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Eileen gave me this :

Yahoooooooo what’s the credit limit??! got shopping discount or not??! got other dining previledges or not???  NO??? aw………… but I am still happy 🙂 Thanks for that.

The Rule:

Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award
4 of them followers of your blog.
One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
You must link back to who ever gave you the award.

Hmmm getting the 4 followers ain’t difficult getting the 5th whom is new and living in another part of the world is tough.

So the 5 are :

I have to break the last rule cos I do not know who is new to my blog and come from another part of the world. I only broke half the rule actually :p cos I know sgwavesurfer is pretty new to my blog but he is actually local.  Do forgive me for breaking the rule, I do not have such a big following lah.

Of course I’ve got more than the above 5 blogging friends, I try to avoid those that are already awarded by others.  Join in the fun folks 🙂  Let your fellow blogging friends know that they are appreciated.


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Happy Teacher’s Day

Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day.  For the past 2 years, we did not help Declan prepare any gifts for his teachers during this special day.  As you may have known, I’m not the type that is very into celebrating occasions, thus the lapse in helping him show appreciation to his teachers.  It’s not that we don’t appreciate what they have done for Dec, it’s just that I was not “geared up” enough to do anything about it :p

This year, i thought, it’s about time to drag myself out of this laziness least the teachers thought that Declan and his parents are really so unappreciative of their efforts.  I’ve been cracking my head what to get for them but each time, my mind remains blank.  The only thing that comes to mind is cake.  Then again, I’ve seen quite a no. of parents bringing in cakes for the teachers and I thought the teachers can’t possibly finish all those cakes.  It’ll be a waste.

So I decided to get some cute and pretty handphone charms to go with little cards that Declan can help to prepare.

It turned out to be a family project.  See the mess we created while preparing the cards.  I helped to print some pictures to be pasted in the front, the dad cut out some heart shapes while declan traced the greetings that I dotted for him.  He also added in his personal touch by drawing something on the blank side of the card.

I am not good with crafts thus the end products weren’t fantastic at all.  Nevertheless I thought it was a nice effort from Declan.  While he was tracing, he kept saying :” I am so tired..”  poor boy.  We did 5 cards in total and we did it just the day before we had to give them to the teachers.  Thus, no choice but to urge the boy to go on.

The dad added wooden paper clips to doll up the cards.

As the centre will be closed on 1st Sept, we gave them to the teachers on friday.  We hope we’ll do better next year 😉  I will probably still opt to let Declan do something for his teachers, in my view that will be more personal than just buying gifts.

Good effort boy!  Keep it up! Next year, we’ll plan for the gifts earlier, so that it’s not done so hastily.

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No more milk

This week will mark the end of my breastfeeding journey.  Ironically, this week is suppose to be breastfeeding week…  I managed to feed Declan with breast milk till he was about 11.5 months old.  This time, I decided to stop at the 9 months mark.  It’s not due to any special reason, it’s simply due to laziness…

Maintaining supply of milk while working is really not an easy task.  Ever since I started working in my new instituition 2+ months back, I’ve constantly skip the after lunch pumping rounds.  That caused the drop of supply.  At the later stage, I went through the day with just 2 rounds of expressing, once before I leave  for work and another once after I reach home.  Last week, it dwindled to one time and as of today, I decided I’m quitting.

Sorry my boy, you have to rely on formula milk from now on, I simply can’t keep up with the momentum.  It’s time to let my faithful Avent Manual breast pump retire.

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Little Yoga Master

I think my “little person” is secretly aspiring to be a yoga master when he grows up.  I caught him doing all sorts of yoga stunts throughout the day.  Manage to catch the below series on camera.

What do you think?  Can pass off as a mini instructor or not?  Guess the students can hardly see him if he is really an instructor.  They’ll probably be wondering what is that little dot doing right in front??  Anyway, free lessons are over, pay up!  He worked hard you know??  He even threw in a little exposure of his little tummy to show you how fit he is too!

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At the Beach, Again!

We spent our national at the beach. shhhh better not let mil know, otherwise she’ll skin me alive for bringing her precious boys to the beach and seaside on ghosts month.  But hey! It’s not my idea!  It’s Declan’s!

I realised, we always pumped ourselves with junk food during the weekends.  It’s Declan’s idea too!!  He’s always asking for MacDonald’s.  I’m getting kinda sick of MacDonald’s, so I “re-directed” my brood to BK instead :p

He looked happy right?  Don’t be fooled.. I could tell that he really didn’t like kid’s meal at BK.  He hardly touched the chicken strip or whatever you call it.  If it’s McNuggets, you wouldn’t need to probe him to eat, he’d just keep dipping his McNuggets and fries into the sweet and sour sauce before sending them into his mouth.

While we were eating, the “little person” with us was whiny.  He actually wanted us to share our food with him.  We tried giving him milk, but he kept spitting the bottle tit out and continue to whine.  That’s when we realised.. ohhhhh the “little person” want to taste the food on our lunch table.  aiyahhh.. this little fellow.  So I got the dad to pinched some crumbs off the burger’s bread and that made him a happy “little person”.

He kept asking for more.  Fortunately I brought along some baby biscuits and I fed him 2 pieces of those.  Afterwhich, he still refused his milk….

Off to the sea and the beach for some fun after lunch.

I brought along Kenji’s throne this time so that he need not “koala” on me all the time.  Confining him in his pram is a bad idea too, as it can get pretty warm and the poor boy will be perspiring.  With  his throne, he can sit in it while he kicked the sand.

Hands free!  I love the idea!  Guess what?  This little person also enjoyed his “tea break” by the beach.

