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Kenji’s 10th Month Update

I realised I hardly update on Kenji’s growth milestone.  Before I can rectify that, I suddenly realised he is 10th month old already! My God!  my baby is growing fast and will soon be a toddler.  2 months more and he’ll be a year old… and he won’t be my dependable docile little baby anymore 😦  I really enjoyed caring for him as a baby.  Love cuddling him, love to carry him in my arm as he lay there quietly looking into my eyes.  All these has passed…  He has since grown much more active and is taking tiny steps towards gaining his  independence.

He’s learnt to crawl about 3 weeks back.  A little slower than most babies I would say but I’m not worried as I know every little one achieve their milestones at different timings.  He’s still very much doing the leopard crawl.  He don’t lift his tummy up when he crawls, he’s more like dragging himself along on the floor.

As for sitting, he sits more sturdy now but I still don’t trust him to sit on his own without supervision.

That’s a pic of him taken a month plus back. 

That’s him now.  I know this is one of his most unglam pic.  He is sulking and drooling at the same time but this is one of the latest I have.  Noticed his hair is much neater now?  I brought him to the hairdresser a week ago.  We had to tussle with him to get his hair trim.  He was screaming murder throughout the whole ordeal.

Unlike his elder bro who basically reject all kinds of home cooked and hawker stalls acquired food (yeah… the elder terror seems to prefer restaurant food……) this little person is a FOODIE.  In CAPS no less.  He eats almost everything and anything that you offer him.  When he sees you eat, he’ll fuss and gives little coughs to get you to share your food with him.  If you don’t share, he’ll look at you and start swallowing saliva and lick his lips…… how to reject him??

He gobbles up his cereal and will usually ask for more.  Sometimes after a bowl of cereal, we’ll need to top it up with a bottle of milk.  He gobbles down his porridge as well.  He eats baby biscuits, fruits n veg puree, small chunks of fresh fruits n Veg, fishes, breads and even grains of plain rice.  I love the fact that he loves food.  I’ve never had such joy feeding Dec..  When Dec was a baby, he spitted out most of the porridge and puree that I prepared for him… so much so that I gave up preparing food for him…

Nowadays, I’m very hardworking.  On weekends, I’ll wake up in the morning to cook porridge for Kenji.  As usual the kor kor didn’t want a single grain of the porridge………  he prefers his MacDonald’s, prata and egg…

This is a pot of salmon n spinach porridge.  Looks yummy? Tastes otherwise hahahahah as I don’t add much seasoning, it tasted pretty plain except for the sweetness from the wolfberry.  Nonetheless, Kenji finished up his share.

These are steamed brocoli, apple, japanese sweet potato and carrot.  I pureed and froze them for mil to add to Kenji’s cereal.   I’ve since stopped doing that as i realised Kenji prefers food with rougher texture.  I hope he can maintained his love for vege. 

At 10 months, he’s still toothless.   I better enjoy his toothless smiles as much as possible before his first pearly pops out.  By then, I forsee there will be some unhappiness between the 2 boys when the younger one use the elder one as a teether.  Oh boy.. lots of mediating work coming my way.

They are getting along fine.  Kor kor loves the didi and didi adores kor kor now.  Unlike when he’s much younger, whenever the korkor comes near him he’ll panic. hahahah.  so far, Kor Kor is willing to share his stuffs with didi, even his most precious blankie, he’ll give it up to the didi when the air con gets a little too cold in the car. The only thing that he is hesitant to share and will sometimes misbehave to get it back is none other than our attention.  We always try to accomodate him when that happens.  All of us are still learning to balance the attention account with the addition of the little one. 

Let November 21st comes slowly.  I want my baby to remain as a baby as long as possible.


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My Recent Buys

I’ve been wanting to buy a Smurf T for a long long time but somehow didn’t really go hunt for it.  There was this day that I stayed back and had lunch in the office while I worked on, my colleagues came back from lunch and told me that they came across a bazaar and showed me the many cute Ts that she bought.  Amongst her loot was a Smurf T.  I went :” ahhhh I want that too!!!  will the bazaar be still operating tomorrow??” I think it did but unfortunately I was on training the next day and missed the bazaar again….

