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Declan Kor Kor says…

Was in a “kajiao” mood yesterday night, so I pulled Declan to me, pointed to my little pouch and ask :” Bebe do you know what’s inside?”

Dec :” bebe (baby)”

Me :” Do you want to talk to bebe?”

He nodded.

Me :”So what do you want to tell bebe?”

He came close and this was what he said :”财神到..”


What’s in his mind??? *shrugs*


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I got this tag from Jean

When I was searching for a name for my unborn child, I am determined not to give him a common name in which when I call out the name, there’ll be another chap nearby with exactly the same name.  I ploughed the internet and baby names books diligently and actually narrowed down to 2 names.  Royce and Declan.  We chose Declan in the end as the dad don’t like the name Royce as it reminded him of Rolls Royce… In fact, the dad didn’t really like Declan as he’s poor with his phonics and can’t pronounce it properly initially.  I didn’t give him and it’s really up to him to put in the effort to learn to pronouce his son’s name properly.  He’s conquered the difficulty now.

Meaning of Declan : Declan is the name of an Irish Saint and it means full of goodness.

Lim (林) : Surname, Family name

Ye Kai (业凯) : 业 refers to profession, career.  凯 means victorious.  Put them together, means he’ll gain victory in his profession/career.  His Chinese name was given by the famous local geomacy master 游龙子.  It was based on this birth day and date and Master 游龙子 actually gave us many selections that will be good for him and we picked Ye Kai ultimately.

Let’s hear from Mamabliss, Irene, Wokking Mum and Wonder Twin Power girls.  That’s it, I think most of the other mummies had been tagged already.

Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:
1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Msaufong – Meaning Of SQ & Kiki’s name
Jesslyn – Wien & Lyon’s name origin
Hui Sia – Joshua’s name origin
Jean – Meaning of Grace’s Name
Ivy – Meaning of Declan’s name

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Botanic Garden

Saturday the blogging mummies had a gathering at Singapore Botanical Garden.  Damn it! I forgot to bring along my camera…. thus didn’t manage to shoot any pics….. except for this one with my handphone camera.

Let’s hope the other mummies manage to capture some photos.  Was waiting for them to post but none of them had posted yet.  I shall wait patiently.  It was a simple gathering.  Each family brought some food and I brought a mini soccer ball while Fannie brought bubble tools for the kids to play with bubbles.

The kids and dads sweat it out in the sun playing soccer, including the girls!  Mind you, these babes does play mean soccer!  The mums stay under the pavilion most of the time hiding from the sun :p  Dec has turned all tan from spending the whole time under the sun.  He really enjoyed himself alot kicking the ball and getting up close with the swan at the swan lake.

I got a surprise guest that day!  Mummy Jessie didn’t manage to turn up, in return I got Mummy Karen who drop by with Baby Kai Hui.  Both mummies were my poly mates.

After spending 3 hours there, I dragged the boys to Suntec, intending to get some new Maternity wear.  My current pants are too tight while my old maternity pants are too loose…..  Thus, now I am at a frustrating stage of wondering what I should wear everyday………..

Dec ended up like this :

Sleeping with his chocolate stick still in his mouth, as if he’s biting a cigar.  I went home empty handed because whatever was on sale at Suntec was simply tooooooooooooooooo expensive………………  $50 for a pair of shorts, $60 for a pair of 3/4 pants and $70-$80 for a pair of long pants……….  I can’t bear to part with my cash, so… I’ll have to spend the next few weeks pulling out my hair every morning wondering what I should wear to work………

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Sensitive Boy

Declan will be turning 3yo next month.  Time flies.  I am always worrying about whether he will grow up to be a good man or end up being a burden to the society.  I’ve always emphasized that I don’t need a genius nor a super performer to be my son.  All I want is a happy and pleasant boy.  He need not be an “A” rater in all he does, so long as he has tried his best, even with a “D”, I will say :” Good Job!’ To me, it’s the effort that counts.

I’ve seen some hints of my boy being a sensitive boy and I am quite please with that. 

There was this day I was talking to him and the conversation went like this.

Me :” Bebe, if you are a good boy, mummy will buy you a new and bigger bicycle for your birthday.”
He was riding his old handed down tricycle then.  He looked at his tricycle and replied,
Dec :” But mummy, this is not spoil.”

You know how some kids will get really excited when a present was offered to them?  I felt consoled that he didn’t jump at the opportunity to get himself a new present.  Instead, he choose to stick to his old one, since it is still workable.  The dad, proudly claimed that the son took after his thriftyness.  Maybe……

 There was this other day when Sil bought tubs of soya beancurd for us.  He was happily slurping his soya beancurd.

Dec :” Mummy, come and eat.” (The lazy mum was slacking in the room playing games.)
Me:” Ok….”
Before I start eating he reminded me :” Mummy, you must blow ok? It is hot.”

ohhhhhhh.. felt a warmness arresting my heart.  The soya bean curd taste sooo sweeeeet.

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Better take this opportunity when I am still feeling quite ok to update as much things as I can recall before the queasiness comes again!

Last week (I think ) was JP Morgan race.  As usual, we provided the medical coverage.  I didn’t run (of course), I hate running!  Quite a number of my colleagues joined the race and I came back with one of the race T-shirt which a colleague didnt’ want.  She ran so often that she’s got stacks of such race T-shirts at home.

I brought it home and it has since become one of Dec’s favorite garment.

