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Pet Talk

Some weeks ago, Declan’s school was bringing the kids through on the topic of Pets.  Along with the discussion, each kid was allowed to bring a terrapin home for a day and parents were to teach and help the kids to care for the little fellow.  Frankly, I fear for the poor little terrapin that was circulated among the households.  I wondered whether it survived in the end.  It did survived through our household though.  So if it did pass on, it’s not us!! We took good care of it!!  Just that the car ride home maybe a bit too bumpy..

Weeks later, Declan suddenly popped the golden question.

Dec : Mummy… may I get a pet?
Me : What pet do you have in mind?
Dec : I want a hamster.
Me : hmmmm I don’t think we’ve got time to take good care of it at this moment darling. Probably not now. Maybe when you are a bit older we can discuss on this again.
Dec : But I really would like a pet mummy…..
Me : Next time ok?

With this, he shifted away from me and rolled towards Kenji. (We were all lazing on the bed, that explained the rolling.) He patted Kenji on the head.

Dec : Ok.. then Kenji will be my pet!

He continued to pat Kenji on the head and then moved in front of him and still patting him…

Dec : Hello pet!!

-_-”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or to remind him that the little clueless fellow is supposed to be his baby brother and not his pet….

Talking about that little chap,  he had achieved yet another milestone.  From crawling, he had now learnt to pull himself up to a standing position.  He is not cruising yet.  He’ll usually pull himself up and stand still till someone come to his rescue.

He is seen in the above pic standing while pinching from his korkor’s dinner.  This chap is a real foodie.  Ohh yah, he’s got his first little cute pearlie as well!!  I know it’s late.  He is just like his brother, both my boys are pretty late when it comes to teething.  No more toothless smiles… sigh… I love to see his toothless smiles with him just flashing his gums… My baby is growing too fast..  In less than a month’s time, He’ll be one..


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Sand Sun Sea

We love the 3 “S”es.  We always try to get enough doses of the 3 “S”es during the weekend.  When we don’t Declan will “remind” us.  We are always more than willing to oblige cos I don’t mind some sun and it’s a pretty cost saving fun activity that is healthy and suitable for the whole family.

So, yeah! We were at East Coast Park once again.

Wonder why Dec is playing so far away from the rest of his toys?  He only managed to grab his wheelbarrow before “running for his life” and settling a distance away from the rest of the toys.  Wanna guess what he (and me as well :P) ran away from? 

That’s the culprit!  A harmless butterfly.  I got this weird phobia of butterflies. Whenever one gets too near I’ll freak out.  When I freaked out, it affected Declan as well.  He escaped along with me. hehehe


Just me and my boys.  I am happy when they are.  Happiness is such a simple thing for me.

I was afraid that didi will get sun burnt thus I put him in shelter while Dec continues to bask in the sun with the dad.  This little boy got interested in my book wor.


Like real only right??  Let’s hope he’s got equally keen interest when it is his turn to pick up the books.


While I was confined in the shade with didi, the dad tried to bury my first born alive.  From the look of it, my first born did’t seem to mind been buried alive.  In fact he looked pretty pleased.  He was enjoying his sand bath. 

After we got enough of the 3 “S”es we headed for the hawker centre for food.  After food, we bumped into this group of people who was building amazing sand castles along the beach. 

The sandcastles are impressive aren’t they?  I am impressed and it did look really fun.  So we picked up a set of sandcastle moulds at $38 a set.  Now I am all excited to be back on the beach again and put the moulds and of course our skill to test.  Dec is equally excited and keen to try too.

We’ll either go tomorrow, if we got the time, if not it’ll be next Friday.  Will share our masterpiece to all.

Hmmm I’m trying to upload a set of slideshow on the pic of my boys onto wordpress without much success.. anyone can teach me how can I do it?

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Better Bonded

Months back, when Kenji was still a tiny baby, he’ll usually react quite negatively towards his elder brother.  Whenever Declan went near him, he would start fluttering his limbs anxiously and whined pathetically.  By the time Declan laid his hands on him, he would be crying.

