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It’s teacher’s day tomorrow but Dec’s centre will be closed, so we prepared the pressies yesterday for him to give it out to the teachers today.  This year, I decied to bake milo doggie cookies for the teachers. 

While I prep in the kitchen to make the dough, Dec did 8 little cards with the help of the dad.

He was very eager to help me make the cookies but I didn’t want him to get all oily and start smearing his oily hands everywhere.  So I assigned him to plant the choco noses for the doggies.  Look at how carefully he handled them :

At times, he pressed a little too hard and the doggie ended up with a flat face. -_-  As he helped, he also helped himself to the koko crunch and choco chips…. as if sending them into his mouth…

The doggies before going for  “sauna” in the oven :

The doggies after coming out of the oven :

I packed 8 packs of 6s and stapled the cards on and they are ready to be given out.

I packed some into the lunchbox for Dec to snack in school. 

 I’m happy that this boy like my bakes.  Though they are full of flaws but he still tells me they are yummy (some of which is really not yummy :p).  Very kind hearted boy.

The next bake for the teachers will be on X’mas.  hmmmm what should i bake for them next?


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It’s good to be back at our own place!  I can mess up the kitchen for all I care and there will be no one breathing down my neck ha!  Suddenly felt like being a good mother on Sunday so I woke up slightly earlier wanting to make Pancakes for my kids!  I surfed the web before I hopped into bed the previous night and manage to find a simple enough pancake recipe.

TADAHHHHHH!! My equipment and ingredients for making the pancakes.  There are 2 eggs hiding in the mixing bowl.

I was stupid enough to think that I should beat the egg white till stiff manually!!  I was thinking, aiyah just 2 egg white, no need to use the mixer… BIG MISTAKE!  Beating the egg whites nearly killed me….. I was huffing and puffing after the whites looks like it is stiff enough…. effect not perfect but I’m already half dead.. so I made do with what I achieved….  The end product :

First time I am able to achieve fluffy pancakes!! So happy!! It tasted like Mac’s hotcakes albeit a tad dry, wonder is it becos I didn’t handle the egg whites well enough….  I love the recipe! 


I spreaded on blueberry jam on one and butter on the other for Dec :

He just got well so I forbidded him to pile Smucker’s Globber Peanut Butter nor Nutella on his pancakes.  Didi went marketing with the dad and ah ma and upon his return, he ate 2 plain ones.

The elder boy wanted to go swimming but weather was bad, thus I had to confine both boys at home.  To help them drive away their boredom, I decided to let them paint in the kitchen.

I can’t let them paint in the living room cos the paint will stained the homo tiles.  The kitchen tiles are hardy so they can mess up the kitchen floor and I got no qualms about it.  It was didi’s first contact with paint brush and colours and he is more interested in tasting the “coloured water”… our heart skipped a few beats when we witnessed him sending the paintbrush to test taste….

In the evening, I decided to mess up the kitchen once again by baking Oatmeal and Raisins Cookies.

Again I got an easy recipe off the net.  I forgot to take pics of the end product though.

I enjoy messing around in the kitchen so far but I hate the washing up……..  I efficiently delegated some of the washing to the dad after I’m done baking :p

I love my new kitchen!!!

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I was made an “unwilling” full time mum for a day yesterday…  Usually during my very precious weekday off, I prefer to enjoy some me time…  For the past months.. all my weekday offs are being spent trapped at home, waiting for various contractors to come and do up their businesses…. This week is the last week that I will get a week day off till 2 months later…. AND I still couldn’t get my much anticipated me time!!

Mil wasn’t free to look after Kenji as she had to prepare for prayers… Dec fell ill and thus couldn’t go to school… so I was kept at home with the 2 boys…  The younger one refused to let me sleep in… he practically dug me out of bed at 9am…..  I was hoping that I could snooze till 11am… sigh….

Pacified him and managed to get another 1+hr lazing in bed.  Woke up at 10+ to cook in my brand new kitchen for the very first time!!  Before this, the operating manual was still stuck on my cooker hood lor… Actually I didn’t really cook lah :p  I just made some grilled cheese sandwich over the fire. hahahha  I know that’s cheating :p

Big one for me, the halves for Declan and the bite sizes for Kenji.  I gave the boys strawberry milk to go with breakkie.  These boys really kept me busy throughout their breakfast with spills overall the place… Kenji dripped his milk all over the living and dining room… i didn’t notice till ants started accumulating around the milk spots and i was wondering how come got black polkadots on my floor…. *faint*..  I cleaned the floor at least 4-5 times to clean up their dropped bits and spilled milk… didn’t really enjoy my breakfast…. not with little Kenji trying to fight with me for my much prized 3-in-1 coffee….

