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Finger Licking Good

He’s found a new tid bit!  His fingers.  Instead of stuffing his whole fist into his mouth.  He’s learnt to be more demure –> one finger at a time, taste equally good but look more handsome.


Finger licking good!  KFC needs model or not?


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What’s so yummy?

What is it that he ate to make him smiling from east to west and left smudges on his face?


The culprits :


Nutella and Smucker’s Goober.  He loves bread with both spread on at the same time.  He really takes after me when it comes to food.  I simply love to eat my bread with either of the spread, but not both at the same time.  Especially Smucker’s Goober.  I remembered I was first attracted to it while I was walking along the aisle of NTUC when I was just 5 years old.  Mum got me a bottle and I fell in love with it ever since.  No other brand can replace Smucker’s, not even Skippy.  If you wanna eat peanut butter with grape jelly, this is the brand that you should go for, smooth and good!  As for nutella, I can simply eat it alone, as if i am eating chocolate!

And now, Kenji Boy has also discovered a yummy treat that is within his reach.


What can taste better than his own hands?  He has developed the love of stuffing his hands in his mouth since he was few weeks old.  Fortunately, he’ll only do that when he’s hungry or when he’s simply bored.  This has yet developed into a hardcore bad habit.  It’s a little tough to get him to eliminate this habit, however, I’m trying my best to discourage it by distracting him with other things whenever I see him doing that.

Kenji boy went for his vaccination again yesterday.  He was a strong boy, didn’t really cry much.  At 4 months 2 weeks, he now weighs 7kg, nurse commented that he is growing real well and I do agree 🙂  Grow Kenji GROWWWWWWWWWW!

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Kenji turn 4 months old

Isn’t it real fast?? Kenji boy is 4 months old now.  For babies in our family, mil will perform the 4th month ritual for the baby to signify that they are now old enough to taste adult food.  Of course it is just a traditional ritual and it does not mean that we are really gonna feed him our food as yet.  This is also the time that we’ll shave the baby bald.

Last look at Kenji with his infant hair.



 His hair is actually quite patchy as he’s been loosing his hair.. just like me…. both mother and son are shedding hair…  These pics are taken on our way to the barber.


Don’t you think he looked kind of helpless in the pics?  It’s as if he’s awaiting to be slaughtered.


Shaving him ain’t too difficult.  He didn’t fuss as all.  He just kept still and drank his milk while the barber worked on him.  Uncle didn’t do a really good job though and his shave was not that clean.


Little Botak don’t seems to enjoy the idea of tasting new food yet.  The usual mild tempered boy seemed agitated when mil tried to smear food on his lips.  During Declan’s time, the kor kor didn’t mind at all when the grandma did that to him.  The thread of biscuits is to help him “keep his drool in”.  That is, it is suppose to prevent the baby from drooling too much.  Not sure whether it really works but Declan, didn’t drool much during his time as a baby.  Hope it works on Kenji too.

Now, my Kenji boy is spotting a new look!


I love botak babies!  Hairless babies look so cute.  Though Kenji’s head is not as nicely shaped as Declan but he still look very lovable with his new bald look. 

It’s quite exciting, as very soon, we’ll start him on his first solid food – cereal!  I will give it a try when he is about 5.5 months old.  Another 1.5 months to go.

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New Facade

I meant to change my header 3 months ago, to include Kenji’s face.  Yeah, I procrastinated that long.  A cup of cappucinno from Mac (taken at 10+pm) finally gave me the final push to get it done, since I am still wide awake at this hour.  I’ve got loads of photos that I’ve yet to download, so I decided to just make do with what I have instead of waiting further.  I know it’s a lousy job done, but just bear with it, till I can get good pics of both boys together.

You may have noticed, I’ve changed the title of my blog from Baby Talk (which was with me for the past 3 years plus) to K.I.D.S too.  K.I.D.S popped into my mind even before I popped Kenji. 

K = Kenji

I = Ivy (me)

D = Declan

S = Steve (the dad)

How corny can I get right? heheheh I was joking with the dad that, if we so decide to add more mouths into our little family, I’ll add a “N” and a “Y” to make my kids initials into “DKNY” :p  So folks, I’m gonna name my girls Nadia and Yuki if I ever get them.

Ha!!  It must be the lack of sleep that leads me to funny thoughts.  I’m just blabbering and no I am not pregnant again.  But the dad did comment that the more he look at Kenji the more he feels like having more kids.  If only kids just need air to survive and thrive, I really don’t mind having another 1 or 2.  Will I get my “N” and my “Y”?  I’ll need probably another 2-3 years to decide on the answer.  Till then, just share my joy of my “D” and “K”.

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Updates on the Boys

This lazy bone is back to update all on the development of both boys.  Let’s talk about the elder boy first.  This boy, is really growing up fast.  From a babbling baby, he is now a chatty boy and at times, he surprises us with the maturity of his speech.  Some examples :

Me : Bebe, you eating sweet ah? May I have some?

Dec : ok… (proceed to the kitchen to get me the sweet that he is eating)

After passing me the sweet he didn’t forget to “reprimand” me, saying :

” The sweet is in the kitchen mah, you don’t know how to get it yourself meh?”

Now… who is the parent??? sigh…..

He loves to stick by me when I am baking and observe what I do and he never fail to ask questions.  Once he saw me separating the eggs, so he asked me why I am doing that.  Thinking that he would not know what is a recipe, I simply reply :” ohh I am doing so because the paper say so” and i pointed to my recipe.  He gave me a bewildered look and replied ;” But the paper got no mouth.” 😡

I think it’s time I stop assuming that things are too difficult for him.  He is growing well in terms of speech development.  However, I’m a tad concern over his academic development.  He is turning 4 soon and every other alphabet that I showed him, he’ll say it’s an “A”.  He is in nursery this year.  His teachers assured us that in no time, he’ll be able to differentiate the different letters.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I must admit that I am very lax when it comes to teaching him at home.  He spent his weekend mostly on physical activities such as swimming, cycling or simply running around the place playing with his cousin.  Am I doing things wrongly?  Sometimes I wonder.

Now let’s talk about Kenji.  At his 3rd month assessment, he weighed 6.5kg.  He is growing well too.  He has started gripping on things.  We had weaned him off mittens.  He is babbling as much, if not more and he’s learnt to laugh out loud too!!  The first time it happened was last Sunday 02 March 08.  I was carrying him and pretended to throw him towards his brother.  I guess the action of throwing him out excited him so much that he laughed out loud.  Thrice!  It sounded so cute that the 3 of us couldn’t help but laughed along with him.  How precious that laughter was. 🙂

Though everyone knows I hope for a daughter, but I still enjoy having these 2 boys.  It’s fun being a mother of 2.

Below are the both of them, wearing the same romper when they are about the same age.  One of the pic was taken when the baby was 2 months old, the other was taken when the baby was 3 months old.  Do you know who is who?

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