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HOt HOT household

Almost everyone in the household is down with something, except me and Father in law.

Declan was down with high fever of 40 degreesC yesterday night.  We spent 3 hours at NUH Paeds Emergency.  Fortunately, the bullet was able to bring his fever down and the doctor certified his chest, lungs, ears cleared and we were able to bring him home.

Mum in law was less fortunate though.  She was also down with fever for the pass 3days.  The medication didn’t do her any good.  As of this morning, her temperature was also 40 degreesC.  So Kiat decided to send her down to A&E this afternoon.  She was warded as the doctor observed that she had low oxygen level in her blood and they suspected that she had chest infection.

Kiat just got back to work today after staying at home to recover from fever as well.

Bro in law consulted a doctor for his sore throat this morning.

I am feeling a hint of irritation at my throat now too.  Let’s hope I’ll be able to fight off whatever virus that have been circulating around.


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Reason??? (Tag)

Got tagged by Jessie on this.  She is keen to know why I marry my husband.

hmmmmm.. I am not the lovey dovey nor the romantic type.  So you will not hear mushy stuffs from me. :p

The reasons are :

1) He is a nice chap (but of course)

2) He is one of the few men left who can do and is willing to do housework.

3)  He is a simple person.

4) He is a sincere person.

5) He can be fun.

6) He can be humourous.

7) He loves the sun the sea and the beach.

Ha that’s about all I can think of. Told you i am not the romantic type loh.

Not gonna tag anyone this time as I’ve already tag quite a few mums on my blog recently. 

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The trial I had last week, got me quite hyped up to try even more of Wokking Mum’s recipes.

This was his Saturday lunch.  I didn’t possess the skills that wokking mum had, thus I can’t get the egg skin to stay around the crab stick without falling apart.  My solution? Poke them together with toothpick!!! ha!  The 6 balls are actually balls of japanese rice and I simply threw them into the pork floss and some japanese seasoning which I couldn’t remember what was it’s name.  He finished almost all of it.  I realised he love his food “rounded”.  Anything which resembles a ball, he called them the “dragon balls”.

This was his Sat dinner.  I re-did the trick of keeping his food rounded. sigh…. 1 trick should  not be used twice… he only ate a few “balls” and declared that he was full.  He gobbled down 2 cups of the egg custard though!

This was Sunday’s snack.  Used fish paste and seaweed to wrap around the crabstick.  At least this time, the “skin” stayed on!  Sadly… He didn’t finish this either.  However, I’m not gonna be disheartened!  I’ll keep trying.  He really needs to be beefed up…

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Friso 3

 2 days ago received a sms from Fannie asking me if I ever encounter such a situation that I couldn’t get Friso 3 anywhere. Both Ethyl and Dec are on Friso 3. My reply was no, never. She shared that she can’t get any around her area.

I felt a bit uneasy, so yesterday evening I walked over to NTUC to check. True enough, I can’t spot any Friso 3. There is Friso 1 and 2 but not 3. My tin at home is about 3/4 full now. What if there is still no stock in 1 week time???? Thus I decided to explore other options first. People have been recommending me to give Declan Pediasure since he’s got real bad appetite. So, this situation is the best excuse for me to try something new. I bought a small can at $14.90.

Dec’s critics :”yucks… so smelly….. mummy you smell… so smelly!” I smelt it and I actually like the smell, so much better than Friso. He raised the bottle, look at the colour of the milk and told me :” Mummy you see the color? The milk spoil….” Pediasure has a slightly yellowish colour and he interprets it as spoil….

How?? I’ll be keeping my finger cross for the stock to come in before my current tin runs dry…

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He loves Eggs

Declan’s appetite problem is a common lament from me.  Think you gals must be so sick and tired of listening to my same old grumble.  :p  Having say that, though it is difficult to feed him, there is something which can solve this problem without fail!  That is to feed him eggs.  He love eggs!  Any form of eggs.  If it is hard boil, he’ll dig out the yolk and throw it away and only eat the white.  At times he can eat up to 3 eggs a day.  I consulted my doctor colleague on this and she assured me that it is totally fine for a young todd.

There was this day, Dec requested the ah ma to cook him an egg.  So the ah ma did a hard boil egg for him.  Once done, ah ma put it on the table intending to let it cool before giving it to him.  With that, Ah ma went to the phone and started yakking away with her sister, while I decided to take a shower.  When I was in the bathroom, I vaguely heard this funny *kok kok kok* sound.  When I stepped out of the bathroom, this was the sight I saw.