After breakkie (which ended near lunch time!!), I let the boys watched Leap Frog VCD and gave them their toys, while I took some “time off” to go online…Shortly.. Kenji came in to act a drama for me :

Not quite sure what he wanted until I detected a pungent smelll accompanying him…. arghhhhh time to clean up poo…. and so I did…  Following the cleaning up I let him watch Thomas the Tank cartoon while kor kor played with his trains… and not long after this happened:

The drama king was knocked out!  yahooooooo finally me time but it’s time to cook lunch for the boys lor… and the naggy Dec is hounding me at my back to take over my computer for his games…….

No choice but to give in to my first born…. while I mess around the kitchen to make lunch…

*Simmer simmer simmer* what’s cooking?  As if I am cooking up a storm but chey! It’s just some simple tasteless macaroni with prawn balls and mixed vege only lah.

Poor thing leh my kids… cos the mummy can’t really cook…. simple food like the above also turn out too bland :p but never mind… I console myself that it is a healtier choice.  Kenji down the whole bowl while Dec only ate the prawn balls… never give me face one….  The rest I settled them myself…

Fortunately after our late lunch (around 3+pm) my sis and bro in law came over to help entertain the kids.  Yippeeeeeeeeeee  time off for me again.  I forget to add that the boys created a war zone in my living room with their toys slew all over the place… I didn’t bother to pick them up….. How did u full time mums survive???  I can hardly live pass a day being a full time mum………  You gals are really good!  Respect!

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Water Play on National Day

It’s been a long time since we brought the kids out for a proper day of fun.  They used to frequent the beach and the pool.  However due to the prep for our new place, our many weekends were spent hunting for lights, furnitures, curtains and other housing related stuffs.  Poor Kenji, hasn’t really go for a proper day out ever since he can walk.

Now that we have shifted in, albeit still quite some unpacking to do, we finally can afford to revert back to old routine.  We brought the boys out for water play at IMM on national day.

On our way out, we just any how grabbed a pair of sandals for Kenji.  When we finally put him down to walk, then I realised it was Declan’s old pair of squeaky sandals.  Little boy didn’t seems to like walking with squeaks coming from his feet and that’s what he did to show us his displeasure.

He hid behind the pillar, refusing to move.  He is a weird kid, most kids will love the squeaky sound to the horror of the adults.  We had to carry him to the car.

That’s them at the IMM playground :

Declan didn’t need us to urge him to go play with the water, he simply ran into the sprouts. Kenji was a little apprehensive initially.  It’s somewhat his first proper waterplay after he learnt to walk.  Not that we didn’t put on pants for him but with the weight of the water the pants got too heavy and drop off 😡  Both boys have a whale of a time playing.  It was really fun to watch them.

ohhh and may I add since my disappearance act from blogging, my baby boy had learnt how to pose for the camera??  see??

This pose strongly reminded me of someone. Ring any bell???  Don’t you think he pose like ethylyn?? hahahha  so ku niang lah the pose.

The foodie didn’t forget to run over to steal my lunch cum snack while playing :

But I must say, his appetite had not been as good as what it used to be, though he is still eating much more than the brother.

All of us went for a haircut at Ben’s right after that.  We managed to con Kenji to have a little trim.  We started with Declan, snipping off his overgrown hair, while we let him watched.  Then he saw me being shampooed and had my trim followed by the dad and finally we tried coaxing him by placing a pair of scissors near him to test his reaction.  He didn’t cringe, so we quickly asked the hairdresser to snip.  His face was all crumpled when she start snipping.  He just buried his head into my shoulder the whole time and we had to keep patting and praising him… a simple haircut become majiam a very big project….

Last but not least, a poor attempt by taking a family pic… out of the many we tried, only this can see all 4 faces… though the dad appeared dark.. the rest cannot see Kenji.. can only see the top of his head.

other than me, the trio were really patriotic.  It is not by coincidence, the dad purposely dress them in red which I refuse to co-opreate 😡

I miss building sandcastles!!  Must go and dig out the sandcastle set!

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Apparently my first born possesses better parking skills than the mum.  He found his flight of vehicles a brand new parking spot right below our suspended TV console. He refused to keep them at the toy basket and he spent a long time painstakingly lining them up prior to his bed time.


 He also tried his hand in interior designing.  See his decor standing on the console?? *faints*

 Apologies on the long lapse from my last post.  Was busy and tired with the new place…. we finally moved in y’day…

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