The next day, my colleague went back again and she told me about her purchased again,  I pulled her leg and acted as if I was really upset cos she went again and didn’t offer to help me get my T!!  She appeared to be very apologetic.  Afterwhich I confessed that I was just pulling her leg.  Guess what?? The next day when I went back to office, I saw the smurfy T, in exactly the same colour that i would love to have, folded neatly and seated nicely on my cubicle shelf.  She actually didn’t forget.  She bought for me and she refused to accept my payment.  How sweet…

She bought me the grey one.  Not long after, the bazaar came back and I got myself the green one.  The material is very comfy and it’s much cheaper than what you need to pay if you get it at FEP.

It’s been a long time since I did any proper shopping.  Last weekend, went with my sis to get her luggage bag.  Took the opportunity to do some shopping and I got all these.

Scrunchies scrunchies and more scrunchies (is that what you call them??) It’s not as if I’ve got super long hair or got a thick crown of hair why do I need so many of them???  I fell into the trap that most women would.. the sales person said :” oh mam, if you purchase more than XX amount, you’ll get 10% discount plus our lifetime membership and you are just a few dollars away.”  So I walked right into the trap and grabbed a few more so that I’ll get my 10% discount plus my membership card…………

At the same shop, I bought this brooch :

My HP camera isn’t doing it justice.  I love the brooch!  And it’s an owl – my MSN nick. hehehee.  I’ve never wear a brooch but I’m gonna start wearing it now.  Think it’ll look good on a plain business suit.

Wonder when will I be able to go for a full day of shopping, without the men plus a sponsored budget, preferable on a weekday when it is less crowded 😡   I need some 100% ME time! 


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Look Like Who?

Many people will do alot of bo liao thing when they are bored.  Me included.  A bo liao + inquisitive me led me to test out the look-alike meter with regards to both my kids.  The dad was telling me, in this world there were approximately 7 person who would look like you.  I’m wondering how true that was.  Won’t it be very freaky if 1 day you bump into someone who looks exactly like you and you jolly well know that you are a singleton??  eeewwwwww.  So, the inquisitive me went online to try to search on how true the dad’s info was.  Before I could do some real “research” I chanced upon the look-alike meter. ahhh interesting.

That reminded me of the umpteen times that friends and relatives kept asking me who did my 2 kids resemble?  I really couldn’t tell.  To me they look like  none of us actually…..  We had about equal opinions on how much the kids looked like either of us.  With that reminder, I put the look-alike meter to test.  The results are :

I ran the test 3 times for each kid.  for Dec, 2 out of 3 times, it said that he looked equally like mom and dad.  The other one time it said that he looked more like dad by 5%.

It was similar for Kenji.  2 out of 3 times, the meter said he looked equally like both mom and dad.  The other 1 time it said that he looked more like dad by 18%.

See? I’m about right.  They don’t really looked like anyone of us as they are simply a mixture of me and Kiat. ha!  If there must be a winner, then it had to be the dad abielt by a small percentage only.

I’m also keen to know whether I myself looked like my mum or my dad.  Unfortunately I do not have soft copies of their pics.  Thus I did a celebrity look-alike instead and here is the result :

Results varied when you used different shot of yourself. You can pick and choose which celebrity you want to include in the montage.  Quite fun.

If you got time and nothing better to do, give it a try.

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An Unexpected Outing

We always try to bring the boys out as often as we can over the weekends.  Last Saturday, Kiat suggested to bring them to the goat farm.  So off we went to the goat farm.  As both of us are very bad at wayfinding, it took us some effort to arrive at the goat farm.  Along the way we passed by the cemetries and also spotted some interesting signboards that indicated to us that there’s a nature reserve and some agri parks or whatever around the vicinity.

Frankly, I didn’t really fancy the goat farm as there’s nothing much to be done except uhmmmm watching, touching and feeding them.  It was a short stay (about 20mins or less),

The dad guiding Dec to feed and touch the goats.

