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Flipping over

Last week, we saw Kenji flipped over twice. Once when all of us were watching TV and he was lying on the matteress on the floor.  I caught him trying to flip over so I sat at his side to encourage him.  When I did that, everyone’s attention diverted from the TV to this little “flipper”.  All of us were eager to witness his 1st flip.  I went :” 加油加油!!” and he made it!  He flipped over on his own!!  I didn’t have a camera with me and my HP was not within reach thus no pics were taken.

After the first flip, no more successful flip again…..  till 2 days ago, while we left him on the sofa while preparing to get out of house, we heard him crying.  Went out to check, to see that the little fellow  had flipped over on his own again and can’t get back to lying down.  He panicked and cried out for help.  Quite amusing.  Then no more attempts again after that.

Just now, I walked into mil’s room and saw this series of action yet again.

hahahah he actually gave up after trying for like close to 10 mins.  Feeling sorry for him and didn’t want him to give up, i gave him a little push and ta-da!!

He looks happy 🙂 I help him to flip back onto his lying position and leave the room.  Not long after, I heard a pitiful cry.  Went in to check on him and realise ohhhh he has flipped over again on his own effort and was crying pitifully because he didn’t know how to go back to lying position.  Poor chap…  I turned him over, left the room again and not long after the same pitiful cry came…..  same thing… flipped onto tummy but didn’t know how to go back….

Guess he will be doing this drill quite often from now on.  Let’s see how long he’ll take to learn to flip both ways.


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I’ve come to realise that being the Big Brother (or 1st born in a family with more than 1 kid) isn’t fun at all.  When you are born, everyone’s attention will be on you and often, you are able to get away with all sorts of msichief.  Most often than not, such mischiefs will be passed off as : ” So cute!!”

However, things started to change a little when another baby comes along.  You are no longer the king in the family.  Adults’ attention gets divided, they cooed over the baby more than they talk to you.  They carry the baby more than they cuddle you.  People starts to get a little more impatient with you when you mishandle the younger one, most often than not, you just want to show the little one a little of your brotherly love.

I believe, the above are what Dec went through ever since the arrival of Kenji.  At least, I realise I have less patience for him nowadays.  I try to balance that, but I guess an active toddler will always loose out to a smiley infant when it comes to that.  Having said that, I’m glad cos at least I am aware of the situation.  I am not oblivious to the fact that everyone in the family seems to pay more attention to Kenji now.

I try to correct the situation as often and as much as I can.  I am determine not to let Dec feels the difference.   From the tantrums that he’s been throwing recently, I know that we are (or at least I am) far from doing a good job.  He threw those tantrums to get more attention from us, not realising that most of these tantrums will probably backfire on himself.

I am still learning to be a fair mother.  Attention and love aren’t things that you can put on the weighing scale and ensure that equal propotion are dished out, thus we need to bump around through trial and error in order to get the right mix.

Knowing my 1st born, I’m sure that he is generous enough to allow us time to learn to be better parents.  I’m glad that though he is very active and can be stubborn at times, he is rather a forgiving kid and I must say he is also very generous when it comes to sharing, be it his love, his kisses, his food etc.

I promise I will try very very hard to be really really fair in treating both of them.

That’s us! Fooling around at the back of the car while the dad is driving and while the baby is sleeping in his carseat beside the big brother.

Ohh and the sweet boy just came in to tell me :” Mummy…!! come to have your breakfast, we bought you food already!” 🙂


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I’ve progressed from baking cupcakes to baking no-bake cheesecake and now I am attempting to bake tarts.  I’ve tried 2 different tarts so far – Egg tarts and Apple Tarts.  Both attempts turned out edible.  As usual, my bakes don’t like pretty… I wonder why.. probably it’s due to my clumsy fingers and the lack of skills too.

The egg tart was easy.  I made use of Wokking Mum’s recipe.  The apple tart is more tedious, as I’ve to peel, chop and then boil the apples.  I got the recipe from a recently bought recipe book. 

Comparing my previous attempts at baking, I’m more satisfied with the results of the tarts than the cakes and cookies.  I’m now itching all over to try baking chocolate tarts but I’ve yet lay hands on an easy recipe.