He keeps saying : “I want to wear the big big shirt” After which he’ll boogey around in his big big shirt

Oh yah I’ve got 2 good news to share too!  The first good news is Declan has gone diaper free for the past 1 week!!  On Monday night, he decided he didn’t want to wear diaper at night anymore.  He refused to let us put it on for him.  He kept saying that he wanted to go “she she” in the toilet.  We were quite worried actually, as the pass few attempts to train him to go diaperless when he slept had failed.  I dread being “flooded” in the middle of the night.  But since he insisted, I guessed we should encourage him. 

I started off placing a rubber mat below him and made sure that he peed before he slept.  I’ve got a bad habit of waking up a few times at night to visit the loo.  Thus when I finished my own little business, I’ll wake him and asked if he wanted to pee.  He’ll usually say yes and either me or the dad would bring him to the toilet.  This continued for the past 1 week without any accidents!  Phew…………………..  So we shall continue to let him go diaperless at night with a rubber mat at the butt.  The only thing I dread now is, if there is one night I don’t wake up, will he flood us?  I hope not. *keeping my fingers cross*

The 2nd good news – I finally PASSED my final theory test!!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


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Food Tag

 I owed Jean and Jan this tag.  I’m feeling much better today so I shall be good and complete the tag.

My All Time Favorite is SASHIMI

 Fresh, Sweet Sashimi…………. yum yum!!!!  Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy primarily consisting of very fresh raw seafoods, thinly sliced into pieces about 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide by 4 cm (1½ inches) long by 0.5 cm (¼ inch) thick, and served with only a dipping sauce (like soy sauce with wasabi paste and thinly sliced ginger root, or ponzu), and a simple garnish like shiso and shredded daikon radish.  Salmon’s is the best!  Followed by yellow tail! BUT!!!! I’ve to stay away from this delicacy for the next 7 months until i deliver….  it’s such a torture……………………

The tag indicates to state my favorite food in my state or country.  Though Sashimi is available in Singapore it’s not considered a local food, it’s japanese (obviously).  I shall then be greedy and state another 2 local dishes that I love right now can?  I’ve got food all over my mind.  Symtops of craving?  *shrugs*

My All time Local Favorite – Fishball noodles!!

Fishballs are traditionally made from raw fish which is vigorously mashed, stretched and kneaded in a wooden bucket. The mix is then flavoured and shaped into bite-size balls. When cooked, they are soft and slightly rubbery.  Served either dry, with soup on the side, or with the soup already in, fishball noodles come with toppings such as sliced black mushrooms, minced pork, seaweed and spring onion or just fishballs with slices of fishcake.  You can choose from a variety of noodles like Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli), Mee ( yellow wheat noodles), Kway Teow (flat rice noodles) or Mee Pok ( yellow wheat noodles that look like fettucini).

My family used to sell fishball noodles so technically I grew up chewing fishballs and I never get sick of this dish.  I love it with lots of vinegar!

One more one more!!!  Ever since I got pregnant, I kept craving for spicy food, thus the next natural choice is Nonya Laksa!!

Thick white vermicelli with fishcake, prawn and cockles in spicy coconut based soup. A classic Peranakan/Nonya dish that comprises of Chinese noodles with Malay and Indian spices.  Normally I will slurp up the cockles and I don’t mind others throwing their cockles into my bowl….. now… sigh…. I have to eat my laksa with cockles…..  if someone can reassure me that it’s safe for me to eat the cockles i’ll run out to get a bowl with double servings of cockles NOW!

I won’t tag anyone else.  Cos most of the folks I know have been tagged with this.  I know there are plenty of food lovers out there, feel free to do this tag too!



**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow
My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak
My lovely Rays loves Singapore Satay
The Upperroom loves Casuarina Curry & Prata
Jean’s Diary loves Tempura
Baby Talk loves Sashimi, Fishball Noodles and Laksa

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Change of Taste?

I’ve always been a coffee queen.  Have been drinking coffee since the age of 5, all thanks to my maternal grandma, who’ll lovingly share her cup of kopi-o with me.  She got me hooked ever since.  During my 1st pregnancy, I took great pains to stay away from coffee to limit my caffeine in take.  I quited the cold turkey way.  It was a torturing 1 full week, before I slowly adjusted to life without my favorite drink.  Now, I am wondering whether I was overdoing things then.  Anyway, according to many doctors, 1 coffee a day is totally fine and will not affect the baby.  In fact the guide was not more than 3 cups a day.

This time round, the determination to stay away from caffine didn’t kick in at all.  Not only did I continue my daily coffee routine, I craved for colas too.  Unfair to Beanie huh? :p  Not really!  5 days ago, my addiction to coffee ended abruptly.  I suddenly woke up on Monday morning and somehow develop an aversion to coffee.  Imagining the smell of coffee makes me feel a little queasy.  So, now is my Day 5 without coffee.  Wonder whether this is worth celebrating?  Coffee is such a heavenly beverage to me then …..  but I guess, this will ultimately benefit beanie… so let’s hope the addiction stays away till Beanie pops.

Tomorrow will be my next gynae visit.  Tiredness is stilllllllllllllllllllllllllll bugging me………… now Migraine has joined in to bug me daily…………..  I now have a terrible migraine and it’s so bad that my ears and the back of my left eyeball is hurting too…… 😦

Oh yah Jan I know I owe u a tag, will do it when the migraine goes away… can’t think about food when there is this nagging pain in my head.  Mamas, I’m still reading all your posts, just unable to carve out comments with a painful head, ear and eye…….   

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