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The Many Faces of Kenji

Sharing with all the many expressions of Kenji that I managed to capture with my handphone camera.

Merry X’mas to all!!



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Kenji’s Full Month Update

Kenji is one month old as of 21st Dec!!  That’s really fast!!  He weighs 2.995kg at birth, on 21st when we brought him to polyclinic he weighs 4.5kg now!  He piled on 1.5kg in a month. wow!  Feel so proud! Because he’s fully breastfed 🙂  Unfortunately, the doctor wanted me to take him off the breast for 3 days as he is still jaundice….  thus unable to get his vaccination…..  next appointment will be coming friday, hopefully by then he’ll have “discolored”.

We held a simple tea reception at home for some of our friends and colleagues to celebrate his full month.  Unfortunately, we are unable to invite all friends and colleagues as our humble nest will not be able to accomodate everybody.  I enjoyed the day alot but felt really apologetic as I was not a good host and didn’t manage to spend enough time with all the guests.  Apologies folks!  These are our lovely guests!




One of my room was transformed into temporary childcare centre.  Look at the number of kiddos in there and that’s not all of them, the older ones are running all over the place and that include kor kor Declan.


Look at all the gifts our guests brought.


These are not all, my kor kor couldn’t wait and had unwrapped most of his…. Our guests are really sweet, many of them actually brought gifts for Declan too and they actually go with my request of not forgetting to pay my elder boy some attention too when they are here.  Thank you folks, you know who you are.

Now of all the gifts that we received, this was the corniest that we received.  From uncle Yih Ming and Wife.  My personal favorite too.


The very official looking envelope actually contain a very special card.


In brief, the card says that the pressie contained some start-up fund for baby Kenji’s life ahead and husband and wife really dropped quite a number of dollar gold coins in the piggy bank!!  What a creative idea!

Now for guests who were here and didn’t notice, I already started a “development fund” for Declan already and it was seated right on my TV console.  Now I am putting Kenji’s “start up fund” and Declan’s “development fund” side by side. 


So haha!  For your next visit to our humble nest, do feel free to contribute to any of these 2 funds hahahahah.  Oh yah I will also like to express my appreciation to all friends who sent me all the lovely gift hampers.  Thank you very much!

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Horrid Taxi Fare

Just wanna complain…. the taxi fare hike was really scary!!!  I took a Comfort cab home from Jalan Bukit Merah back to Jurong West at about 5+pm and guess how much was the fare??  $21.35!!!! My god…………. 

When I took a non Comfort cab from Jurong West to SGH (which is slightly further from Jln Bt Merah) it only cost me $14.  This is the first time I really welcome the extra overhead that will be incurred when we collect our car in Jan 08…. 

Everything seems to be going up, petrol cost, cab fare, cost of flour, cost of confectionary, school bus fare…. aiyoh… wonder what will be going up next….. and I am doubly sure it won’t be my salary…. 

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I’m Fat

Friends, colleagues and relatives who have visited me all commented that I’ve put on weight!! That’s bad news!! Instead of shedding weight, I’ve grown chubbier…  probably due to the confinement diet which consist of meat, pig’s trotters, pig’s livers, pig’s kidneys and of course loads of sesame oil!!!! eeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!!  I crave for more vege more vege more vege!!!! 

My confinement will end in 3 days time.  Yahooooooo!!!!!!  I’m still stuck with extra 9kg….. I am at 52kg now… my pre-pregnancy weight is 43kg…. I hope to shed 7kg to become 45kg….. I’ll be returning to work by the end of Jan 2008… Looking at my hippo hips and waist line now, I doubt I will be able to acheive that by then….   Die loh….. no clothes to wear when I go back to work….  All my pant suits can be framed up for display liao…. I probably will still have to depend on my maternity pants… how tragic that is……….

Also in 2 days time, my confinement lady will be leaving…. *sob sob*…. will miss her…. she has been a great help….  all through the weeks, she never give me any trouble at all.  I am really really happy to have her….  Without her, I’ll have to bath the baby and cook my own meals and also there will be no one to take over the baby from me so that I can have a good snooze…..  wonder whether I can cope…… 

Nothing much I can do about it, except enjoy the last 2 days of her presence.  If anyone of you have miracle ways to reduce hip and waist measurement fast do let me know!!! 

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Wish Upon a Star

The dad brought home a present for Kenji from his colleague.  The kor kor was helping me to unwrap the present.  when he took down the ribbon, he went to put it in di di’s little hand.

 I find the sight so cute so snapped a pic of it.  Currently most of Di Di’s photos won’t turn out well as I don’t want to use the flash on him yet.  So please pardon the poor quality.

Kenji is now about 3 weeks old.  My calm and mild baby has turned into a fussy baby these few days.  Wonder whether is it due to colic?  Or is it because he is not getting enough milk.  This horrible infant can drink 120ml now.  I only found out about this today when my confinement lady assist to bottle feed breastmilk while I was resting. 

