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In my last post, I mentioned that I planned to bring him to my office on Saturday mornings so that I can coach him a little on his writings as well as reading.  We started off the first session last Saturday and I must say the effort was worth it.

I should have done this long ago.  We are currently squeezing in with Mil and it is practically impossible to get any decent work done in the cluttered and noisy environment.  At home, there are plenty of distractions that will lured him away from his work.  The TV, the people walking around, the didi crawling around at his legs and trying to steal his pencils, the toys, the games etc etc.

At the office, all the distractions are taken out.  It helps that we are being given rooms and thus he don’t have a big space to awe at and be busybody.   This boy is very KPO, when he went to my ex office, he’ll be running around and getting curious over stuffs that are placed on other colleagues’ desk and too bad for him, the mummy’s desk got nothing interesting for him to play with. 

Thus, when there’s nothing else he could meddle with, he went back to practice his writing and so coincendentally, I got an extra computer desk thrown to me by my boss.  Just nice for him.

The end results?

He  finally got all his numbers from 1-10 the correct side.  Ok I know he miss out 12.  However, comparing this piece of work to his last piece, he had made vast improvement.  I’ll go through with him the next 10 digits in our next session.  To encourage him, I also awarded him stars on the works that I thought he did pretty decently.  If I stinge on the stars, he’ll question me, asking :” Is that all? So few?”  hahahah

We spent nearly 2 hours at the office.  Other than writing, I got him to go through with me the rhymes that he did in school and he didn’t forget to spend some time doodling on the white board.

I was asking him how come his fish got hair and he went :” Mummy that is a whale.. not fish.” ooohhhh bad eye sight on my part :p

I’ll try to stick to this new saturday morning routine as strictly as I can as I also enjoyed the bonding time between just the 2 of us.

I got 2 good news to share.  1)  His yahama junior programme will start this Friday evening and he is very excited about it.  He’s been waiting for it. 2) He’s been promoted to Pre Reading Programme at I Can Read! He started with the creative thinking class which is for beginner to familiarise with all the alphabets sounds first.  Unfortunately all the PRP classes are full… we are not the waiting list…


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arghhhhhhhh having most of our stuffs in the warehouse now is such a big inconvenience…  I wanted to scan my quote to share with some folks who are also going to do reno soon…but no scanner…. So I’ll just type it all out here…

1) Hacking and disposal – $2500

2) wall tiles for 3 toilets – $ 3600

3) floor tiles for 3 toilets – $1200

4) Plaster for kitchen wall – $600

5) Floor tiles for kitchen – $1200

6) 600x600mm homogenous tiles for living /dining/balcony/bedroom passage way – $3200

7) install 3 sets of WC – $240

8) install 2 set of wash basin – $70

9) 3 glass doors for toilets – $1350

10) Shower screen with door for 2 toilets – $560

11) stainless stell water pipe for whole unit – $1000

12) stainless stell rubbish chute – $180

13) 17ft top & bottom kitchen cabinet (top all glass) – $3400

14) granite table top for kitchen – $1000

15) glass wall/door for kitchen c/w partition wall – $1600

16) Full ht cabinet at kitchen area – $200

17) TV console and feature wall – $1300

18) 3ft altar full ht – $900

19) 5.5 ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1200

20) 6ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1320 (yes it’s correct I kiasu doing 2 wardrobe in MBR :p)

21) 3inch platform both MBR and Boys’ room – $700 (this is dirt cheap!)

22) laminate flooring for 3 bedrooms – $1800

23) Painting for whole unit (Nippon 3 in 1 paint) – $1100

24) nato windows for 3 toilets – $400

25) fire resistant main door – $650

26) false ceiling c/w 5 lighting point at living room – $800

27) Lbox c/w 14 lighting point at living/dining room area – $900

28) windows for whole unit – $2350

29) window grille for whole unit – $1000

30) 5ft wardrobe in kids room – $1100

31) 2ft full ht cabinet in boys rooms (for toys and stuffs) – $380

32) Vanity top of MBR toilet – $700

33) 4 ft shoe cabinet – $720

34) supply new power point, new switch and install lights – $450

35) 4 x bedroom doors (this one dunno how much but it is included)

For all the above work, after discount and negotiation we arrived at $35,000.

Now.. I’m just waiting to receive my keys and for uncle to start hack hack hack!!!!  That will probably be in late April.

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Time to work harder?

I was doing bed time reading with Declan yesterday and was a little worried when I realised this boy, who is in K1 this year, can’t count past 13… after 13, he’ll sometimes get it right sometimes get it wrong and he always miss out 15.

The book we were reading was about numbers.  When I point to the digit 12 he read twenty, when I point to digit 9 he read six. When I point to digit 15 he went blank….  So we ended our reading session and I took a paper and pen for him to write number 1-10 for me.  This was what he produced.

Should I be worried?  Frankly I was and still am.  I asked him what has he been doing in school? What had the teacher taught him? Was he paying attention? etc etc.  Afterwhich, I thought why was it only about him and the teacher?  I should also ask myself, was it due to the lack of supervision at home?  I concluded, it was probably due to the lack of supervision at home.. So it’s me lah… 

I prefer to give the kid freedom to choose his activities, but I guess I need to tighten that freedom a little now, looking at how badly he is doing at his numbers.  Thus he’ll be going to office with me every Saturday from now onwards for me to coach him a little on his handwriting and number recognition.  Afterwhich he could proceed with his choice of activities as usual.

