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We are putting in double effort during weekends to cook our own meal.  Between me and Kiat, we’ll each try to cook a dish.  Though the taste of my dishes are far from ideal and tasty but I guess at least the boys will appreciate my effort.  Though it’s tiring and messy to cook, but I do find cooking beneficial.  Not only in terms of nutrition but also in teaching the little one to be helpful. 

Last weekend, the little boy helped us with the preparation of the vege.

See the little auntie at work?

That’s his result.  Not too bad I would say.  Though the bits became a little small but it’s quite good for a first attempt.  He enjoyed helping out too.  I’m definitely looking forward to letting him help out in more difficult task in due course.

That was last weekend.  This weekend we won’t be cooking.  We’ll all be up at Genting!  First trip with Declan!  Hope he’ll behave and don’t throw tantrums on the bus journey. 

Will be back on Sunday! Adios! 


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Dec’s Conversation

The way this 3 year old speaks sometimes really tickle me real hard.

Dec : Mummy 抱!
Me: Mummy no strength, can’t 抱.  Daddy carry you ok? (the reason I didn’t carry him is partly because he’s a little too heavy for me now and also, it feels uncomfy with him resting on beanie)
Dec : Mummy no strength?  ohhh you never eat your rice ah?!

I always tell him that if he don’t eat his rice he will not have strength… so that is how he relates when I tell him I got no strength….


 Usually in the morning, the dad will carry him to the bus stop and I’ll help him carry his bag instead.  There is another incident when he request me to carry him and this time I used a different excuse. 

Me : “Daddy carry you ok?  Mummy will help you carry your bag.”
Dec (looking at me doubtfully): “You got strength or not?”  


His bad appetite is already old news..  He hardly eats during dinner time.  At most he’ll eat a few spoonfuls and declare that he’s full or he’ll make himself puke or he’ll simply move away and refused to be fed.  Recently he’s learnt a new pattern.  Whenever he don’t feel like eating anymore he’ll say :”我不舒服了….” while holding his stomach and giving me a pity look…

Wonder where he learnt that from…  but the way he says 我不舒服了is really cute due to his funny accent.


One night his ah ma came back real late and while she was showering in the bathroom, Dec stood outside the bathroom and shouted ;” Ah ma 你又去赌博啊?”

Wonder whether he knows what’s the meaning of 赌博 and again, how did he knows that most of the time when ah ma comes home late it’s because she went to play cards with her sisters?

Kids.. they really picked things up real fast without us even noticing it.


Just now when we were all saying goodnight to each other, the dad reminded him to say goodnight to beanie and he did.

Dec :” Good night Baby!”
(place his hand on my tummy)
Dec :” You sleep inside ok?”

Does Beanie have a choice?  Where else can he sleep? hahahaha


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18th week Update

I’m at my 18th week right now.  Beanie is doing fine and growing well.

That’s how Beanie look like as of last Saturday.  Wonder why he is facing downwards, usually the baby will lie on it’s back but this naughty chap is lying face down.

That’s how my tummy looks like at this moment.  Enough to tell others I am preggy but yet the weight is still very very managable.  I weigh about 48kg now, up 5kg from my original weight.  I am starting to feel the little flips and kicks that Beanie is practising.  With Dec, I actually felt him moving when I was into my 16th week, which was 2 weeks earlier than Beanie.  All my morning sickness is gone.  Thank goodness!!!  I am back to normal!  Though my energy level is not as high as pre-pregnancy.  I get tired easily.  My back is not too good.  It’ll ache every now and then. 

At last week checkup, Doctor again mentioned that Beanie will most likely be a “He”…… sigh….. my hope of getting a little princess is dashed……….  nonetheless, I think another boy may be a better playmate for Dec.

 When friends heard that I may be expecting another boy, most of them urged me to go for a third attempt.  It’s too early to decide whether I will try for a 3rd one…… At this point of time, if you ask me, I’ll say no thanks… having 3 kids is really no joke when it comes to the finances.

The next thing that I need to do is to pick a name for Beanie.  I’ve aleady got 2 names in mind, the Dad is suppose to hand up his homework to me.  I demanded him to chip in his brain cells and think of a name for Beanie.  So far, I’ve not seen his selection.  It’ll probably take us another few months to conclude on a name.  Any suggestion?

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I ended my last post promising pics of our dinner at Brewerkz and went disappearing for the past10 over days.  Don’t know why, but just feeling too lazy to post.  Finally gathered enough energy to post today.

The dad decided to bring us out for dinner to celebrate Dec’s B-day.  Dec’s appetite always fluctuate.  Most of the time he is not eating much.  He drinks alot though.  Milk and all sorts of beverages.

See how happy he was with his mango juice.  He actually wanted ice milo but unfortunately they do not serve ice milo there.  Ice milo is his all time favorite.

While waiting for our food to arrive, the mischevious boy decided to test the taste of the bottle of ketchup.

I know it’s not right for him to chew on the bottle cap but I didn’t manage to stop him in time.  I was aiming my camera and suddenly he did that.  Wonder who was the unfortunate one after us that used the same bottle of ketchup :p

We ordered too much food.  Dec only ate some sausages and nachos.  Sadly the food don’t taste good at all… Don’t think I’ll ever wanna go back there to eat again…  Kiat was commenting Botak Jones’ food taste much better and it cost much much less.

Be patient with me, I’ll be updating on Beanie in my next post.  I remembered I owed someone a tag but just can’t remember who it was or what was it about.  Is it from you Jean??

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