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During dinner time, it’s a norm to see Didi digging into Korkor’s share of dinner.  When I urged Korkor to quickly finish his dinner, he’ll reply :” Didi will help me finish.”  True enough, Didi is more than eager to help Korkor stomach his dinner.

Recently, Didi’s “effort” in helping KorKor finish his dinner is starting to be reciprocated.  Due to his love for food, by bed time, he won’t be able to finish his milk.  That’s when Korkor will jump in and chide Didi off :” Kenji ah! Don’t waste hor!  Milk is expensive hor! I help you finish.” So he’ll gulp down Didi’s milk. 

The one that loves to eat will help to finish the food while the other who hates to eat but loves to drink will help the former to finish up the milk.  What a great partnership that is!


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