The negative reaction was due to the fact that Declan had been rough handling him.  Dec didn’t know how to control his strength and be more gentle when cuddling or patting his younger brother.  He was keen and eager to show his little brother that he adore him albeit through the wrong way which always end up with his little brother wailing for help.

Months passed, little Kenji had grown up to be more hardy and Declan had also learnt to be more gentle.  Kenji had also learnt to accept and react positively to his elder brother.  Now, whenever he sees his elder brother nearing, he’ll still flutters his limbs vigorously.  This time, the fluttering is not out of anxiousness, instead it is out of excitement.  He gets excited when the elder brother teases him and wants to play with him.  He laughs, when Declan clown around.  He giggles when Declan hugs him.  It’s entertaining watching the duo interact with each other and I can feel that they feel for each other.

There was this incident that Declan was simply throwing tantrums and demanded to be brought to the playground in the late evening.  We refused and offered to bring him the next day in the early evening instead.  He was not happy and cried the house down.  Kenji, looked at his elder brother intensely.  A short while later, with his eyes still fixed on his elder brother, he too started crying.  The whole family thought the scene was pretty amusing.  We picked the baby up and tried to console him.  He stopped, while the elder one continued wailing.  He turned, looked at Declan again and upon seeing Declan still crying, he started dropping tears again.  hahaha cute isn’t it? Didn’t realise they have such deep bonding between them.  Good good good, at least I am assured that they are growing close to each other.  I hope that when the younger one grows older, there will be minimal toy snatching, attention grabbing scenes between the two.

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New Class New Name?

We started Declan’s craft class in June.  The programme has since ended in September.  After much thought, I decided not to let him continue the class.  He did fun things in the craft class, but I noticed that his “end products” are too perfect. 

These were what he brought back from the first 2 lessons.  Very Very well done – to me.  Why would I even think of not continuing the programme if they taught him so well?  My sentiment is, the works that he brought back are too perfect for his age.  For subsequent lessons, he brought back more complex crafts and colourings, which I’m too lazy to take pictures of.  When they are that perfect, with hardly any flaws, there is only 1 conclusion – the teacher/teaching aid did most of the work. 

I know my son well.  He is not someone who will take care of details.  Imagine him bringing back paintings that are perfectly coloured, with hardly any smudges, clay figurines which are very nicely and accurately shaped.  He must have gotten loads and loads of help to get those right. 

Children are children.  To me, it’s ok if the clay apple looks badly battered and is purple in colour.  Or a clay turtle looks more like a piece of roti prata with legs stuck on them.  At least, it is done through the kid’s own effort and imagination.  Maybe I’m weird *shrugs*.  I guess there will be parents who don’t mind the kids coming back with perfectly done crafts, but for me, I rather he do it his own way.

After some comtemplation, I’ve since enrolled him into another programme – I can Read!

I love to read.  I think it is important to influence my kids so that they will grow to love reading.  After the assessment, the teacher recommended Dec to start with the Thinking and Creative Skills first.  The teacher tested Dec on his phonic skills.  I’m surprised that he actually got most of them right, except for a few alphabets such as “Q’, “Y” and another 1 or 2 which I can’t remember.  I never send him to any phonic classes and never teach him on my own.  I guess the Leap Frog DVDs that Fannie recommended must be doing him alot of good.  Ohh not forgetting that his childcare centre probably did most of the teaching as well.  In fact I am statisfied with his initial assessment.  Once he is familiar with his first sounds, he’ll then be able to proceed to the actual “I Can Read” programme.

He brought back a completed worksheet after his first lesson and I find it amusing.

hmmm… since when did he change his name to “Idol”?  It was not instructed by the teacher.  It is a mispelling of his own name.  What a way to mispell hahaha.  At this moment, he is pretty weak in his writing skill.  So far, he’s attended 3 lessons.  His feedback is he do like the class.  Am glad to hear that he likes it as I thought he may find it repetitive to go thru similar worksheets as his childcare centre.

My friend gave me good feedback about the programme, let’s hope that Dec will be able to pick up some basic reading skills in a few months time.  Can’t wait for him to read me a bed time story!  Sometimes I prefer to be the child 😡

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