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Still remember my last 2 post on the dad’s and the boys genetic sleeping habit?  Can’t?  No worries, I shall help you refresh your memory :

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall present to you the last piece of evidence that this is really a genetic habit!

This is the revenge by the dad…. He got back at me for posting his unglam pic online, thus he took an equally unglam pic of me sleeping as well.  Nonetheless I am game.   I put them all up, I guess I shan’t chicken out too.

To allow you folks to do easy comparison, I put all our unglam pics into a picture grid, to faciliate your comparison :

Ohhh and I also manage to capture the 2 brothers sleeping in a simliar position at the same time :

Now, we really behave like how a real family should right?  I am pretty sure that when didi is old enough, he’ll want to nap without his shirt on as well, just like how all the men in the Lim family zzzz when they are at home.



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I love to shop during sales period!  This is the time when my dollar can really stretch.  Also GSS falls on the right month!  June!  July is bonus time!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! 

I left the 3 men (ohh ok 1 man + 2 boys) at home yesterday and went for a shopping spree in the evening.  Within a span of 3 hours, I brought home the following loot :

I am effecient ain’t I??  (ohhh the left most corner 2 pieces was bought on Friday)

Prior to yesterday, I already bought a black long sleeve blouse (from Reds) and another 2 tops + 1 dress online. PLUS a Titus watch.  (all of which are not in the pic)

I took the trouble to add up all my receipts this morning and my heart got stuck in my throat. *gulp*  Not really an unacceptable amount since 50% of that amount is attributed to the watch.  My 1st ever proper watch, putting aside my baby G lah.  Still… it is a sizeable amount to me….  I gotta console myself that it’s just once a year that such a mad spree will happen. (or maybe twice – during CNY period too :p)  Then again, looking at all the kills does give me a sense of satisfaction.. hehehheee

I think I most likely won’t stop here, I’ll probably add on more items to my GSS kills.  Hey I plan to buy a pair of brown shoes for work but then I stumbled on this black pair and it was really so comfy and they don’t have it in brown.  So even though I already bought a pair of shoe I will still need a brown pair 😡 See? I am able to justify my purchases!



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I am 32

12th June marked the day that I officially turned 32.  I was never the celebrative type and am usually satisfied with a yummy cake and a great meal.  This year’s birthday I was in particular bad mood, thus, I do away with my b-day dinner as well.  Some issues cropped up at work and at home..

I’ve started work at a new place.  It’s just my 2nd week there and I’ve encountered some unhappy issues.  It really left me wondering whether I made the right move.  I’ve always emphasized that peers at work are important to me.  Fortunately my new team seems like a lovely lot.  That helped to mediate my negative feelings a lot.  Probably due to my bad mood, I’ve turned much quieter.  Didn’t really realise it until one of my new colleagues asked me ;” Ivy, are you usually that quiet at work?”  I was caught by surprise.  I’m never a quiet person…

Anyway, the gals were great.  Though I was just 2 weeks old there, they actually bought me a cake and sang me birthday song 🙂  I knew the mastermind was Trina, as she was with me in my ex instituition, one of my very appreciated peer at work.


These are the gals!  Pretty ain’t they?  The preggie woman with the victory sign is Trina.  This lot is quite different from my last group.  They are milder and more gentle, the last lot was noisy, rowdy and more gung ho. Nevertheless, they are equally sweet, nice and supportive. 

This year, I got 2 mango cakes!  Yummy! My favorite! The one on the left (from bread talk) was from my colleagues.  The one on the right (from prima deli) was from Kiat. 

That’s the best pic kiat managed to capture with my hp camera as my digital cam had KOed.  Couldn’t get a proper family pic too..  Declan sang me b-day songs many times that day.  He did 2 pre-recorded ones on the dad’s hp and did a few times live.  He seems more excited and happy than me.  Last year, after he sang me the b-day song, he proceeded to blow off the candle with much haste.  This year we managed to stop him in time for me to make a proper wish and blew off the candle myself.  phew!

Have you heard enough of me lamenting that about my dead camera?  Felt that it is a torture to hear me lament somemore?  No fears!  You won’t ever get to hear it again for a long long time.  TADA!!!!  I present to you my b-day pressie from the dad :

A brand new Digi Cam Canon Ixus 860IS! Yahooooooooooooo  I’m happy again!!!!  I can start taking loads of photos for the boys again!!!!  weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  1 item taken off my GSS shopping list!!

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Bad Eye Sight

I am upset… feeling a little lost too.  Both kids are invitied to go for a free eyecheck in participation of a research trial.  The results put me a little off balance…  The younger one is ok… it’s the elder one that is diagnosed with a problem….  The result shows that he has got astimagtism on both eyes.  His right eye is particularly bad at 300… while the left eye is at 100..  We are told that he was borned with it.

If the diagnosis is correct then I have a big problem as 300 degrees of astimagtism is a serious case.  He will need glasses.  He’s got such beautiful eyes…. Everyone that first meet him will compliment him on his beautiful eyes and long eye lashes…  I am very unwilling to accept the fact that he has to hide his eyes behind a pair of glasses from now on….

The diagnosis reminded me of a post that I read in Angelia’s Blog.  Her boy was also first diagnose as having astimagtism and in need of a pair of glasses and a reassessment by a renown ophthalmologist proved otherwise and the problem was eventually corrected.

