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Today marks the 1st year of Kenji’s life. If you ask me, I’ll say that it has come too fast…  My baby is growing at a pace that is much faster than I can catch up.  I yearn to hold a tiny, docile and fully dependent infant in my arm.  I love the feeling of being able to provide a baby a sense of security.  With him turning a year old, it means that he is no longer the tiny, docile and fully dependent infant that I so wish I have.  He’s inching towards being an independent infant, who will in no time thinks that it’s so uncool to have the mum sticking so near to him…

Having say that, it is still pleasant to see the little chap grow and reach his developmental milestones.  Though a 2nd time mum, I still get all excited when he first learnt to turn, to crawl, to sit up on his own, to negotiate a drop of floor level without toppling over, to pull himself into a standing position etc etc.  I was also thrilled to see his first pearly popping out, though late but the pearlies are coming.  He’s got 2 now.

I am awaiting patiently for him to learn self feeding.  Unlike the elder brother who loves to put all sorts of things in his mouth, this one, is pretty cautious.  He only puts his fists, his pacifier and once in a while his toys into his mouth.  He’s never pick up any piece of food/snack and feed himself.  As I feed him his snack, I’ll place the snack in his palm, to see if he’ll feed himself.  He’ll just starts flinging the snack off his palm.  Pretty unusal for a foodie like him.

It’s amazing how fast these little things (babies) grow!!

Look at him on Day 1 :

Look at him again over the last 12 months :

He seems to have shrunk a bit hor? But overall I’d say he has grown well.  He’s still a very shy boy though.

We did buy him another birthday cake a day before his actual b-day as the dad needs to attend his DND today.  For a change, we bought a brownie.

The candle was not lighted as the grandma says we can’t… 😦 According to her, everyone can only blow the b-day candle once a year….. I remembered on Declan’s 1st b-day he did it twice as well.. oh well… *shrugs*

Happy 1st Birthday Kenji Boy! May you be a happy and smiley boy always and continue to love your food!


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1st Lunar Birthday

Kenji celebrated his 1st Lunar Birthday last Sunday.  He’s officially 1yo based on the lunar calendar.  According to our tradition, during that day, it signifies that the baby is now old enough to wear his first pair of shoes and it’s also time he drops some hints on what will his future be, by selecting an item which is randomly placed.  Each item represented something.  (though old folks keep telling us we shouldn’t be wearing shoes for babies before they turn 1, I bet alot of modern parents nowadays don’t really follow this belief.  Us included :p)

Kenji boy was cranky that day.  Very cranky indeed.

See what I mean?  He’s seldom like that, most of the time he is a happy and smiley baby.  That day, he just wasn’t his usual self.  I suspect teething.

One of the ritual that Kenji had to go through was to step on the “Ang Ku Kueh”.  Not quite sure what that signify.

Afterwhich we tried to lure him to pick up one of the below items :

1) Money = will be well to do in futre

2) Calculater = able to count (?)

3) Ruler = (not sure what it signifies)

4) Book = scholar to be (?)

5) Drumstick = will have sufficient to eat

6) Pen = need not do hard work, in future career he’ll be holding pen and not some other tools.

Please don’t take what I stated above as gospel truth as I’m not even 50% confident that I’ve stated them correctly :p  Just a general guideline.

We had a hard time trying to “seduce” him to pick up anything.  He simply sat there for a long time, irritated and agitated and showed ZERO interest in any of the above items.

After much coaxing, he finally proceeded to touch one of the item.  Guess what was it that he showed interest in ?

MONEY! muhahahahhahah heng ahhhh! If this ritual can be trusted, in future I will have a well to do son to take care of me loh!

If anyone is keen to know what Declan picked during his time you can refer to here.

After choosing, he got cranky again.

So we let him off the hook and put him to bed to take his nap.  When he woke up, we took out the cake that we bought for him, sang him a b-day song, helped him to blow the candle and then fed him his very first birthday cake.

We bought him an off the shelf Nemo Theme cake.  The korkor adore the cake alot!  Kenji, of course was indifferent.

He (Kenji) is the happiest when he’s given food.  He stopped being cranky when we fed him his cake.  Dec, needless to say enjoyed the cake too.

Come 21st he’ll be celebrating his “ang mo” birthday again, hmmmm should I get him another cake?

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Looking at the title of this post, you’ll be able to guess what has happened over at  my household.

Can see the red spots?  We were happily enjoying our breakfast on Sunday morning when I noticed many red spots on Declan’s hand while he was happily waving in front of me.  I saw it on one hand first, then i grabbed his other hand and saw red spots there too.  I proceeded to check his feet, more spots……  I turned to tell the dad :” Uh-oh…”

We sent him down to NUH children’s emergency as most GPs are closed on Sunday.  He was sent straight to the isolation facilities and 30mins upon arriving, he was confirmed a HFMD case.  sigh….  This boy is pretty fortunate I must say.  This is the second time he got HFMD, both times, his mouth were spared of ulcers.  Thus his food and fluid intake was not affected.  He’s given a week off school.  I took leave to stay home with him in a bid to separate him from Kenji. 