Yummy rice cereal under the sun with sea breeze blowing across his cheeks.  How cool can that get?!  Ohh but the minus point is he got a few grain of sand which “pretended” that they were rice cereal.  All thanks to the dad who tried to dust some sand away while I was preparing his cereal and I witness some actually flew into his bowl of warm gooey cereal.  Luckily no bad stomach after that.

The kor kor is always the happiest person whenever we go to the beach.  While the both parents will be the busiest people around.  Me will be busy looking after the younger one while the dad will be busy playing with the elder one.  After a dip in the sea, father and son got some sand play before Dec requested to go for a bicycle ride.

While they were away showering (before the ride), I noticed a hideous looking patch of dark cloud looming in the sky.

Instead of waiting for the pair to be back, I quickly stripped Kenji boy down in his pram and started packing.  After I’m done, they were still not back.  So, I thought I’ll just walked towards the toilet and wait for them outside.  On my way to the toilet, I saw one of the most amazing scene in my life.  Just 5m ahead of me, a screen of sand suddenly blew across the area.  It resembled a sand storm in a dessert.  Have you ever seen sand being blown into the sky and across the pavement in Singapore?  No?  Ha!  That’s not the end!  Following the mini “sand storm”  stuffs like plastic bags, paper cups all got blown up into the air and swept across the pavement.  The wind was exceptionally strong and those who are in the affected area could hardly hold their footing.  Next thing I knew, I saw tents being blown up and across, followed by some panic screams.  Those within the strange strong wind, started to run.  When I saw those people running, I quickly turned back and walk towards the opposite direction, worried that the strange wind would travel towards my side. 

Fortunately, as quickly as it started, it ended.  Leaving everyone at the scene lost, blurred, frightened etc.  I was kinda worried that Dec and Kiat would be one of those within the strange wind. Felt like walking towards the area to check but was afraid that it might happen again and I’ve got little Kenji with me.  I paced around the area… not sure whether to proceed or retrack and that was when I caught sight of the duo! Phew!!! They were close, but not affected as well!!!  We quickly dropped the idea of cycling, hopped into the car and made our way to Parkway.  It started to drizzle. strange thing was, after this happened, instead of packing up and leave for safety sake, alot of the beach goers simply stayed put and continue their activities.  Aren’t they afraid that something of a bigger magnitude might happen???  I know Singapore is pretty shield from such natural disaster but still???! What if a flying tent flew pass and hit them on the head?!….

I think the dad was pretty affected.  He got really worried and thought that me and Kenji was caught in the wind.  He kept exclaiming how worried he was while he drove.  By the time we parked, he managed to calm down more or less.  At parkway, the boys got their kiddy rides and we had dinner at Ajisen.  We managed to “con” Declan to eat his food by ordering him a kid’s meal that was served in an aeroplane plate.

Remember he wish to be a pilot?  I was happy as he almost finished all his food 🙂  After dinner, the dad got generous and bought Dec a “mike” and a “percy” and I got a smurf figurine.  He also brought us to coffee bean to lounge.

I love smurfs!  I remembered waking up early on sunday mornings during my teen years just to catch the smurfs on TV!  It’s a pity that they are not showing the cartoon anymore… 😦

I didn’t manage to catch the strange wind on photo nor video… wonder whether anyone else did..  hmmmm would we go to the beach again?  I think we would!  Dec and the dad loves the sun the sea and the beach!  We’ll be back!

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Time flies.. he’s grown from a little helpless baby to an adventurous toddler and now to an independent pre-schooler.  He is non other than my first born.

Declan has always been an independent boy, even in his toddler years.  I remembered him shooing as away when we tried helping him to open car doors and attempted to help him get off the car.  He’ll say :” no no I can I can!”  Even when he first attempted to use the adult toilet bowl, he refused to let us help him up and insisted us not to watch him while he do his business.  He more or less trained himself to use the adult toilet bowl.

Now, what prompted me to write this post is, he’s learnt to bathe himself 🙂 It was 2 weeks ago that I asked him whether he’ll be keen to bathe himself.  His instant replied was :” YES!”  So I reminded him to shampoo his hair and highlighted to him the areas where he’s got to pay attention to.  With that, he drew the shower curtain and started to shower himself.  I peeped thru the curtain and I must say he’s doing a pretty good job.  When he can’t get the soap off thoroughly, he called me and I showed him how to hold the shower head with the different sides of his hands in order to ensure that both sides (the left and the right) could be cleaned thoroughly.

Shower time is a bonding time for both the dad and him.  They had been showering together all this while.  Nowadays, it is still happening almost daily, but at times, when Dec decided to exercise his independence, he’ll request to shower himelf. hmmm seems like very soon, this little boy won’t need us to help him with alot of other things anymore…

My boy is not the only one growing, our nation is as well!  Happy Birthday Singapore!!  Today is our National Day!

Dec wore red and white to school yesterday and he did the above craft in school.  I like it alot.  I wonder where did the teachers get all their craft ideas from.  They always bring back interesting things.  I’m pretty lousy at craft…

Last week, while driving along ECP, we were fortunate to be there at the right time as we managed to catch the national day preview fireworks!

Was too engross with the display of colours that these are the only pics that I managed to snap.  I always like fireworks.  Kiat balloted unsuccessfully for tickets to watch the parade.  He wanted to bring Dec to the venue to watch the parade live, while I preferred to stay at home and watch it from TV :p  I hate being caught in both human and traffic jam.. but I must say the atmosphere is totally different when you are watching it there and then.  If you are performing, even better!  Did you know that this mama once performed in an item for the national day parade??  That was years back while I was still with my school band.  We formed some formation while playing our instrument and I am right at the mickey mouse nose!

Anyone caught the Olympics opening last night??  The performance was good right?  Let’s see how our very own parade will turn out tonight.

Once again happy holidays folks!

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