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 Dec turned 5 yesterday!  Wow!  Can’t believe I’ve been a mum for 5 years already.  There’s still so many aspects of parenting that is soo alien to me. 

This year, the boy asked for a Dinosaur cake.  The dad found one for him.  The initial plan was for him to bring the Dino cake to his school to celebrate together with his friends 2 days before his B-day, which is on a Friday.  Unfortunately, during the birthday week, quite a number of kids were out from school due to HFMD, there was a point of time there were only 3 kids left in his class..  So we thought it’ll be a waste to bring a 2kg cake just to have 3 kids to gather for his b-day.  Thus we postponed the delivery of the dino cake to today so that we can get his cousins in to celebrate with him instead.

It was wrong planning on our side.  Near the end of the week, nearly the full class turn up, and Dec requested for the dino cake to be delivered on Friday…  Too late to change, so our contingency plan was to get him a ready made cake from a nearby cake shop.

That’s the last minute cake that we bought :

I thought it looks cool and cute but I guess the boy will be much happier if we manage to bring his dino cake.. but we’ve tried our best.

The boy blowing out the candles after the classmates sang for him b-day song

Didi went along to Korkor’s school as well

Dec and his teachers

Can you guys spot the “new student” among the lot?

Didi felt quite at ease with korkor’s classmates.  He sat down with them to enjoy his share of the cake.  Prior to that he was roaming freely and playing along with the Playgroup students.  Good start!  If we can’t get him into the 2 hours daily Apple Tree Playgroup, he’ll end up in korkor’s school as well.

On Saturday (1 day before his actual b-day), the dad brought the boys to East Coast Park.  Ever since our reno started, it’s been a long long time since we last visted ECP.  Dec missed playing with the sand badly. 

This time, finally didi is sturdy enough to to sit in the baby chair fixed on the bicycle.  That will also mean, he dad had to pillion both boys while I ride on my own leisurely.  He just could not trust me to pillion any of his boys…

Didi got a little too comfy on the return trip and fell asleep on his chair.

You can see that as the time passed, he stoop lower as he fell into deeper sleep.

We returned the bike and let Dec have some sand play.  Didi was all knocked out, so I just laid him in my lap and let him continue snoozing while Dec and the Dad played with sand and watched scenery by the coastline.

I took these pics from afar, thus it’s blurry but I like the cosy feel of these set of pics.

On the actual day of his b-day (yesterday), he finally saw his dinosaurs cake.

I must thanks all his cousins for making the effort to come and sing b-day song for him.  We changed the cake cutting time from afternoon to evening, and all were sweet to stay behind.  The 2 elder ones even went off for tuition and came back in the evening.

In between the wait, we all scooted to Vivo to get pressies for the boy.  Dec got a Transformer toy and a play tent, while didi got a toy piano/phone and a pair of shoes. 

Next year will be his last year to celebrate his b-day in his first school, I think I should put in more effort to make his next b-day celebration a more memorable one for him.


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I am 33

I’m older, yet again, but hmmm have I grown wiser??  I turned 33 last Friday.  This year’s birthday was much more pleasant then the past few.  I’m not sure why but that’s how I felt.

My day started with a peanut butter waffle and kopi-o breakfast, which Kiat bought.  Colleagues gave me a b-day cake surprise.  I took half a day to go straighten my hair and my hairdresser pampered me with a free hair treatment.

Throughout the day, smses from Kiat kept coming in with the below photos attached :

Though this is already a “recycled” trick (he did this few years back too) but I really liked it.  The pics of the kids really made me smile the whole day.

My very sweet financial adviser sent a cake to my house.  The cake was yummy! From Cake Avenue.

We went Sentosa Sand Bar at around 9+pm for a chillout session with the boys.  The boys enjoyed the trip.  It was pretty relaxing to just sit by the beach, eat, listen to music, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the boys play.

Our Food

Our Drinks

My boys trying to groom me

Can’t you tell I really appeciate their effort.  I do! I swear!

The 3 happy men

My B-day Kisses

Lastly, my cool kids who really knows how to enjoy themselves.  The both of them were actually dancing to the music from the pub lor!! SEE?? started clubbing at such a young age!!

The whole thing wasn’t extravagant, wasn’t dramatic but I was really really happy that day and I truely enjoyed myself  🙂

Happy 33 to me!! May I stay as happy for the rest of the year till my next b-day!!

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