Didi was pretty interested in the animal as well.  He looked at them intensely.  See, even when we tried to take a pic, he couldn’t take his eyes of them.  I was kinda worried that didi would “offer” his stubby fingers to the goat, which was obviously very hungry as it was chewing the wire mesh, that’s why you see me holding back his hand.

From the goat farm, we thought we wanted to hunt down the fish farms as Declan loves looking at fishes.  Blame it on poor way finding (as usual), we didn’t hit any fish farm, instead we stumbled upon a frog farm.  Never knew that there was a frog farm.

Nothing exciting in there either.  There are just uhmmmm…. frogs and some fishes.  Quite a depressing sight actually. You see hundreds and hundreds of frogs just squatting there, croaking, waiting to be packed off to the restaurants.  Frog’s porridge anyone?  Yucks!

We left after a short stay.  Told the dad to just drive along and see where we hit next.  The next destination was pretty unexpected.  We drove to a dead end :p  Where the police coast guards were and beyond that — the sea.  Weather was hot, so the dad offered to bring Dec down to explore what was beyond while I was granted the priviledge of staying in the car with Kenji.

Why is it that the fellow with the thinest hair always perspire the most?  He was like pouring sweat lor, poor chap.

The dad came back and annouced – nothing much, just some people selling crabs. ??? selling crabs?? weird.  Anyway, when we were about to drive off, there was this pair of malay uncles with a little boy, who parked their car beside ours.  We noticed them pulling out nets and pails.  Kiat striked up a conversation with them and they told us, they were there to catch prawns.  We were amused.  Catch prawns?? where???  They were friendly, nice and excitable.  They urged us to follow them and they would show us and we did.

They brought us to a wooden bridge that extended into the sea.  Nice place.  Again, I never knew that there’s such a place in Singapore.

Looks like a kelong isn’t it?  Ohh pardon my messy hair, the wind was strong. 

We asked uncle, where were the prawns? He told us it’s in the water, they are everywhere.  I looked, don’t have leh…  So he put his net in, scooped and showed it to me.  Then I realised ohhhh not prawns lah…. they were tiny mini shrimps and it’s really alot!  Uncle shared that they could be added to eggs and fried.

He harvested the above in just 1-2 scoops with the net in the water.  We spotted an alien in there, see the circled fellow?  It’s not a shrimp.  It was a tiny piper fish (not sure whether i got the name right).

That’s how they looked like without the water.

We also spotted quite a few mini puffer fishes which were still alive.

When we got near, it actually puffed up and I did the most bimbo thing that I never imagine that I’ll do.  I pulled Declan away and exclaimed :” stay away stay away!!! will it explode??”  Shortly after I exclaimed that, I felt silly, when did you ever hear anyone got killed cos of a puffer fish (and a tiny mini one) exploding in their face???  They wouldn’t explode of course………..

We hung around awhile and bid the uncles goodbye.  We thought maybe we could come back again one of these days, bring our own nets and pails and start scooping as well. hehehee  Ohh and there’s mussels under the bridge as well.

WARNING – CATCHES THERE NOT FIT FOR CONSUMPTION for more details refer to comments wrtten by Xiaohongdian.  so ahhh folks, go there see, experience ok, but don’t eat!

We ended up at the esplanade.  Did nothing much except lounging by the riverside.  Though we didn’t do much, it was really relaxing.  We watched the sunset and took some nice pictures of ourselves.  Didi enjoyed some “al fresco” dininig as well. I fed him his cereal by the river.

Nice scenery right?

I took alot of pics of the boys and I particularly liked the ones below with Declan trying to feed his didi biscuits.

Very heartwarming for me 🙂  I’m really glad that he’s got over the jealousy stage and can now co-exist with his little bro.

Dinner was simple fare at Marina’s food court and I’ll end this post with Declan performing some basketball “stunts”.

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He Draws

He loves to doodle.  He loves to mess himself up with colours, be it paint, ink or pencil.  I noticed him drawing some heart shapes in his colouring book last night.  Was feeling a bit bo liao (nothing better to do) so I requested him to draw me instead. It turns out like that…

Look like ghost or not?  So, in his mind mummy is a ghost.  Reminds me very much of corpse bride and how come i only got a few strands of hair? Then it strikes me that hey he just turned 4 and though he made me look like some hantu, I still think he did a pretty good job.  At least it resemble a human form with head, eyes, hair, mouth, hands, body…. ehhh where are my legs? Never mind, forgiven.  See?? parents nowadays??  very accomodating and blinded.  Everything that is done by their own kid is a job well done.  Are you guilty of that too? ha!

