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I got this gift from a vendor.  Cute not??

I like it alot!! I think my morning coffee is gonna taste so much sweeter from now on!! *beam* I’m gonna bring it to office so that whenever i need a break I’ll have my kids to accompany me, how nice!

Since I am clearing my leave, I made myself breakkie this morning.  I just go for some simple french toast since I got leftover bread in the kitchen.

I used the recipe from the same book which I got for the scrambled eggs.  I didn’t really like it cos the french toast tasted soggy and too milky to me.  I like my french toast more eggy rather than milky.  I’ve got some more bread slices in the kitchen expiring soon..probably I’ll try making some again tomorrow.  I’ll omit the milk and see whether the whole thing will be less soggy and more eggy.


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The pair of lounging brothers

I realise my elder boy is very good at making himself feels at home and comfy in all sorts of places.  You can find him sprawling across Macdonald’s bench enjoying his ice cream, walking in a leisure pace, taking in scenery while the mum is jumping up and down way in front of him trying not to be late for work, sitting on the floor of shops trying out shoes etc etc.  I always joke that he should be borned an australian not Singaporean.. He seems to be oblivious to our local fast pace whereas the mum is a kanjiong spider who is forever hurrying to places while this boy will take his own sweet time in everything he does….  Sometimes I wonder whether I should slow down and see things from his point of view,  at his pace but I just don’t seems to have the patience…..

See how this boy “parked” himself and savor the mango pudding which I served him?

He looks so relaxed right?? When i bought this chair for him.. it seemed to fit him nicely but now it looks as if it’s a tad too small for him….. He has grown much taller over the past few months.

Ok let’s look at the younger one now.  I noticed he is slowly learning this lounging habit from the elder brother.  When he wants to watch TV, he’ll know how to hunt for a comfortable parking space.  You will never see him sitting on the cold hard floor.  We finally got a playmat for the boy and that has since became his parking spot.

2 nights ago, didi actually decided to spend his night out in the living room, on the mat.  He made himself so comfy on the mat that he fell asleep there.  KorKor got really excited and grasp this “camping” opportunity.  He diligently went into their room and move out all their pillows, bolsters and blankets.  Including the dad’s hahahahha.  He even crafted nicely a spot for himself and another spot beside him for the dad.

Of course the dad ain’t too happy that he’s been dictated to squeeze with the boys on that piece of mat and right at the spot where the balcony use to be.  After some negotiation, Dec let the dad off the hook and the dad was “granted permission” to sleep on the sofa which was just a few steps away.  I was sniggering at the corner feeling glad that I was not summon out for the “camping” as well.  phew!!! 

Guess what?? The 3 males are out in the living room again tonight!! hhahahahah I hope this will just be a passing fad for the boys.  Otherwise I will seriously consider renting out their room to earn some extra income hahaha

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Sunday again, we’ve got no plans…  I woke up near noon :p (ok ok I know that is not a good habit) and decided to prepare some food for the boys… Breakkie food but at noon time :p  Here’s what I made for them.

Homemade scrambled egges, sausages and grilled cheese sandwich.  The duo didn’t quite finish their food.  Surprisingly, this time, Declan stomached more food than Kenji.  I realised that Kenji seemed to prefer chinese food as in rice and porridge while Dec preferred western food.  I myself have a preference for western food during breakfast ahem or maybe it’s more appropriate for me to call it my 1st meal of the day.

I don’t really like to cook.  The only meal that I enjoy preparing is breakfast or our 1st meal of the day.  I can’t quite make lunch nor dinner at this point of time.  Lets see whether I’ll change in time to come.  Actually, I hope I do.

Will like to share this really easy and yummy scrambled eggs recipe which I took from this book which I borrowed from the library :

Ingredients (serves 2) :

4 eggs

15g butter

3 tbs milk


1) Beat eggs and milk lightly with a fork

2) Melt butter in a heavy-based frying pan over very low heat and pour in the egg.  Stir constantly with a wooden spoon, lifting the mixture from the bottom of the pan so that it cooks evenly.  The eggs are ready when they are just set but are still creamy.

3) Remove from heat and serve immediately.

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Though it’s a long weekend this week, unfortunately we do not have any plans for the boys… Thus we stayed in on yesterday and spend our time on books bakes toys and games. 

The elder boy got my genes when it comes to playing games.  He simply love computer and handheld games.  Since he do not have “I Can Read” class today, I allow him to play some disney online games yesterday morning as he need not do any homework.

