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Pumpkin Boy

Happy Halloween folks!  Actually we don’t really celebrate Halloween.  However, Dec’s speech and drama class (now I remember the service provider for his speech and drama class already – Acts of Life) requested us to prepare a set of costume for him.  It can be as simple as just a crown.

We have neither a crown nor costume for him.  We decided to buy something simple for him to bring to school so that he won’t feel left out.  This was what he chose :

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I like the bright colour and it is quite comfy and easy to put on.  Price is reasonable too.  But sigh…. I came home tonight to find that he has plucked one of the pumpkin’s eye off…….  This boy ahhh… never know how to treasure his stuff…


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First Baking Attempt

2 weeks ago, one of my colleague was nice enough to offer to come all the way to my place to teach me how to bake upon hearing that I have just acquired a new oven.  She taught me how to bake muffins and cookies. 

Last Friday, there was this strong urge to try to bake something all by myself.  Though I reach home only at 10pm, the urge to bake did not dampen.  Thus, I started baking on a Friday night at 10+pm.

My 1st solo baking attempt turned out like this :

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My tray can only produce 6 cupcakes at a time.  My 1st lot, I only tried 3, to test the temperature and baking time as adviced by my colleague.  The 1st lot turn up a bit dry and hard and the top was crispy.  Not sure why is it so, but suspect I might have baked them too long.  The 3rd lot turned out the best I guess. 

Overall, my 1st attempt is still edible, though I find them a bit hard and a little dry.  Anyone can enlighten me what I might have done wrong?  I followed Wokking Mum’s recipe, which can be found here.  I just added in chopped almond and chocolate chips on my own.

My little boy ate just 1 and the subsequent ones, he is more interested in plucking out the chocolate chip and eating just the chip….

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I shall persist and try more often.  I find a lot of good baking links at Wokking Mum’s site.  Plenty of recipes from her links!!  Go try it!!

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Licence to Vroom Vroom!!

I am proud to share that at 33 weeks of pregnancy I finally obtained my driving license!!  I no longer need to stand out like a sore thumb whenever I go for my driving lessons.  The pool of driving instructors can actually recognize me due to my physical state and I always get stares from other learner drivers whenever I get in or out of the car……  NEVER SEE A PREGNANT WOMAN DRIVE IS IT??? SEE WHAT SEE???

Even today at the driving centre, I invited quite a lot of curious stares……  phew… finally it’s over!  Now just need to wait for the arrival of our car which will probably arrive early next year and enjoy the convenience (as well as curse and swear at the extra cost incurred).

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Drama King

We signed him up for speech and drama classes at his childcare.  The lessons didn’t come cheap.  Pardon my pregnancy hormones, I can’t remember the name of the service provider no matter how hard I think…  Anyway we were invited to the childcare for a performance and review of what the kids learnt from the class.

We were impressed by the trainers, they were all expats.  Yeah, me the typical KS Singaporean thinks that it was value for money just because the trainers spoke with a slang. 

In this session, the kids are suppose to perform for the parents.  Let’s see how my Declan fare.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Can you spot him?  Yeah he is that fellow who prefers to act like the pink piglets then join his peers in the song and dance……  His centre teacher was busy explaining to me that he was alright and did much better during the rehearsal.  Can see that she was pretty stressed up with his behavior.

Ha!  I told her not to worry, I know my son.  He’s got stage fright and he always like to do things differently from the rest.   But I am sure he did learn alot from the speech and drama class as he will do his own mini performances at home when it’s just the dad and mum with him 🙂

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Beanie got a name

I’m at 31 weeks now.  Very soon, Beanie will be arriving and of course I cannot always be addressing him “Beanie”.  I’ve been sourcing for a name ever since I know of my pregnancy and even more active in sourcing for one after I confirmed it’s gender. 

I’ve tried to find one that I like which starts with a letter “D” however, I really can’t find any, which is meaningful and yet unique enough.  There are some, but, those are already taken by some of the babies around me. The only one left is “Denzel”, I like how the name sound, unfortunately, there is no special meaning to this name.  It’s just the name of a place.  I’ve got no memory of the place and really, my baby is in no way link to that place…. Thus I decided to forgo this option.

After weeks (or maybe months) of contemplation, I’ve decided to name Beanie – Kenji.  Kenji is a Japanese name.  It means “intelligent, strong, 2nd son”.  How appropriate this name is!! You may ask why.  Let me explain.

Beanie did go to Japan with me in April.  When I was sent to Japan, I was about 6 weeks preggy.  He would be my 2nd son and of course I won’t mind if he turns out intelligent and strong!  So you see?! 

That’s how my Beanie got named Kenji.  I’ve got people commenting that it’s kind of weird that Dec’s name and Beanie’s name differ so far.  But who ever dictate that siblings must share similar names?  Some also think Kenji sounds kind of weird but I realise this sentiment will fade over time.  Just like when I name my first born Declan, even the dad don’t quite like the name and now everything has settled down.

So do I get blessings for this name or majority think it is not quite suitable?

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