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The Food and Them

My Mr Declan is well known for his super poor appetite.  Seeing him finish his food is like receiving bonus –  seldom happen but when it does, it’s really a shiok kinda feeling.

He dislikes alot of food but he loves bread.  He loves bread with all kinds of spread and if all these different kinds of spread can be piled on all at one go, he’ll be happiest!  Can you imagine your bread with goobler, fruitty jam, kaya, nutella, cheese and whatever else all spreaded onto a single piece of bread???  To me it’s simply – YUCKY!  but my elder boy loves his bread that way….

That’s him with just 4 different types of spread minus the cheese.  I refuse to give it to him….

That’s him applying his “first coat” of spread

That’s what he’ll do in between the different “coats”.  It is somewhat an intuitive reaction which he was unable to help it.  I have to keep a close watch to either stop him from popping the butter knife into his mouth to lick it clean before dipping it into the next bottle or, if I am unable to stop him in time, I gotta snatch it from him, run to the kitchen wash it, dry it, before I return it to him to put on his next “coat” of spread….. very tedious… but so long as he eats.. I’ll do what I should do…

Pardon the mess behind the boys.. that’s the clutter we created in mil’s place as our house just started reno and we got no place to send these items to.

It’s a little hard not to notice how skinny Dec is right?  Other than his poor appetite, there’s another reason why he is so skinny.

See?? that’s the reason! The picture explains it all.  Poor appetite + poor eating habits + a baby that will steal food = skinny first born.  This boy is spoilt by the grandma… he’s got really bad eating habits…. while he eats.. he’ll be doing all sorts of things including dangerous stunts like what he’s doing in the picture…  I’ve been trying to correct him  but it’s really a slow and painful process… arghhhhhh but I’ll persist.  All these and with a baby brother that is always eyeing his korkor’s dinner means he gets to eat lesser.  He’s not upset at all when Kenji steals his food.  In fact he is happy!! Sometimes when I urged him to eat or finish up his food, he’ll go :” mummy.. kenji will eat for me one lah…”  and this baby…. dunno what to say… He’ll usually finish his dinner first and when his brother is eating… he’ll come close and open his mouth wide wide trying to snap up the food that we are suppose to send into dec’s mouth…

If only these 2 can balance up when it comes to food intake… it’ll be a happily ever after scenerio for me during dinner time…


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Today, I woke up about 45mins later than usual, sent Dec to school and off I went to enjoy my “Me” day.

I drove to Jurong Point and settled down in Subway for a yummy breakfast with a book to accompany me.

That’s my 6″ ham and egg plus a coffee.  I took my own sweet time to finish my food.  I reached there about 9.10a.m and was waiting for the shops to open so that I can do my shopping.  I thought the shops there will open at 10am but they open at 11am wor!!!  #*%)!*!*!_ waste my time….

Below are my loot from both Jurong Point and West Coast Plaza

When u see me buying a number of items for myself within 1 shopping trip, it can only mean either one of the below :

1) I am doing CNY shopping.

2) I am in a bad mood.

So this time obviously it is no. 2.  Have been feeling rather tired and moody lately.  Maybe I overestimated myself by multi taksing on too many things at one goal.  I am learning to invest, negotiating/discussing/meeting with some people on some business idea, reading up on how to start a business, planning reno, sourcing furnitures, researching for ID ideas, sewing cross stitches for my sons and of cource busy renotalking and “facebooking” too :p

I think I should slow down and do them progressively, 1 to 2 things at a time.. but time is not on my side.. I’m stepping into mid 30s real soon.. I need to buck up…

Ok just a random thought, I am into purple and grey colour for now, maybe I can paint my house in these 2 colours? ?  oh another random thingy, the nike shoe is acutally dark purple not black, somehow in the picture it looks like it’s black.

See what I mean when I say I am always multi-tasking?  I am blogging and still thinking about my reno and also plannign to go back to Nike to hunt for running shorts this weekend all at the same time……….

I didn’t disappoint you right yl?? *wink wink*

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Our Sofas

Just a little update on the progress of our new place.  We got our keys last Friday, renovation is suppose to start on 27th April, that is provided that the renovation contractor bothers to get back to me…. sigh…  He is simply too busy…

Anyway we had been making little purchases here and there, including things that we never plan to buy in the first place.  The sofa sets are good examples of items that we initally never plan to buy. 

At first we wanted to use back our existing set, which had served us well for the last 6 years and because we are rarely at home, the conditon is as good as new.  We planned to make a new set of covers which to our horror was quoted $800 and the choice of colour and fabric was pretty limited.  Then, alas, when we were shopping around for TV console, we set our eyes on this particular set of sofa which we thought looks decent enough and it’s in the colour that we want plus it’s got recliner/sofa bed and storage functions all in one.  Couldn’t resist, so we bought it.

