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Kenji @ 2months 4th week

Someone complained that I am showing signs of favoritism.  Asking me how come there are so few updates on Kenji. Ha! Ms Carol! It’s not that I favor Declan more when he was a baby, it’s just that, now my hands are fuller, with 2 kids and a new found hobby of baking plus the demands at work plus the lack of sleep, I really got so so so much less time on hand. 

Anyway, my Kenji baby is doing real fine and he is growing well.  He’ll be 3 months old real soon, he is at his 2nd month 4th week.  Since my last update on him, he’s grow chubbier and much more alert.

He started cooing at 6 weeks.  Now he can maintain a “conversation” real well!  I enjoy talking to this little boy.  He is just so responsive.  As you talk to him, he’ll be full of smile and he’ll also coo non stop as if he is replying to you.  Very often, he’ll get more excited as the “conversation” continue and he’ll coo louder and louder and sounds happier and happier.  If I don’t remember wrongly, he is a much happier baby as compared to the kor kor.

He is also a very gentle and accomodating boy.  Despite his brother handling him roughly, he seldom make a big fuss unless he’s really really feeling very uncomfortable.  It’s such a joy to have him around.  I believe Declan enjoys his presence too, as I sometimes overheard Declan declaring :” He is so cute.” 🙂

Taking care of him is not as demanding, he is on a 2.5 to 3 hourly feed routine in the day and the night feeding will be about 4hrs apart.  He also poo less often.  Declan used to be on punctual 2 hourly feed and he pooed almost after every feed and sometimes he pooed twice after 1 feed….  Those were the tormenting days……  I am rejoicing that I have it easier the 2nd time round.

However, friends had warned  me not to be too happy too soon, as the character of the baby may change as he grows older.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that Kenji baby will be as mild tempered when he grows older.  Lend me your fingers too!


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I love shopping and will jump at every opportunity to go shopping especially when there are sales around in town!   I am a true blue bargain hunter.  Being not so highly paid and having alot of dependents, every cent save is a blessing to me.  CNY has always been the best excuse to add bulk to my wardrobe, without guilt!  However, this year, I dreaded my  shopping trips and didn’t really enjoy them….. Many times, I’ll come back empty handed.

I used to add about half a dozen sets of new clothes to my wardrobe during CNY period.  This year, I only managed to hunt down 3 sets…..  and my shopping trips are dotted with heartaches… why?  Because I can no longer fit into my usual size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Certain pants I have to wear “L” size!!  I can’t believe it!!  I refuse to buy any pants which the cutting dictates that I have to wear “L”!  Hmph!  how disheartening!   Gone are the days when I have to lament :” aiyoh… so difficult to buy pants for myself cos most brand don’t carry “XS”….”  now it has became ;” aiyoh… so difficult to buy pants cos no size fits me…. unless i want to take “L” which I wilfully refuse………”

My tops are not better…. I’ve to upgrade to “M”.  For the first few trips I shamelessly tried to squeeze in “S” size but each time I end up looking like an oversize dumpling……  So now, I will automatically ask for size “M” for my tops.

There was this trip that I took a pair of jeans , size 26 and wanted to try.  The auntie tending the shop was “kind” enough to inform me :” Xiao Jie, you sure you can fit size 26?  I think you should be a size 27.”  arghhhhhhhh  I insisted on trying the size 26 and true enough…. I can’t pull it up… 😦 

The little bulge at my stomach has not subided yet and I wonder will it ever be gone or is it here to stay….  I don’t remember having such a bad buldge during my 1st pregnancy……  I already “informed” Kiat that if the bulge don’t go, then I’ll go for Marie France and he’ll have to pay for the “investment” !

Bulge bulge go away!!!!

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