I’m really glad that I read that post last year and am glad that information of the ophthalmologist was published on her site.  I will bring Declan to the same specialist to seek a second opinion.  I hoped that Dec’s condition will be similar to Aidan’s so that he can also get it corrected through surgery.

Do give us your blessings… we need it badly… 😦  Not quite sure when Dec can see Dr Khoo as I can only call the clinic for an appointment on Monday.  I am keeping my finger cross…  I don’t wish my kids to be as blind as me….

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I saw Poopy!!

Finally!!! He pooed today!  Not once, not twice but thrice!  phew!  I think it’s not easy to find another human being on earth that will be equally happy to see defecation. 

Thanks ladies, who left comments in my earlier post to share with me that it is perfectly normal for some babies to go without pooing for more than a week.  I learnt something new.  That goes to show how ‘suaku” I am.  Even YL knows lor…. shame on me.. mother of 2 yet i didn’t know.  That’s why I think motherhood is a journey of continuous learning.  I think we’ll never graduate from this faculty not even after we step into our grave.

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Poopy where are you?

He didn’t poo the day before, he didn’t poo yesterday, he didn’t poo today…. 

We got a little freaked out as this has never happen before.  The dad took half a day leave to send him down to the paeds.  I wasn’t able to go along as today was my first day of work at the new instituition…

His paediatrician examined him and gave him a clean bill of health.  He reassured the dad that there wasn’t any hard stools accumulating in his system.  According to him, some babies go around without pooing for 10 whole days!  Scary isn’t it??!  10 days??! 

As usual, the finger was pointed at me….  it was said that (think i need not mention who pointed the finger) I cause this little guy to have constipation because I was giving him cereal…………… 

1) He is not suffering from constipation at all.  Remember? the doctor said – no hard stools detected.

2) I didn’t drown him with cereal.  In fact at 6.5 months, he’s yet to have his first full meal of cereal.  I simply add 2 spoonfuls of cereal into about 150ml of EBM once a day to help him get use to the taste.  Cereal feeding will be another post, otherwise I’ll be digressing.

3) I happened to have missed adding cereal into his milk since last weekend simply because I was lazy. 

So, the finger pointing was uncalled for……………………………………………….. (AS USUAL).

I kept reminding him that he gotta poo so that he would not intoxicate himself… (as if my word will work like laxative hor??!)…  Let’s hope he’ll at least poo some poopy soon… otherwise I guess I’ll have to send him down to the paeds to get his system checked out again.



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We at Sentosa

During our last East coast trip, we promised Declan we’ll be bringing him to either Sentosa or East Coast again to let him have a dip.  We kept our promise.  We brought him to Sentosa yesterday.  At the start of the trip, weather was good, cloudy, a little humid and the sun was not too scorching. 

We found a coconut tree to park under.  The dad did not forget to look up to make sure that there isn’t any coconuts hanging up there so that neither me nor didi will get killed by falling coconuts.  Dec quickly change into his swimming suit and I decided to strip Kenji down to his diaper as he was perspiring.

We started off playing with sand and Kenji was really amused by the sound of the shovel scraping against the sand.  He was laughing heartily while I worked hard in shoving the sand to entertain him.  The sand play ended after Declan decided to start throwing sand at me and Kenji.  Poor little boy got sand all over him and when he started putting his fist in his mouth, he got his first taste of real solid food – grains of sentosa sand.  He gave a grouchy look,obviously dislking the flavor and texture of it.

Dec can’t wait to hit the water.  Obviously, i won’t be able to play in the water with him as I had to take care of Kenji.  Thus the pair of father and son ran off and started merry making in the sea and coming up to the shore occasionally to play some beach soccer.


I brought Kenji near to the coastline to let him watch the waves.  He got really entertained by the waves.  Whenever the waves crashed in, he’ll get very excited and started to wave his limbs and laugh.

A big part of the trip, he was doing what he was best at again – Sleep.

While he slept I left him in the pram and joined the boys to play some ball games, trying to win a buffet treat from the dad but failed……….  We did a mermaid tail for Declan as well.

When they say, kids learn through play, I think it’s really very very true.  Dec got studious and started scribbling on the sand using his fingers.  He write so much better on the sand using his fingers than using pencil on paper.  He drew much better too! 

I’ve never seen him draw such nice looking fishes on paper before!  He even attempted to spell the letter “Book” which I taught him last week.  Don’t let your eyes play trick on you.  I didn’t teach my son to spell “BooB” ok..  it’s just that he can’t remember how to write his letter”k” so the “k” turned out looking like a “B” / “R”

Near the end of the trip, the sun became quite scorching.  Kenji woke up.

Been wanting to bring him for his first dip, but never got around doing it.  Thus before we pack up and go, I told the dad to bring the little one near to the coast line to let him dip his feet and let the waves tickled his feet a little.

I think he didn’t quite like the feeling of cold sea water against his feet.  Maybe the sound/sight/feel of the whole thing was a little too overwhelming for him.  It’s written all over his face, can’t you see?

At the end of the trip, all of us got roasted.  We all turned at least 2 shades darker. 

See Declan’s tanned line?  Now he is walking around in 2 different shades.  Even Kenji was not spared. 

Seems like the sun at Sentosa is more lethal as compared to East Coast.  Probably because East Coast is pretty shady with many huge leafy trees all around the park, while Sentosa only have a few miserable coconut trees for us to seek refuge from the sun.  I don’t mind the tan, but think some folks at home may not be too happy about me exposing the little one to too much sun :p  Boys mah!  They aren’t meant to be snow white anyway…


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