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Emotional Blackmail

Declan has learnt the trick of using emotional blackmail.  Still pretty harmless at this stage, hopefully he won’t learnt to use it adversely.

Last night, we were sitting around the bedroom chitchatting and little boy noticed something crawling on the floor.  He followed it and shouted excitedly :” Mummy see? see? ant!”  I simply replied :” yeah.. ant.”  

Dec : ” Mummy~~ come and see come and see!! ”

Me, feeling lazy and not really interested in that ant, simply craned by neck and replied :” ohh yeah I saw I saw!”

He turned around, looked at me, frowned, turned back, look down at the ant (which turned out to be a spider) and said in a pretentious sad voice :” Mummy… don’t love me… anymore…. you don’t want to come and see……” 

-_-”  No choice….  picked up my butt…. crawled to his side and “consoled” him :” of course mummy love you….. ok.. I am here to SEE your ant…. and by the way it is a spider…..”

Afterwhich he went on rattling happily some nonsense about that spider…


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Flower Boy

I dragged both father and son along with me to attend a gathering at my office last Saturday.  While I was busy talking to my colleagues, they killed time by looking at the trees, squirrels and played with the pong pong flowers.  See the vain boy posing with the flowers.

Someone commented :” aiyoh why your boy so bapok??” hahahah It’s just in the name of fun.  Why stop him right??  He’s just being spotting and I love the pics!

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Dec’s National Day

The dad brought Dec to East Coast Park with his colleagues on National Day.  Needless to say, I didn’t follow as I won’t be able to cycle with my “frontal attached pouch”.  Also, I had to attend a colleague’s wedding dinner in the evening.  So, while the pair was at East Coast Park, I spent my afternoon resting and arranging the hundreds of photos that I’ve developed over the pass 3 years but yet to sit down to tidy them up.  The scary part is, I’ve got another few hundreds of photos waiting to be developed….. I’m a person who likes to see hard copy photos.  Keeping digital photos in soft copy gives me a sense of insecurity.  Am afraid that I’ll loose them if my laptop crashes.  Ohh I digressed, back to their East Coast Park trip.

Little boy loves the sun, just like his dad.  They started the day with breakfast at MacDonald’s.  I’ve always complained about Dec not eating, but see?? see??? When there is a 美女 accompanying him, he seems to be eating well wor!!  Willingly accepting his food.  -_-

Not only does Dec takes after his dad love for the sun, he seems to take after him when it comes to vanity.  Both of them love to wear sunglasses.  Act COOL! 😡  But how cool can he be, when he actually wore his sunglass crookedly and upside down?? ha!

At one point I noticed that he turned quite sulky in the pics and then out of a sudden he brightened up.  The dad said, the brightened up after being teased by his colleagues, but seemed to me that it’s the cheezel that made him smile.

He loves watching fishes and will not let go of any opportunity to get up close and personal to them.  Wonder whether he was a cat in his previous life.  He’s always asking us to bring him to see fishes.

Guess what happened to Mr Baby Cool during the bicycle ride?

He fell asleep.  Falling asleep during rides seemed to be in his SOP.  It happened on almost all his cycling trip.

Now last 2 pics from the trip.  Mr Baby Cool acting cool again with his french fries.

Todate, I think I’ve been to only 2 cycling trips with Dec, most of the time, it’s either I am busy at work while the dad brought him or like now, I’m not in a state to cycle.  I enjoy cycling trips too.  I hope we’ll still have the energy to go cycling as a family when Beanie arrives.

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Genting Trip

2 weekends ago, our little family went on our 1st trip together.  I’m always worried that Declan will not be ready to travel long distance and also worried that he’ll make a nuisance of himself on the journey to our destination.  Having turned 3 years old, I thought, maybe I should give it a try.  So off to genting we went with Kiat’s colleagues. 

My concern of him being a nuiscance and being un-cooperative on the bus journey was uncalled for.  All because Dec found himself a supernanny!  He seems to take a special liking towards one of Kiat’s colleague and he stuck with her the whole time while we were on the bus.  Both to and fro!

Temperature was around 15 Degrees C.  kind of cold.  So I bought a pair of gloves for him as his hands were freezing.  Both the dad and the boy had their fun trying the rides.  I could not go on most of the ride so i just hung around and watched them got excited over their rides.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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