I tested his alphabets and chinese as well.  Not too bad for both, though not fantastic and I think there’s alot more room for improvement.  I think I’ve put too much emphasize on his language and neglected the numbers.

I forsee, I’ll have to put in alot of effort and time to guide this boy when he goes to Primary school…. I am dreading it already….

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My Late Bloomer

Kenji is turning 16 months soon and yet the little boy still can’t walk.  The elder brother also started walking pretty late.  Around 15-16 months as well.  His preferred mode of movement is still crawling. 

He has got no problem pulling himself up to a standing position and can stand quite steadily if he wants to.  However, he tends to lean and make himself falls towards the nearest person, knowing that whoever is near him will catch hold of him.  Quite a dangerous act, but I don’t know how to stop him from doing that… I did tell him “no no” but it doesn’t seems to work.

He can climbed onto the sofa chair pretty swiftly now.  Just a blink of the eye and he would have transferred himself from the floor onto the sofa. sigh… kids this age.. really really like to perform dangerous act…

I remembered an incident 2 months back… we left the gate unlock but we did close it, however the lock is a bit spoilt and could not latch properly.  This Kenji boy was playing in the living room and I went to the kitchen to wash his bottle.  Before I can finish washing the bottle, our aunt from next door carried him in and exclaimed that he found the boy making his way down the staircase…. bottoms down first of course…

My god………  fortunately he had learnt to negotiate steps backwards, with his bottoms down first… I can’t imagine if he is to attempt to go down the steps head first… and needless to say I was nearly being nagged to death…..

Ok back to his walking.  Sometimes I will be naughty and pull him up to a standing position then lure him to walk.  He did attempt and the best he could do was to scramble 2 steps. 

As for speech development, he first learnt to address Ah Ma and Ma Ma around 12-13months.  Afterwhich he learnt to ask for food, going :” mum mum mum mum or ai jiak ai jiak (wants to eat in hokkien).”  He is still babberling alot and I thougt it sounded really cute.

Will update again on his development if he learns anymore “new tricks”.  I am not worried about him being a late bloomer though.  I believe every kid will eventually reach their milestone, at a pace that they are comfortable with. 

Here is a recent pic of him and oh yah, he still has got really good appetite! He finished up his dinner and then he’ll pick a portion off his brother’s plate as well!  Monster!

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Cherie Hearts or Kinderland

*sweep sweep* cobwebs.  *ahem* blog is getting “dusty” I know.  Still busy with house reno issues.

Many weeks back, I was comtemplating whether to pull Declan out of Cherie Hearts and plonk him in Kinderland, which is right at my work place and I’ll get staff subsidy –> that reads “cost savings”.  I planned to let Declan made the decision.  I brought him to Kinderland for a visit and he agreed to swop school the moment he stepped out of the premises.

He was impressed by the music room and love the fact that he’ll get keyboard lessons incorporated into his curriculum.

He didn’t give the proposed arrangement a second thought and from that visit onwards he assumed he’ll be going to the new school and he happily announced it to all his little friends in Cherie Hearts.

The stumbling stone was me.  After he made his decision, I realised, I am the one that couldn’t let go.  We have been with Cherie Hearts for the past 3 years and I felt that they had took reasonably good care of Declan.  I am very comfortable with their environment and I trusted their teachers.  Thus, it’s a bit painful for me to swop him.  These thoughts never occur to me when I first decided to swop him.  It only hit me when reality is going to happen.

I walked through the decisions many times, and weighed my option.  Keyboard class, Declan will get his in April at Yamaha, so I am not short changing him.  However if I swopped him, he will be a quarter year behind his to-be peers at Kinderland.  The teachings and curriculum are a bit different, thus I am concern over whether Declan can blend in and catch up. 

Also, I love all the excursions that Cherie Hearts arranged for the kids.  It’s really interesting.  The only set back is they do not have a relief teacher to take over the class when a teacher is on leave…

To cut long story short, my final decision is to let Declan remain at Cherie Hearts.  I explained to him that he’ll get his music lessons real soon and between now and end of the year, he can spend some time thinking it over.  If he is still really keen to hop over, I’ll arrange for him to hop over at the beginning of K2.

We shall see how.

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Best Mommy Award

I got this award from blurblur.  Thanks alot.  You are a great mom too!  Frankly, I don’t think I am the best mom.  There’s still alot of areas which I thought I can do better when it comes to parenting.

The rules:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
3. Nominate other blogger mom’s out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

I recycled the above pics from one of my old posts.  Couldn’t get my most updated photos as most of you know I’ve just shifted out of my own place and currently my desktop has not been set up at mil’s place.  Nevertheless, the above is one of my favorite photos among the lot.  Looking at it now, I can’t help but think that my kids are really growing too fast.  Kenji boy looks so different now and has definitely grown much bigger.  Whereas Declan has also lose some chub and grown taller.

The best thing about being a mum, is the fuzzy feeling you get, when your little ones come running to you when they need comfort.  By being able to provide them comfort, it comforts me as well 🙂 The little hugs and kisses they give me also warms my heart.

I must say all mummies are the best.  How to pick??  Those links on my right hand side all qualified for this award and many have already been nominated. So mommies!  Do up the post if you have been already been nominated.

 There are some dads in my links too.  How come always award for mummies, what about the daddies??  Poor chaps.

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