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2 days ago, we spotted a huge rainbow across the sky just directly opposite Dec’s school.  He saw it first and he got really excited.  This is the first time he saw a real rainbow in the sky. 

These shots were taken by Declan.  The first shot was taken while the car was on the road, the second shot was taken after we parked our car.  I, as an adult, was really fascinated by this scene, let alone a little kid. 

As I drove, I kept sneaking a few quick peeks at the sky.  Thinking back now, it was really quite dangerous for me to do that.  But I believe alot of other drivers on the road was also awed by this huge rainbow.

If you look at the first shot carefully, you’ll probably see another more faint spectrum of rainbow above the actual one.  After this, I wonder when we will be able to see a rainbow again.  The last time I saw one was many years back.  Somehow, rainbow always reminds me of carebear.  When I was little, I always made it a point to wake up early on Sunday morning just to catch Carebear and Smurfs cartoon.

Somewhere… over the rainbow….way up high……


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Our First Nest

These 2 weeks have been a pretty mad rush for us, especially during the weekends.  The dad appointed the mover pretty late, thus we got the boxes late which means we started packing late as well.  The last 2 weekends were mostly spent throwing out stuffs and packing what we wanted to bring along.  The whole place looks like a war zone now!!  Fortunately, I did took some photos of our first nest some time ago for memory sake.

This place was our very first nest, bought about 6 years ago.  Can’t believe that it’s already 6 years!!  We will be officially shifting out on 28th Feb 2009.  It’s a mixed feeling.  I am excited about the new place but yet a little reluctant to move from our cosy nest which we had grown so accustomed to.  Come 2nd March, when we have to officially hand over the keys to the next owner, we will be offcially homeless as well.  For the time being, we will be depositing at mil’s place.

Here are a few pics of our first nest, sharing with all and also keeping it in loving memory.

This place has kept us sheltered for the past few years and I had been through 2 confinement periods there.  It’s a little painful to let it go… but I gotta plan for the future.  Dec needs to be at Clementi as I intend to enrol him Henry Park Primary School.  By shifting nearer, it’ll also mean that we’ll all be able to get more sleep in the morning!!

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On Wednesday afternoon, teacher called to informed me that Declan was injured.  My heart sank when I heard that.  Teacher went on to explain to me how the incident happened.  Apparently he got too close to the seesaw, when his friends were playing with it and when 1 side came down, he didn’t manage to dodge in time and the board hit him on the nose.  Teacher assured me that the injury need not be checked by a doctor and she had disinfected the wound and applied medication for him.

At the end of the day, when I went to pick him up, this was the sight that greeted me. 


I was seldom emotional but when I saw him I almost could not take it.  I asked whether he was ok and he kept re-assuring me that it was not painful and he was alright.  Apparently the brave boy didn’t shed a single tear throughout the whole ordeal.  So proud of him.

Having said that, I guessed the incident was pretty traumatizing for him.  Usually when I picked him up, he would be all chirpy and chatty and would yakked throughout the journey back to mil’s place.  However that day, he was all quiet and would only uttered a word here and there when I tried to strike up a conversation with him.

He could even posed for me when I asked whether he wanted to take a picture. 


 That’s him.  Always positive and hardy.  I felt so much better when I saw that he was taking it very well.

Here’s a closer peek on the wound.

It was a painful lesson for him.  I don’t blame the teachers.  Kids are kids.  At K1, he should know what is safe and what is not.  Probably, this incident was caused by bad judgement on his part.  He grew, he hurt himself , he learnt from it and he continued to grow.  To me this is just part and parcel of a life cycle.  He took it bravely, so I should as well.

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Busy Busy Busy

Apologies on the lack of post lately.  As the title denotes, I am busy busy busy.  Busy with what?  Busy with relocation.  I had reported to my new work place.  The pace here is really rea..ll..lyyy sloooo…www ….  *yawn*

Couple with a change in work environment, I’ve been busy doing research on interior design in prep for our resale unit renovation.  My weekends are spent prowling thru the web for tips, dos and don’ts.  I also read up a little on fengshui.  I had received 4 quotes thus far, only manage to compare 2 quotes in detail.  Gonna meet up another 2 IDs this sunday. aiyoh… busy busy busy….