First day (which was yesterday), I tried to separate them without much success… Mil was also unwell… thus I couldn’t send Kenji down to her.. so I kept both boys with me.. Kenji was cranky throughout the day… he was real sticky and wanted to be carried the whole day… the moment i put him down he cried… with him being so cranky.. i also got cranky…

How did you full time SAHM survive????  I can’t even live past a day!!  Eileen and Pauline! Kudos to the both of u man!

Today is Day 2 of staying at home with Dec.  phew today Kiat packed Kenji off to mil’s place so it’s just me and Declan, much more managable.  Dec will usually be doing his own things, only when he needs milk, he’ll come to me and ask for milk.  Thus, I’m still able to clear work from home.

Let’s hope his spots clear off soon.  So that he can hug and share toys with the didi again.  Now quite poor thing.. we had to keep reminding him not to contact the didi..  wonder whether he felt rejected or not.. will try to be as tactful as possible

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A pair of 乌龙 parents

Kenji came down with a fever early this week.  Kiat brought him to see a GP.  He went to register first while I stayed home with Kenji as this particular GP always have a long queue at his clinic.  Shortly after he left I received a call from him asking me :” Eh.. how to spell Kenji’s full name huh?”  I was like duhhh…….  Kenji’s full name is one the easiest to spell… it’s simply Lim De En…  2 alphabets only mah….

2 days after the above, Kenji’s fever is still hovering around 38, and this time we observed that he’s got discharges from the ear.  I knew it was ear infection.  the in laws insisted I sent him to a doctor immediately.  So we brought him to NUH Children’s emergency since it’s already 9+pm.  We didn’t have his birth cert with us. In order to facilitate the registration, I wrote down Kenji’s full name and BC no. for the counter girl.

A while later I heard the nurse calling :” Lim Ye Kai, Kenji!” I was like :” huh??” and proceeded to correct the nurse, telling her that Ye Kai is the elder brother, and Kenji’s dialect name should be De En.  It was then that I realise I was the one who wrote Lim Ye Kai, Kenji for the counter girl :p

Damn 乌龙!

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Sandcastle Craze

Remember I shared that we bought a set of sandcastle mound?  We’ve put it to good use.

Now now, which desert did we go?? ha!  Nah… we were at east coast yet again! We were there last Friday.  Both Kiat and myself were on leave and we brought the older kids Keith, Evelyn and Declan to the beach and we left the little one at home so that he won’t get burnt and I would have a chance to enjoy myself too.

This was my second attempt at building sandcastle.  The first attempt, we were at the beach with Fannie and family.  We didn’t manage to build anything glorious…

This time at least we manage to build something that didn’t collapse the moment we remove the mould.

We worked hard!  While the boys were playing in the sea, both me and Evelyn were busy digging into the sand.  Most part of my whole time there, I was looking downwards and digging labourously, I ended up with a sunburnt back.  So bad that my skin is still peeling off as of now while I’m updating this post.

After a long long time, I think about 2-3 hours, we got this :

Though it is far from the fortress style which the professional people built but I guess it can be considered decent for a beginner without much professional help.  Say yes to console me! Somehow I’m most proud about the staircase that I built.

Let me tell you, building sandcastle is a good workout!  Don’t believe me??  Go out there and do it and you’ll know what I mean.  Don’t forget that you’ll have to walk to and fro to fetch water to mix with the sand.

With the success of the first project.  I rested, played in the water with the rest and then move on to start my second project :

TADAHJHHHH!! My second project which I thought looked like a lighthouse.  The waterway was compliment of Kiat and Keith who ran to and fro to fetch water and keep pouring into the void to allow me to take a nice photo of my so call lighthouse with the water effect.  The water was sucked pretty quickly into the sand.

It was a well spent day at the beach.  All of us were baked.  Dec had loads of fun, not with the sand but with the new water spouts that I bought for him.  Unfortunately I only bought 2 sets, should have bought 4 sets instead so that we could had teamed up and had more fun.  With 2 spouts and of course priviledge given to the youngest amongst the brood (Declan and Keith), poor Evelyn ended up being the moving target.

Both Kiat and myself had applied for another week’s leave at the end of the year.  I’m sure we’ll be at the beach again!  Kiat was saying :” You said you are buying the sandcastle set for Declan but seems like you are the one playing with it most of the time”  ha!  I agreed! Declan don’t seems to be have the patience.  He’ll rather run off to play in the water.  So I shall be the official builder!  Anyway I am trained in building mah so I should rightfully be a better builder!

Stay tune for more castles!

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