The vertically longish part is a recliner.

The above pic shows how it’ll look after pulling out the seat and transfroming it into sofa bed.

A closer look at the shimmering rose motiff.

So above is one set of sofa which we never plan to buy but bought. 

During our reno planning, I decided to doing away with dinning area to make way for play area for the kids.  I will custom make a set of dinning table and bench which can be stacked up when not in use.  Thus the dining area will be left empty, for me to throw in play mat, little chairs, bean bag and other stuffs for the boys.  The custom make dining set will look something like the below which I got off the net.

Went around with Fannie and family to hunt for their bedframes and chanced upon a mini L-shape fabric sofa, which I thought looks pretty cute.  We didn’t get it on the spot cos we thought $399 for a mini fabric sofa isn’t really value for money.  We went shopping around again yesterday and we ended up purchasing the below blink blink set for the boys.

I like it alot!  Though I guess it looks more suitable for girls but I couldn’t resist as the sales person agreed to let us have the display set at 30% off the original retail price. yeah!! I think this will goes will even if we place it at the living room since the colour can match the big set that we bought.

Apparently, Fannie had also set her eyes on this set for her kiddos as well!  Seems like the Twins’ wifeys also think alike. hahahaa

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Dec’s 1st visit to Dentist

We brought Declan for his 1st dental visit last Saturday.  I wanted to do this for the longest time but due to us being busy with the house issue thus have been putting this task aside. 

His teeth are not in the greatest condition as he is not brushing them very well.  When we attempt to help him or teach him how to do it the proper way, he’ll gag and sometimes will vomit… Thus we’ve got no choice but to leave it to him to do it on his own while we nag at him.  We also noticed that his front tooth had chipped off few months back as well.

The dad wanted him to have a pleasant first experience at the dentist thus he booked a private dental appointment for him at a clinic recommended by his colleague.

I must say the dentist Dr Chew, is really good with kids.  She shared that as this is Dec’s first visit, she’ll make it really pleasant and she suggest just do minor cleaning so as not to scare him away from future visits.

She started her session with Dec by striking up a conversation with him followed by introducing him to her “space chair” aka the dentist chair.  She taught him how to adjust the chair and also introduce the equipments that she will use on him later on and allow him to hold and have a feel of the equipments.    She involved him by getting him to press on the chair control to adjust the height.  I guess that was a distraction tactic.

The verdict?

Dr asked whether he eats alot of sweets.  I told her he does eat quite a fair amount of candies.  Her next question is :” Is he your only child?”  She must be thinking that I am indulging him too much :p

sigh… the verdict was his teeth are not too healthy.  Quite some cavities which need to be patched up.  Thus I was instructed to stop all candy treats immediately.  We were given 2 choices – to come back frequently for her to work on his teeth bit by bit each time or to put him on GA and clear up the cavities at one shot.

Without thinking, I opted for the GA option.  I do not want to traumatise the boy as I know it can be painful when it comes to treatment of cavities.  2 weeks later, he’ll be back at Dr Chew’s clinic for another cleaning and she’ll also gave me a quote from a specialist on how much the whole procedure will cost.

Hopefully the bill will be affordable….

Thankfully he’s got a pleasant first experience.  He thought it was fun, can you imagine that??  Dr also complimented him for being very co-operative and rewarded him with a sticker 🙂

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Bossy Son!

Declan just stormed in and in a naggy tone said : “mummy! your bag anyhow put and didi go and pull out all your things in the bag.. don’t know how to keep your things properly!”  then *piak*, smacked me on my butt, threw my bag on the bed (I was sprawled on the bed surfing the web) and walked off.

hey!  whose the parent here??

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Our Funny Faces

My Ah Bee loves to play with my hp camera and I always find weird and funny pictures of things, sceneries and even himself in my hp.  Last night he was in the mood to make funny faces at the camera, after trying to take his own funny face, he found that doing it alone was no fun, thus he roped me in.

Ok loh, my son asked the mummy to make funny faces and take pictures together, why should I disappoint him right?  For the sake of fun and bonding.  So I cringe my faces and twist my tongue many times.  Below are the shots we got.

There was one shot which we tried to take but before we could snapped, I heard him sneezed then followed by his laughter. After I took the shot, I turned to look at him and I went :” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”  can you guess which shot was that??? hahahahah I was grossed out but at the same time I thought it was really funny!!  Thus I kept that shot :p

We had alot of fun taking the pictures and the both of us were giggling throughout and it was like pass 11pm already.  The daddy must be wondering what are the 2 nutcases doing in the room but was probably too tired to be bothered to ask us to shut up 😡

When didi is older and know how to make funny faces, I think the 3 of us will tear the whole house down when we do it again together.

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