, so I simply told him that the dad had gone for work.  I pushed my luck by persuading him to keep his blankie in his bag and he did!  Many a times, he’ll want to hold on to his blankie while travelling to his childcare. 

Last push at my luck :” Bebe, daddy is not around to help, so can you walk on your own?  Mummy have to carry your bag and my own bag, so won’t have strength to carry you all the way?”  I got a positive reply.  henggggggggg ahhhhhhh….. 

I’m keeping my fingers cross tight tight that such cooperation will last till Kiat comes back from reservist!


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Who needs to spend extra angbaos during CNY to engage lion dance troupe to hop around the house hoping that they will bring you good luck and windfall?  Not us! cos we have our very own little lion and even dragons.

Not bad right?  Can fight with the professionals.  Pattern many many.  Not happy with just a lonely little lion cub?  Now now, let me present to you the other 2 members of the troupe.  Evelyn and Keith the mini dragons!

I brought my little monkey to Ikea and he insisted in dragging home the 2 green huge worms… I tried negotiating with him to buy just one but he refused to compromise and insisted that we must get 2 – One for him and one for Keith.  That’s my little man with a big heart.

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Pet Topic of this CNY

Just read Fannie’s entry in her blog on the Lim’s pet topic or pet question directed to the “daughter in laws” of this CNY.  “It’s time to plan for your 2nd child, when are you planning?”  My answer to that question was :” Now! But 我生不出!”  For those who visit my gossip place often would be aware that I am hoping to get a piglet this year.  But sigh…… till now still no sound no picture…..

I attributed it to the stress that I got from my projects at work.  Been either working late or bringing work home.  With another study trip to Japan coming up in April, I forsee that this stress level will go even higher up in due course.  Thus… chances of me getting a piglet is dipping.  Maybe I should start pinning my hope on a minnie mouse instead.

Did you notice that I quoted  “minnie” mouse instead of mickey?  Ain’t the reason obvious??? 

I’ve “tested” out Declan’s reaction towards a baby a couple of times.  There was twice I carried my friend’s 5 month old baby girl and purposely annouced to Declan that I am carrying the mei mei so I couldn’t carry him.  He was not upset at all.  Instead he stepped forward, grinning, and wanted to stroke the baby.  I let him stoked the baby, he was gentle.  He kept saying :” I want to sayang mei mei.”  I asked him to give mei mei a kiss, he really planted a kiss on the baby’s cheek ever so gently. Phew!!!  Never once did he show any signs of jealousy.

At the same visit Fannie mentioned, Sil didn’t spare me from this topic either.  As usual I was busy gambling away during the visit.  On our way home, Sil told me when she asked Dec whether he wanted a baby, not only did Dec said yes and he indicated he wanted 2 of them and he wanted didi.  I’ll really faint if that ever comes true!  I don’t mind 2 but please let it be mei mei(s) for Declan and not di di(s).

I’m keeping my fingers cross!!!!!  Cross your fingers for me too!!!! Mei Mei Mei Mei!!!! 

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Dec’s “Fashion Show”

 I always envy mummies of baby girls as they have soooooo much choices when it comes to buying clothes for their girls.  Fashion for little boys are really sooooo limited…. it’s always the usual pants and t-shirt….  Now before we see what Dec wore for this new year.  Take a look at the below photo.

Make a guess who wore this pair of sexy pointed heels?







*tada!!!!* It’s none other than vainpot Declan Lim.  When his dad said :”Smile!!” Not only did he flash his megawatt smile, he also decided to give a supermodel pose aka the crooked waist post with the hips thrust forward and the back slanted which is so typical of those Miss XXX contest models when asked to pose.

Now these were what he wore over the first few days of CNY


My favorite pick is :

The Walking Banana Set!!

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Happy CNY

To all our Friends and Vistors,


May all of you be bestowed with good luck and fortune in this year of the Piggie! Good health to everyone especially to all our babies, many of whom has been ill recently. May all of you be smooth sailing in your career as well. CHHHEEEERRSSS!!!!

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Little Helping Hand

As usual, nearing CNY, mum in law will pull out every other thing in the house to scrub them down.  Even the display statues.  All these years, she either did it alone or with the help of Kiat.  This year, she got a new assistant. 

I think Dec was more a hinderance than a help.  Thus, mil shifted in the little statue for him to brush instead.

Guess which part of the little statue ends up glimming more than the other parts of it?  The head!  The little one concentrates all his attention and strength on brushing just the head of the statue.  He looks comical with his intense concentration and quick little brushing action on the head.  Anyway good job Dec!

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Received a call from Dec’s childcare in the midst of a string of meetings, informing me that he just vomitted and the centre advised me to monitor him. I didn’t really think much about it since it’s not unusual for him to vomit. He tends to vomit when he put in a bad mix of food into his tummy.

In the evening, still in the midst of meeting, received a sms from the dad, telling me he’s at the clinic with Dec and he’s running a temperature. ohhhh…. my boy is really down with something this time. The dad requested me to take leave and care for him tomorrow. Because of that, I’ve gotta stay back even later to clear some important stuffs.

I finally reached home at 9+pm….. with irritated eyes due to my lenses.

Now at 12:05am, my boy has slept already. He quietly went to his mattress, laid down, asked for milk and drifted off to sleep. This is rare, usually we’ll need to put a knife at his neck to force him to sleep.

So folks, that’s my valentine’s day.

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