Initally I’ve got plenty of milk supply, the supply have since dropped quite a bit…. all because the stupid me listen to my massage lady.. who advice me not to over stimulate my supply so that I will not suffer from engorgement.  For the first 2 weeks, I’ve got quite bad engorgement till I was shivering non stop and even develop fever for 2 days… I thought no harm following her instruction and true enough, my engorgement went away but so did that ample supply of milk…. 😦  Let’s hope I am able to revive the supply before I head back to office in Jan. 

Little Kenji has grown quite a bit.  I didn’t measure him but I am very sure he has grown in length.  His head looks bigger now, and his limbs are able to protrude out from his clothes now.  When he first came home, we have problem fitting him into the baby clothes cos he was so small.  He don’t even need mittens as his little fists will be all hidden within the sleeves.  Wonder whether he will be as chubby as his kor kor use to be. 🙂

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Not too bad but not that well, I shall say…  Yes, he is a very loving brother towards little Kenji.  Everyday, the first thing he do after he reaches home is to dash straight to Kenji’s cot to “sayang” the baby follow by requesting to carry his little brother by telling us :” I want to 抱 pleassssseeeeeeeeee!!!” while clutching his fists in front of his chest.

I always try to let him carry his little brother, provided Kenji is not sleeping.  I’ll ask Dec to sit on the sofa or bed while I place the little bundle on his hands while I help to support Kenji’s neck.  Look at Dec’s satisfied look when he hold his little brother :

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Then again my 3.5 yo boy is a true blue boy who sometimes really don’t understand the notion of being gentle.  I can’t blame him, he himself is still a baby.  When he “sayang” Kenji, he’ll sweep his hands from his little feet right up to his face.  At times, nearly poking Kenji in the eyes.  I have to keep reminding him to be gentle. However, he’ll then attempt to poke little Kenji in the eyes again… this time on purpose.. just because I reminded him to be careful….  So sometimes the reminding can get quite unpleasant……

I have also noticed that ever since Kenji’s arrival, Declan has grown more stubborn and less co-operative….  Kiat noticed the same behavior too….  It’s kind of tiring trying to manage him.  We deduced that he is trying to get more attention from us.  Which we acknowledged and try to give him as much as possible while not compromising on the care for Kenji.  Can you believe it, at this point of time, managing Dec is even more energy consuming than taking care of an infant?  I really hope Dec will get out of this phase really soon.  Alternatively, I hope Kenji will grow up really fast, so that he can withstand the rough handling by his elder brother without us being too protective towards him which may result in further jealousy.

Overall I will say that, Dec is still a very good elder brother. He loves to hug, kiss and carry his little brother very much and he has been saying :” I love you. ” to Kenji alot too.

This boy, though attended Speech and Drama classes in his childcare, loves singing and dancing, however when it comes to performing for an audience, he will still chicken out.  The saturday right after I delivered was his school’s year end concert.  He was supposed to perform an item dressing up like a little bunny.  However, the dad called to say that he cried and refused to go on stage.  I told Kiat not to force him and let him be.  Seemed like he enjoyed being an audience more than a performer.  I’ll let him be so long as he is happy 🙂

See how he enjoyed being the audience and in the company of his favorite blankie:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That’s my elder boy, Declan for all of you!  Cheeky and playful.

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One of their First (few) Pics

Most mummies love to do this, and alot of friends and relatives also like to ask about this.  Are they alike?  In my opinion, not so, at the moment.  That is from comparing these 2 pics :

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The only resemblance I see is the garlic shaped noses of both the boys.  But in my memory, Kenji first days pics do look like Declan when Declan was a few days older, right after he comes back from his phototherapy.  I don’t have those pics on hands right now. Will need to dig for them.

From this bigger pic, can you see that Kenji’s hair are all standing??  His hair was like that for the first 2 days.  No matter how i brushed them with my hands they remained standing, hmmmm, that made me wonder whether the whole birth thingy was really so hair raising for him. Ha!  I was kidding with my colleagues that, his hair condition was probably due to the fact that during the last stage of my pregnancy, there was this colleague of mine that made me fed up and angry every other day over stupid little things.  He really made me mad!!! So the hair might be a by product of my anger :p

However, at the wee hour of the 3rd day morning, when I went to the nursery to collect him for a feed, I was surprised to see my baby like this :

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The nurse managed to tame his hair and she even combed it nicely giving him a side parting, making him look like a little gentleman waiting to wear a tie suit for some function!  I was very tickled by it and told the nurse : “Hey good job!  You managed to comb down his hair!!”  The chirpy nurse said :” Yeah must comb! Make baby handsome!” Such a nice nurse, unlike those that I encountered at govt/restructured hospitals who were grouchy most of the time…..  So, my boy got discharged and came home with a nice hairdo 🙂

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