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My Friends at AH

After this week, I will bid farewell to all my old friends at AH.  I’ll be leaving behind some of my fellow comrades (whoever that are left) and reporting to another instituition.  The team has slowly broken down since 1 year ago after the departure of Mr Yong.  Yong if you read this, it is not as if you are very indispensible ok?! Don’t be thick skin!  I am just using your departure as a time reference. 

As I was tidying my photos, I browse through all the pics that I’ve collected during my stint at AH.  They brought back a whole load of fond memories (this is bcos I did not keep photos of those people who give me nightmare!).  As I browse along, I felt a little sad… The team was so complete, so energetic and so fun then…..  It’s never the same after one by one, the core folks left…..

I thought I’ll be the last to leave… to close shop for the team, to draw the curtains, off the lights and shut the padlock…  Fortunately (or unfortunately), it turned out I am not the last… I/We (as i know nemo may feel the same as well), we left behind JH…. sigh…

The below pics are dedicated to all “alumni members”!!  I do miss working with all of you! I am secretly hoping 1 day, we’ll be reunited in another instituition and pow wow together again!  The energy of the complete team is really unbelieveable!  Nothing is too tough! Nothing is impossible! Nothing cannot be acheive!  Till we meet again!  3 cheers to AH Unofficial Alumni Members!  You know who you are 😉

If you guys do drop by and read this post, leave me a note to let me know you are here..



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Not Tired?

How often when you ask the little one to go take a nap and they will reply :”But I am not tired…” ?  For me, it happen almost every weekend.  I’ll have to nag like an old granny and keeps repeating myself before Declan will nap.  It’s not that I wanna force him to sleep, but this boy, when he is tired due to lack of sleep, he’ll get irritable and start throwing tantrums, YET, refusing to sleep… I hates it when he starts getting whiny due to exhaustion..

See, are you convince he is not tired???

I kept asking him to take a short nap and he kept saying he is not tired.  Not long after my nagging, all went quiet.  I came out of the room and saw him sprawled on the floor like that… His toy still in his hand….  Not tired meh??  Seems like some murder crime scene right?


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Throw away?

After a good tongue lashing from the dad last night due to his bad behaviour, we heard him reciting this self created ryhme :

Rain rain go away, pick up daddy and throw away!

-_-”  and yes, that got into the dad’s ear too.. uh-oh…

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This picture was taken last night at 2a.m. after I’m done with Kenji’s night feed.

See??  Told you it’s genetic!  My camera is spoilt.  Thus can’t set up a tripod as suggested by Priscilla.  So the above will probably act as the best evidence (taken using my hp).  If I take down this post in a few days time, it means that the dad has voiced objection over me broadcasting this not very glam pic of his.

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It runs in a family when it comes to sleeping habits.  I highly suspect that it is genetic.

See what I mean?  Both boys love to cover up their faces when they sleep.  Who can we blame?  Both mum and dad do the same thing too when sleep.  So can you imagine the picture with 4 of us sleeping side by side and each of us get our face cover up like that?  Must be a real precious view! ha!  Don’t worry, they won’t suffocate.  They inherited the genes of able to position whatever things they are covering themselves with in such a way that their nostrils are not block.  Good genes good genes.


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Declan and his ABCs

Some time back, I was saying that, to Declan, all alphabets are “A”.  Today, I discovered that, it’s gravely untrue.  Or maybe, the leapfrog Phonics DVDs that I bought (recommended by Fannie) really has helped him learn his ABCs.

Previously, no matter which alphabet I point to, he’ll simply blurp “A”!  Sometimes, he’ll blurp other alphabets as well but more often than not, he’ll get it wrong.  However, awhile ago, as I observe him play the  Jump Start Early Development PC Games, i realised he actually know his ABCs.  He gets most of the answers correct.

I know it is nothing to applaud, since most 4 yo can already do much better than that.  Many of them can already write A-Z.  Nevertheless, to me, this realization is a relief!  At least I know he is not totally clueless.  This boy, is a pretty late bloomer when it comes to academic stuffs.  His attention and concentration span is pretty short.  Alot of times, he’ll not be able to sit through his writing/tracing assignments given by me.  He gets distracted pretty easily.  Having said that, he is pretty advance in his speech development.  He speaks like an adult now. 

I’m not one who will push my kids to strive for academic excellence.  I’ll rather they be happy and contented kids.  However, they cannot be lazy!  They must show me that, they have put in their best effort.  If they still don’t do well after putting in their best effort, I am ok with that.  Declan took after me when it comes to gaming.  He loves to play games on the computer.  However I do restrict the frequency that he uses the comp.  Usually it will be about once a week only, at most twice.  Each time for about an hour or less.  I usally do barter trade with him.  If he wanna play games on the comp, he’ll have to complete a task assigned by me, before he gets to play.  This will usually be a tracing/writing assignment.  If he can’t complete it, then the deal falls through.  He knows my rule.  The same rule shall apply to Kenji in future.