My boy couldn’t wait for ah ma to feed him.  He climbed onto the chair, used the spoon to knock on the egg to break the shell, peel it off, dug out the yolk and started feeding himself.  See? how far he threw the yolk??  He’s eating as if we had starved him for days.  By the time he finished eating, his ah ma was still yakking away on the phone, oblivious to the fact that her grandson had gobbled down the egg.

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 I owe Eileen and YLthis one.

These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

6 Weird Things About Myself

1) I don’t like to talk when I’m on public transport and this only apply to my family members.  I’m ok to yakking away with my colleagues and friends but not to my family members.  Don’t ask me why, I’ve yet to figure that out myself.

2) I love to lock myself up in my own room if given a chance.  I enjoy the quiet peace.  On the outside, I may seems like an extrovert, the moment I step into my own room, I will behave like an autistic child living in a world of my own.

3) When I sleep, I’ll use my pillow to cover my face, in the absence of my pillow, I’ll use my arm to cover my eyes.  Those who are not use to this will get frighten that I’ll suffocate myself.

4) I put on a T-shirt for my pillow.  I treat my pillow like my best pal.  It wears what I wear, I share my T-shirt with it.  It was part of my dowry when I got married :p

5) I collect paper bags, all sorts.  My hubby and my mil cannot understand my fetish for paper bags and they kept trying ways and means to clear my paper bags away arghhhhhh!!!!!!  why can’t they just leave my paper bags aaallooonneee!!!

6) I operates better in the night.  The later it is, the livlier I get.  When I’m not working, it’s no t unusal to find me staying up till 4-5am surfing the web, reading or sewing my cross stitch.  No matter how early I sleep, I will still have a hard time waking up in the morning.  I’ll rather you take away 24 hours of my sleep then to ask me to wake up at 6am in the morning.

For this tag, I’ll like to know what weird things the following ladies do :

1) Immomsdaughter
2) Irene
3) My Wonder Twin Power Girl
4) KY. Nowadays she rarely blogs, let’s hope she’ll see this!
5) Qianyi’s World
6) Agnes

quick quick quick tell me what weird things u do!!!

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Tag : I love being 18 (again)

Got Tag by Wokking Mum.  hmmmm 18 …. seems so far away now.  The year I turned 18 was in 1994, so go do your maths on my age.

 How the tag works :

  • Go to Pop Culture site.
  • Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
  • Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
  • Write something about how those songs affected you.
  • Pass it on to 5 more friends.
1. All I Wanna DoSheryl Crow
2. I’ll Make Love To You – Boys II Men
3. Turn The Beat Around – Gloria Estefan
4. I Like To Move It – Reel 2 Real
5. I Swear John Michael Montgomery (or All-4-One)
6. The Sign – Ace of Base
7. Mr Vain – Culture Beat
8. Power Of Love – Celene Dion
9. Mr Jones – Counting Crows
10. Moving On Up – M People
11. Don’t Turn Around – Ace of Base
12. Love Is All Around – Wet Wet Wet

I picked out some of my favorites of that era and put in into a list as above.  1994 I was still in polytechnic.  Poly years were busy years for me.  I studied and I actually had to work part time to earn my pocket money and to pay for part of my fees.

As you can see from the list, I was a person who love dance and fast numbers.  I still do.  In my opinion, life is full troubles, problems and sad memories, thus, why indulge yourselves in sad and slow numbers to add on to the misery?  Thus I love dance, techno and pop numbers.  I’m actuallly quite ok with R&B too.

Those were the years I love Ace of Base who went :” I saw the sign and it open up my eyes, I saw the sign…” see?? I can still remember the lyrics!  Other groups/singers whom I like but can’t be found on the list include Linear who sang “Sending all my love” and Daddy DJ.  I think Daddy DJ was of a slightly later era.

18 also marked the 1st time I stepped into disco!  Remember Fire? whahahah sooo damn ah lian right????  Fire was the 1st disco I went and the first time I tasted liquor.  Yucks! 

Though life was not a bed of roses for me when I was 18 but I do have plenty of fond memories.  I remember spending hours and hours at the sports hall whacking at the ping pong balls, working overnight shifts, hanging out with my polymates, karaoking. etc etc.  oops I think i digressed :p  This always happen when I have to play back my earlier years.  Loads of story to tell. Shall stop here.

5 person to tag are :

1)Fannie Ha!! Cannot run one.
4)Mama of the 2 lovely Rays

Not that I am mean lah, but I am really keen to know what you gals were up to when you were 18!

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