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First must apologise for the constant lack of posts.  Have been busy and since 2 days ago, have been down with flu….. sigh…..  Am running a slight temperature now… hopefully the virus will clear up by tomorrow… if not it’ll be a sniffy and heavy headed lunar new year for me….

This year’s lunar new year shopping has not been fulfilling for me…  Can’t really find clothes that I really like thus ended up with a couple of T-shirts and 3 pairs of new jeans due to my horizontal expansion…  On the other hand, I realised I overbought for the boys :p

In case I didn’t get a chance to post again within the next few days, I hereby wish all my dear friends and visitors to the blog a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!!  May good fortune and good health be with all of you.  May all your little ones be healthy and smiley and viruses free for the whole year! 

业凯在此祝各位叔叔阿姨身体健康, 财源广进



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Yesterday, Dec keeps repeating :”我长大了!”  Teacher must have instill this thought into the K1 kids.  I do agree that he has indeed grew up quite a bit over the last few months.  We’ve both noticed that he had grown more sensible.  He knows he is a big kid now.

He used to lug his blankie around wherever he went, be it to the shopping centres, to ah ma’s house, to school, to restaurant etc.  No one can coax him to leave his blankie behind.  Since Day 2 of K1, after teacher told him that now he is a big boy, he should stop bringing his blankie to school.  Miraculously, he handed over his blankie to me at the school door.  Well done my boy!  I still allow him to bring it out of the house and into the car daily, but once he leaves the car, the blankie will stay in the car.

His former after school routine is, ask for milk, avoid dinner as much as possible, nag at him to bathe when we reach home.  Since 2 days ago, I managed to get him to correct the above bad habit.  We started the first day of new after school routine with a trip to the playground, back at ah ma’s house, bathe, eat dinner followed by a serving of milk.  Yesterday, as we were a little late, he was okay to skip the playground, when we reached ah ma’s house, I said dinner first and he went :” no I want to be like yesterday, bathe first then I eat!”  I was more than happy to obliged.  The only thing was he insisted he wanna bathe himself….. I let him be.

One thing about him is, he still need to be spoon fed most of the time.  He got bad eating habits.  But I can see that he is putting in effort to correct himself.  He’s stopped running in and out of Bro in law’s room to watch channel 34 while eating his dinner, simply because the SCV console is down.  He has attempted to self feed himself but often we got too impatient and end up feeding him.  Guessed we gotta be more patient in order to help him along.

In the morning, it used to be a tussle with him.  Alot of days, he skipped brushing his teeth (i know.. yucky…) because we simply couldn’t wake him up… and the dad would have to carry him all the way right to the door of the school.  Since starting K1, it’s no longer so difficult to wake him up.  He’ll wake up after a few shakes, brushed his teeth, put on his uniform (sometimes with help, sometimes without), catch another few winks while waiting for me to be ready and when we are all ready to go, urged him to wake up and he’ll walk to the living room and put on his shoes.  No need to carry him all the way anymore!!!  Yeah! 

That’s 2 of the latest pic which I took of him.  All grown up already hor?

Now comes the little baby.  He is no longer as little and oblivious as he used to be too!  He knows how to express his displeasure now!  He’s learnt the “art” of frowning and making sounds of disapproval when he is not happy. hahahah.  If you ask me, I find it pretty cute.  He’s learnt the pleasure of playing with a rubber ball.

That’s him playing with the soft ball.

He is also showing sign of hogging and snatching toys.  Yesterday the 2 were subtlely fighting over a hardcover book.  Dec got to it first and was flipping through the pages, when Kenji, crawled over and decided to “choop” the book by placing both hands in the centre of the pages and pressing it down to the floor.  Dec refused to let go, Kenji refused to let go too and he started snaring at the elder brother. hahahaha.  He’s no longer the weakling that let the elder brother push him over.  Guess I’ve got to brace myself for more of such struggles.  Fortunately, Dec got a big heart, he’ll usually give in to his little brother with grumblings of course.

他们又长大了一些!!! so fast!!!  way too fast for my liking!!


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Fabulous Blog Award

Mama Ray gave me the following award :


Thanks!! Mama Ray.  It’s nice to know that some folks like my posts, though the number of posts had dwindled. :p

As part of this award I must now list 5 addictions and then pass onto 5 more fabulous blogs!

My 5 addictions :

1) Coffee – every morning must have!! if not engine cannot start!

2) Games – PC games, Online web games, PS games! Sometimes I wish that human beings need not sleep so that I will have more time for games and yet at the same time won’t neglect the kids.