Today, Dec went for his 1st official craft lesson as well.  I am not a craft person and creativity is a word that is far beyond me.  I have been thinking how to make better use of Dec’s weekend time.  I nearly sent him for phonic classes, but decided against it as I believe he would have enough of that in school.  Don’t wanna kill his interest (if there is any left :p).  We scouted around, and finally enrolled him in Twinkle Arts @ Jurong Sports Complex.  We weren’t sure what he’ll like, so we chose a “Jack of All” programme, which he’ll get a chance to try his hands at pottery, clay modelling, art and craft and drawing.  The programme will last for 3 months, once a week, each time 1 hr 15mins.  From there. we’ll then see where his interests lie.  If he got totally no interest, then we’ll pull him out.  If he wishes to advance in any of the above, we’ll be more than glad to let him continue.

Today, they did pottery.  He’ll need to paint his work in another lesson before he can bring back his masterpiece.  I saw his work first hand, it looks fine to me.  I guess he must have received alot of help from the teachers.  Will post the pic, once he brings it back.

Hopefully, this boy can sort out his preschool basic soon.  Don’t want him to lag too far behind.  I believe it’s just a matter of time and interest as I know he is a bright boy – more like street smart actually. 

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We at East Coast

Dec is pretty much an outdoor boy.  He loves the great outdoor.  He loves to go swimming, he loves to play with sand, he loves to watch the fishes, he loves to cycle, he loves to be under the sun.  Thus, naturally, east coast, ubin and sentosa will be on his list of favorite weekend haunts.  Last week they went Ubin, photos not ready so no post on that yet.  Yesterday, we brought him to East Coast.  Usually, the dad will ride and put him in the child seat when they go cycling with his friends.  However, Dec is now a big boy and has pretty much outgrown that.  He wants a piece of the action himself.  We have to help him fulfill that.  So off to east coast we went.

We woke up early, so that we can make it in time for breakfast at East Coast Mac.  He was happy that we are going to East Coast and was wide awake throughout the journey there.

Basically there are only 3 kind of food that this little chap will eat voluntarily without me urging him.  Hotcakes, Prata and Egg.  So he got his cravings for hotcake satisfied.

Surprisingly, East Coast Park was kind of deserted.  Look! Where has the crowd gone to??

Anyway, I’m not complaining.  In fact, I was glad that there wasn’t any crowd.

Dec is by nature very inquisitive.  He asked alot of questions, he is curious about everything.  Along the way as he cycle, he’ll stop ever so often if he spot something which caught his interest.  He’ll get off his bike and pick up his items of interest to ask questions and examine them.  I was kinda worried that he might pick up dog poo by mistake.

While Dec cycle, the rest of us strolled, with Kenji in his pram of course.

Kenji was quietly enjoying the sea breeze while listening to the birds chirping and he did what he was best at most of the time.

SLEEP!  See how he sleep?  Fortunately he is a boy.. The way he sleep is just like how his romper describe him.

We stop over at the jetty for Dec to observe the uncles fishing.  Can guess what he is trying to dig into?

Fishes that one of the thai uncle caught.  All still alive and jumping around in the plastic bag. 

Kenji get his dose of vitamin E as well.  We forgot sunblock so the pair of Father and Son got a bit burnt, while me and kenji was spared as we were waiting under the pavilion most of the time since Kenji was sleeping.

Though Dec is a powerhouse, there are times that he’ll be shacked out.  After cycling for about an hour and under the sun for as long if not more, he went low batt.  So, he came back to the pavilion to lounge.

He just laid down on the stone bench and leisurely swinging his balloon and watching the sea.  This boy really knows how to enjoy the beauty of nature.

In no time he was up and running again.

That’s the pair playing ball, while mother and baby continue to hide under the pavilion.  Baby sleeping, mummy reading.  Oh and we saw this!

Uncle flying a cool looking low lying kite.  Seems quite fun.

Unknowingly, we were there for nearly 5 hours.  I have to get home to express milk, thus have to drag the boy home,  He was not prepare to leave yet, he wanted to swim.  But we did not prepare his swimming gown nor towel, so have to negotiate with him to come again probably next week or the week after. 

On our way back we spotted a big yellow walking star – the walking mascot of Carl’s Junior.

Manage to take a family pic to mark the end of our latest East Coast trip.  It was really a nice and relaxing outing for me and I guess the little boy enjoyed it very much as well, but just a tad disappointed that he didn’t get to swim.

Just to share 1 last photo we took in March at East Coast as well.  That was suppose to be in my back lot of posts but since I got fresh post of East Coast Outing, might as well just post it together :p  work smart work smart.

We left baby Kenji at home during the March trip, as I am itching all over to ride.  Can’t wait for the day that Kenji will be big enough to ride together with us.  I bet it will be fun.  On the contrary, I was secretly hoping that Kenji will remain as a baby for as long as possible 🙂

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