With that, I am very keen how the dad, Kenji and himself will look like.  So I urged him on to draw the 3 of them in.


The prefect ghostly family!  Not difficult to tell that the extreme left person is the Dad, the person in the center is himself while the little bundle floating up there is Kenji.  Kenji should be glad that he is the only one with 4 limbs, the rest of us have got only 2.  Nonetheless, I noticed that he got the propotion right, mum and dad is bigger than himself while he is bigger than Kenji.  heheheh his family potrait tickled me. hmmm Maybe I should keep this as a momento and every other few months I’ll ask him to draw another family potrait to see how he progress.  Great! I’ve got a new project now!

That potrait really got him into the mood to draw more things.  He went on to draw a cat.

Not quite sure which is the correct orientation the cat should be in so I posted it both ways.  Don’t doubt him, it’s a cat, see carefully!  Got whiskers!  He ended his drawing session by drawing his first love – the train.

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Bonding Day

The childcare centre is closed today.  I took leave to spend some private bonding time with my first born.  Just me and him.  It’s been a long time since I spent time alone with him.  There’s always the dad and the didi between us.  I’ve planned to bring him to the Disney Restaurant for awhile.  It finally materialised today.

I brought him on a train and bus ride.  Ever since we got our car at the beginning of this year, I realised we lost quite some bonding time.  When we used to take public transport, we’ll chit chat while we travel.  Nowadays, he is usually seated in his throne at the front with the dad, while I watched over Kenji at the backseat.  Though we still talk but it’s not quality chit chat.  More often than not, my attention is diverted away by Kenji.

I bought him a children’s concenssion card and he got all excited about owning his own ezlink card.  He took that as a symbol that he’s a big boy now and got very happy when he was able to scan his card and then enter the gantry on his own at the train station.  He loves to travel on train ever since he was a toddler and he likes taking the double decker bus too.  I fulfilled both of his likings for him today.

He and his own ezlink card on board a double decker bus.

Can you see that he’s a happy boy?

We chatted along the way and he told me this :”Mummy, you so long never bring me out already, it’s always daddy.”  sigh… That’s pretty true.  For the past months, most of the time it’ll be the dad that bring him out to the playground or for a swim, while I’ll opt to stay at home with Kenji.  I think I need to put in more effort to balance the time distribution between the brothers, I really didn’t want him to grow up with the mindset that the mum favors the little brother more.  I will note that down as an area for improvement in my University of Motherhood report card.

The Disney Restaurant is located at Anchor Point.  I ordered a macaroni and cheese for him while I got myself a pizza.  The taste of the macaroni was mediocre but the pizza was nice and the shape of the pizza was a plus point.  Even I as an adult was pretty amused to eat a mickey mouse shape pizza!

Cute right the pizza??! 

Declan’s strawberry milkshake don’t taste too bad actually.  Overall I think the food is low in value for money.  I don’t mind going back again once in awhile, not for the food but for the fact that it is a kids friendly restaurant.  As the restaurant is not big, thus it didn’t really have a very disney feel.  As Dec is not a foodie, most of the food landed in my tummy.  He is more interested in getting his hands on the computer for some disney games, as well as washing his hands from water dispense from a tap hidden in a huge mickey mouse glove.  ohhh and they gave the kids free stickers too.  

A big minus point was they made us wait for 40mins before our order was served.  Reason being that one of the oven was down…  plus I have a slow eater with me… by the time we finished lunch it was nearing 4pm.  The return bus trip and a short stay at the playground marked the end of our bonding session.

I have since decided that I shall always take leave to have similar bonding sessions with him whenever his childcare centre is closed.  Every year, they will be closed for about 5 days separately for different reasons such as, teachers’ workshop, spring cleaning etc.   Of course it won’t be just the 5 days, I will find more opportunities whenever time allows.

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