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Declan at Yamaha

He looks so attentive right?  骗人的!!!  This boy can hardly keeps his butt on the chair nor his fingers on the keyboard.  Or should I say his hands will be on the keyboard at the wrong time… 

He tends to get over excited and wave his hands all around and by the time the fingers are back at the keyboard and hit the key, he would have miss the beat already…  Then he either played the key too short or too long…….

This Yamaha Junior programme includes singing.  The teacher wanted the little kids to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in a skippy manner.  Each word and note should be kept light and short.  When it comes to individual singing, my boy was doing:”mar..y… has.. a little lamb~~~~~”  he  drag his lamb super long and do it super slowly and the teacher said :” oh Declan, your lamb so fat, you need to make it slimmer.” hahahaha can die.

Overall I think the boy enjoy the lessons.  It’s only 1hour per week.  We are still at first semester.  Shall see whether his interest will persist or he will opt to drop out after awhile.


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No budget to engage interior designer, so how?  DIY lor.  I struggled to doodle out what I had in mind for some of my carpentry works, hopefully these diagrams will be able to facilitate my discussion with the carpenters next week.  Otherwise I can talk until I die I still can’t be sure they knows what I want…

The only thing that I didn’t manage to draw out is my alter..  I got the idea… just dunno how to put it down…  will struggle again tonight..

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So drama lah this boy.. all because we deny him his biscuit treat…  For those who still thinks that he is the little docile baby with no temper… it’s time to change your perception. 

As he grew, his temper grew too.  When he wants something and don’t get it, the above drama scene will happen.  However, I find it amusing rather than annoying.  Somehow he looks comical when he is throwing tanrum.

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Finally completed the below 2 pieces for the boys:

I’ll send it for framing and intend to put it up above their bedhead.

Currently our new home is into it’s 3rd week of renovation.  Tiling has completed now awaiting for carpentry work to start.

I have been having weird dreams about my reno..  Think I have been staring at too many Interior related pictures…  I think the carpentry works will be my biggest challenge since I do not have a interior designer to draw for me…  Let’s hope my self designed carpentry will turn out well..

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The Foodie

He eats his dinner around 7pm.  He pinches on his brother’s dinner after finishing his own.  He snacks at 9pm.  Usually he’ll go to the kitchen, climb up to the dining table and indicates that he wants biscuits/cookies.

At 10pm, sometimes he is still snacking.  When he brother snacks, he want a share too.  When his brother abandon his snack, he’ll move in to take over.

When ask to take a picture with the korkor, he still can’t bear to put his food down..

If only Declan has half Kenji’s appetite.. it’ll be much easier during meal times.

Ohhh I must share this.  Kenji is finally walking!! At 18 months!  He is now walking more often.  He’ll drag his pillow and walk around the house now.  I need to get him more accustom to wearing shoes.  He don’t really like to wear shoes.

He is learning to talk as well.  He can say :”There!” and point towards the direction that he wants you to bring him when you carry him.  He addresses Ah Ma very well.  Still not yet hear him call daddy or mummy.  He calls most of us ma or ah ma.  A few times I thought I hear him address Declan as kor kor.  He says “mai” which means no.  He says “ai” which means yes.  My slow bloomer is slowly blooming 🙂

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Last Thursday, right before bed time, Declan ask for a piece of paper so that he can make a heart shape card for me.  As I was busy thinking through some reno stuffs, I sent him to the dad to get help.  The dad, cut out the heart shape for him and he started colouring the whole piece of paper read.  Afterwhich he passed it to me.  awwwww… how sweet.  I told him I’ll put this piece of red heart on my notice board in the office when I get back to office.  I forgot to bring it to office on Friday :p

Friday, after we got home, he annouced :” Mummy I got a surprise for you in my bag.”  He dugged into his bag and took out a big heart shape bookmark.

Another school lead project haha.  His handwritting was wobbly but it was really good effort on his part.  Sis in law was there when he presented this card to me.  She jokingly poke fun at him :” How come 姑姑 don’t have??”  Guess what??  He ran into the room and took the red heart he gave to me previously and presented it to his 姑姑 and he insisted her to keep the card.  I “lost 1 heart” wor hhahahah but his boy is indeed generous.  It’s fine 🙂  my first born got a big heart.  Big heart and big love to share with all.

Saturday morning, the dad herded both boys into the room to wake me up and to give me a peck on the cheek each.  (hmmm did he mistakenly tot that mother’s day was last saturday??? *shrugs*).   The dad brought me for a Mother’s Day buffet lunch at Merchant Court Hotel.  Mum and Sis in law came along too.  Food was good.

Unfortunately, I came back from the buffet with a polka dot baby…  Kenji developed some allergy.  I guess must be one of the seafood that we gave him.  Either prawn, crayfish or crab…  He is recovering well though, nothing too threatening.

Just a recap :

My 2008 Mother’s Day card from Declan https://mamaseah.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/my-mothers-day/

Not sure what happen in 2007, no post :p  can’t remember too.

MY 2006 Mother’s Day card from Declan as well https://mamaseah.wordpress.com/2006/05/13/happy-mothers-day/

The 2009 card is now hanging proudly on the notice board behind my office desk. 

I think it looks pretty lonely up there on my bare notice board.  I’ll try to dress it up a little, maybe ask my little devil to make more handicrafts or drawings for me to put them up as well.

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