Now there is another thing for me to settle.  That is Declan’s school.  He is currently in Cherie Hearts, there is a Kinderland right at my workplace and staffs get subsidized rates!!  I only need to pay $200+ for a full day programme.  That’s a real steal!!!  I’ve paid the centre a visit and the environment is pretty pleasant.  I will be arranging for Declan to visit the centre as well and this little master will have the last say.  Afterall he has been at Cherie hearts for 3 years.  Don’t wanna force him to leave his comfort zone if he doesn’t want to.  If he is ok with shifting, I’ll have some savings each month.  Kinderland is also providing keyboard lessons within the cirriculum.  In that case, it means I can withdraw him from Yamaha Junior Course which I had enrolled Dec and lesson will commence only in April 2009.  Shall update again on his decision.

Back to the house.  we did fengshui house audit last thursday afterwhich I self planned the below layout plan.

Of course the above is not cast in stone.  It’s all subject to the Master final advise and of course whether it’s within my budget.  Need quite alot of carpentry work and I am sure it’s gonna cost me a bomb to materialise.  Will definitely have to cut down some carpentry work.

I manage to get permission from current owner to allow me to take some pictures of current condition of the flat. 

Actually the current condition of the place is pretty good.  But I’ll need to replace the flooring as the laminate is already 9 years old.  Also the kitchen cabinet colours is really not my cup of tea…  but condition is very well maintained.  Plus I want to remove the passe cornices and do L box instead.

Wish me luck in my ID hunt!

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CNY updates

We had a bad start this year.  I was down with mild flu 2 days before CNY eve.  The fever went away only on CNY eve itself but on CNY eve, Kiat came down with diarrhea.  On the 2nd day of CNY, Kenji started vomitting and had diarrhea too.  On the 4th day of CNY when I was suppose to go back to work, I, too came down with diarrhea.  Aiyoh!!!   Really don’t know what’s going on….

Fortunately we were still able to carry on with our visiting. 

That’s little Kenji in his CNY costume.  Declan torn his.. so he wasn’t able to wear it together with his little brother.  I’ll get him a new suit next year.

The first day of our CNY we always spent it bringing the kids to visit the grands.

That’s both boys probably trying to mimick lion dance at my mum’s place.

This year, my uncle invited all of us to go up the Singapore Flyer together with his family.  So, after we cleared all our first day visiting, we met and I brought both boys up the flyer while kiat waited for us.  Uhmmm Kiat is afraid of heights.

Frankly I am not impress with the ride.  There’s really nothing much to do except walking around the cabin, peeking out the glass and seeing the all too familiar skyline.  I guess, the view will be much better when the IR is up.   What’s most ironical was they were playing christmas songs in the cabin when we were already celebrating Chinese New Year…. hello…  I know the flyer did stopped operating for awhile but uhmmm when you get it re-open again… didn’t someone checked what’s playing in the audio system???

I was hoping to get a shot of both my boys together but again little Kenji kept straying off..  So my uncle took it upon himself to forcefully “piece” the 2 brothers together.

On the 1st day, Declan didn’t get to meet Ethylyn as we were out visitng my maternal side of my family when Fannie and family was at mil’s place.  By the time we came back, they left.  But the duo got to meet each other on the 2nd day and they didn’t stinge on their affection for each other when I asked both to pose for a photo.

Coincidentally both were wearing the same label, a pressie from Fannie and family from their hong kong trip.

All these years, on the 2nd day, we’ll start off visitng Kiat’s uncle  followed by a long stay at my uncle’s place.  This year is the same as well.  Uncle got a new toy this year.  A mini 3 wheel bike which seems to be able to travel up to 4okmph and it runs on petrol (i think). 

Ain’t he cool?  “Riding” (more like perching on) the bike while wearing his “bad to the bone” romper.  Actually he was not well that day.  When I took that pic, he had already vomitted twice.  After the pic, he vomitted once more.  Kiat took him home and he started having diarrhea.  We sent him to NUH Children’s Emergency to consult a doctor and doctor gave me a scare by telling me that if the little one could not stomach the glucose drink he prescribed, he’ll have to be admitted and be put on drip.  I guessed the little one didn’t really like the idea of being poked, he gulped down the glucose drink and in fact wanted more and fortunately he was able to keep it in.  We were sent home with medication.. phew….

As of today, all of us had more or less recovered, just that we had lost a big part of our appetite.  Not sure why, but I noticed I can stomach much less food now.  Good news to me! I need to trim my tummy! 

Hope all of you have better luck than me and have a smooth sailing new year!

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