3) Sleep – this is contradicting to item 2 but once I sleep I wish I’ll forever wish I can get another 1-2 more hours of snooze.

4) Sashimi – just love them RAW!

5) Cakes – esp cheesecakes!

I wish to pass on this award to :

The Lazy Stay-at-home Mummy
My Two Girls – All about Zara and Zaria
The Upperroom
The Little Feet
MamaBliss’ Treasured Moments

All these are some of my favorite and regular reads.  Of course my list of fav are much longer, it’s just that some already received the award from others.   I’ve learnt alot from the other mums/dads thru reading their blogs and I hope mine did provide some new parents with at least a wee bit information to whatever doubt they might have when it comes to bringing up their kids.

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New Pet

After the Declan’s Pet Talk happen, the dad was considering buying him a mini aquarium which I forbid as I thought we would not have the time to take care of the fishes and I did not want the pets to get neglected and die off.

However, mid of Dec 08, when the dad’s workplace was to be shifted to another location, down came an instruction from his management that staffs were not to bring over their aquariums to the new work place due to space constraint.  ha! I guessed it was more for professional image rather than space constraint.  Anyway, because of that instruction, the dad’s colleague wanted to give away his mini fish tank and the dad happily adopted it so that Dec could get his wish of owning a pet.  I was skeptical…  but when I saw the tank, I thought it looked pretty pleasant and the little things swimming in there were cute.

The tank came with a lonely tetra and 4 tiny shrimps.  I liked the shrimps.  Very tiny very cute.  Days later, we realised that one of the shrimp was pregnant wor!  You could see tiny tiny eggs in it’s belly!!  Also, out pop a snail, a pretty one.  Pinkish, orangy colour. 

That’s the lonely tetra.  Poor thing, the whole tank only got 1 fish.

You can see part of lonely Tetra, part of preggy shrimp and part of pretty snail.  Can you see the little white spots which I circled?  Those I presumed are the eggs.

Another pic of lonely tetra and preggy shrimp.

I wonder when will I be able to see more little shrimps. It’s been like more than 3 weeks since I noticed it preggy and still no baby shrimps.  I suppose it’ll lay the eggs somewhere and then they’ll hatch right?? *shrugs*  Its been hiding alot lately.  I hardly get to see it.  Not sure whether it has laid its eggs already or not.  Anyone what is the gestation period for shrimps??

Few days after the dad brought back the tank, he bought another 6 more Tetras to accompany the lonely one.  At least now the tank don’t look so bare.  I like the plants in there.  Let’s hope that our little fish tank will be able to flourish.

Ohh and Declan loves the tank.  He’ll go over and take a peek when he’s home and often wanting to feed the fish.  The dad had take control of the feeding routine for fear that Dec will overfeed those little chaps and kill them :p  I really hope to see more addition to the little community.

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New Year at Kukub

We spent our last day of 2008 and first day of 2009 at Kukub with my uncle and his friends.  This is our first trip to Kukub.  We had to leave little Kenji at home with mother in law as I think he is still too little for such trips.  We (including Dec) missed him dearly.

When we came back from the trip, mil shared that little Kenji missed us too.  For the 2 days that he spent at mil’s place, both nights he didn’t sleep well, he woke up twice every night.  awww poor boy…  The moment he came home and saw Dec, he squirmed to get out of my arms and was all over his elder brother as if to tell Dec that he missed him as well.  He’ll usually avoid Dec when Dec gets too near and rough for his comfort, this is the first time I see him lugged himself towards Dec voluntarily.  It was a cute sight!

The trip wasn’t fantastic, I guess we were a bunch of energetic folks who needs more activities to stay hyped.  There wasn’t much too do… It’s all about eating, drinking, talking, singing and playing with mini fireworks and crackers… 

Will just share some pics of the trip.

Dec got 2 other boys and a girl as company on the trip.  Another little boy was not in the pic.  These little ones really enjoyed themselves though the adult thought the trip was a bit boring.  The only girl in the group came back with 3 stitches at the back of her head as she fell accidentally off the double decker bed when the kids were playing.  The little accident manage to tame all of them and kept them away from the double decker beds.  Fortunately she was pretty alright and was up and running again the next morning.


The kids had fun watching the mini fireworks and playing with crackers while the adults have our own fun too.  kiat came out with this game that whoever lost will have to drink.  *burp*

Finally a group pic showing all the families and friends who were on the trip.  In total there were about 30+ of us including kids.

Happy 2009 folks!  Hope all your new year celebration and countdown went well and may all of you be blessed with good health and good wealth fo this new year!!

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