Next on my attempt list is to make kuehs! Those will require steaming instead of baking. hehehheee

I started to bake because Declan loves to eat cakes.  I wanted to bake for him.  Unfortunately, he don’t really appreciate what I bake… He’ll eat just a little bit of it and won’t ask for more.  On the contrary, Sil’s family ate more of my bakes than my own immediate little family….  Nonetheless, I’m quite hook with baking now that I’ll probably not give it up.  I am now eyeing on Kenji!  When he is old enough to take solids, he’ll be my next victim.



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The kor kor is kinda skinny (really a huge contrast to what he was when he was a baby) and the di di is kinda big.  The head is big at least.  So it’s kinda contrasting when you put the 2 together.  This is what you get.

Ever since the arrival of Kenji, the big brother has always wanted to carry him.  For the pass 4 months, we only placed Kenji on his lap briefly before we whisk the fragile baby away, leaving Dec sulky and grumpy.  Since then, Kenji has grown more sturdy physically and at his request, the granny placed Kenji on his lap, finally allowing him to carry and hug his little brother.  The little one seems to enjoy the hug from the elder brother.  Look at his sweet smile.  Just wondering whether those are smiles of contentment or smiles of nervousness.

I’m also smiling and laughing away at the other end of my handphone camera.  While I was snapping away, I can’t help but keep yelping : ” so cute! so cute!”  I love this group of photos.  This is the 1st set of proper photos that I manage to capture of both boys together.  Have you noticed yet that I’ve updated my header with the photos from this set too?

Talking about camera… my 1+ year old Casio Exilim is spoilt…. 😦  now have to solely depend on my HP camera to capture my kids growing moments…. Dec is turining 4yo in about 2 months time and Kenji is at 4 months 4 weeks now.  That’s really fast!! scary…


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We made him cry

We made Declan cry last night.  We upset him.  We wronged him.  It’s not uncommon that I made him cry actually.  He’ll cry when i reprimand him when he misbehave, he’ll cry when I deny him sweet treats etc.  But yesterday’s incident was we wronged him, not just I, but the dad too.  Thought it’s nothing major, but it made me felt really bad, really really bad.

We saw him holding a pack of candy in his hands when he walked out of our uncle’s flat.  We demanded that he returned the pack of candy, thinking that he acquired it without permission from the aunt.  He insisted that it’s his.  I didn’t remember him holding any pack of candy when he’s with me at mil’s flat, thus I am quite sure it’s not his.  The dad asked whether is it possible that fil bought the candy for him and I insisted no, as I don’t remember seeing it at mil’s place.  Thus, the dad insisted he returned the sweet.  He of course refused, again, trying to tell us it belonged to him.

I got angry, the dad too, and we raised our voice at him, still insisting that he returned the candy to the aunt.  He cried, quite pitifully, trying to tell us it’s his.  We didn’t believe him, till the aunt told us that the pack of candy was not hers and it didn’t belong to anyone else in the family.  ooooopsss……  We asked Dec again and he told us “kong kong” bought for him earlier on.

………………….  We didn’t give him the opportunity to tell us who bought for him the sweet. We didn’t give the poor kid the benefit of doubt.  I still insist at this point that I should not give him the benefit of doubt when it comes to things that didn’t belong to him.  This is because, this boy have the habit of holding on to Keith’s toys and insist that it’s his own. 

He cried with big tear drops rolling down his face.  He must be really so upset…. We didn’t hesitate to apologsied though.  The moment we realised we wronged him, both of us apologised to him.  We were apologetic the whole way home.  He accepted our apology.  I offered to sleep outside our master room for what I have done.  That is my “punishment” for him if he misbehave gravely.  I made him sleep in the next room alone.  Since this time it’s really my mistake, I thought I should walk the talk and banish myself out of the room.  The kind boy shaked his head and disagreed.  To make me feel even worse, he actually offered both silly parents a candy each, out of the pack that we insisted it’s not his………….

I was a bad mother yesterday….. I should learn not to judge him too quickly.  I should learn to be more patient with him.  He is but a little tod, though sometimes he can be stubborn and mischevious but after all he is just a little boy and one with a very big heart.  Shame on us lah… Kiat included… for making him cry..


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