I’m glad that at this stage, Kenji is happy with just watching his korkor play.  He is intrigued by mickey and gang hopping around on the screen.  He thought he was watching cartoon. hahah. 


I hope the fight to use the comp won’t come so soon.  As it is, I already have Dec fighting with me to use the desktop, DS and Wii… if the little one join in the fight it will be a 3 way competition and I will appear to be a lousy mum for fighting with the boys.  But hey!! Games are my main hobby other than reading!!  Since the 2 little ones are occupied and as usual the dad is snoring away, I’ve got some time to myself so I started reading  my newly acquired book – Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic.  I only managed to cover 1 chapter but it’s a pretty interesting read and it’s not just for people from healthcare industry.  It is suitable for people working in the service industry on the whole.  Do pick up this book if you have the time.

In the evening, I finally got the courage to try my hands out at making some snowskin mooncakes.  The recipe looked simple enough, no bake.  I love to eat mooncakes but I actually prefered the bake ones.  Since I am a newbie at such things, I decided not to be too adventurous and stick to the no bake snowskin mooncakes.  End result as follows :

ehhh i didn’t really handle the moulding too well.. u can see break lines across the patterns :p  I’ll need more practice… Taste wise not sure yet as all of them are still sitting in the fridge and I’ve not touch them yet.  will probably try later and eat them as tea break.  Those who are keen to try can access the recipe here .  I am hoping I will have enough courage to attempt the baked ones next week.   Give me courage!!!

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Me and fannie went for cupcake decor class last Sunday.  We initially thought it was a baking class, but turn out it is a decor class.  Nevertheless I think we all enjoyed the class.  It was fun squeezing icing and seeing the decor takes shape.

We get pratice sheet to try out before going on to the real cupcakes.  These are my “grass”. 

 To me, the grass is the most difficult to handle.  Mine either ends up in globs or the grass starts falling sideways..

The mess that we created on the teacher’s dinning table :

After 1-2hours these are my “outcomes” :

The happiest person is none other than Declan.  He loves eating cakes, any kind of cakes.


The teacher commented that I was a “messy” student :p  She gotta help me clean up my smudges.  I doubt I’ll be doing cupcake decor at home much cos the thought of preparing multi color icing just puts me off… I’m lazy… I want to learn how to make fondant figurine though!!  Should be pretty fun! Like clay modelling like that! But classes are fully book till next year… We’ll see how next year then…

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Of  late this question keeps popping into my brain. 

Is mum just a channel for you to arrive in this cold heartless world? 

Is mum just a milk cow giving you the much needed nutrients during the early months of your life? 

Is mum just another pair of hands to keep you clean when you dirty yourself?

Is mum just an ATM when you need cash for all wants and needs?

Is mum just a dummy for you to vent your anger and frustration?

I’ve seen closely knitted mums and children who bring a tingling warm feeling to my heart when I see how close they are… but, I’ve seen more mums and children who are at loggerheads with each other… this is the cold truth that I believe many refuse to face..

In my life, there appear a mum that in the bid of trying to grab her kids attention, she ended up messing the whole family up, sowing discord unintentionally and at times naively.  She is the cause to many disputes among her own kids.  She has got 5 children, but none are staying with her.  If you ask me, it is not that they don’t love her.  Some do, some don’t and I suspect 1 even hates her. Most of her kids can’t afford to maintain her, not that she is a big spender, but the fact that they are doing odd jobs with low income and have their own family to care for, they are left with not much to support her.  But still, she gets by.  She is not starving, except for a little more attention from each of her kid and maybe even grandkids…

It’s a sad state, why does a 80 yo needs to drama before her kids can give her some attention.  On the other hand, why must the 80 yo perform adverse drama and add stress to the already stressful lifes of her kids.  Unknowingly, she is actually pushing them away rather than drawing them back to her.  Along the way, someone gets caught in the middle.  She thinks she has a clear picture but sometimes she thinks she has a clouded mind.  All the kids starts pushing their mother to this person not knowing or refuse to acknowledge that what their mum need is not this person but their each and individual love and concern.  There is only this much this person can do, physically, emotionally and financially.  The mum just want her 5 kids to be united and behave as 1 and appear before her. 

This mum needs to go for an op.  The first reaction of 2 of the kids is : I can’t decide for her whether she can go for op, I cannot take the responsibilty if something goes wrong, the rest will blame me.  Why this kind of mentality?  Why always talk about blame?  Where has the heart gone to?  Can someone feel the pain that this mum is going through,  both the physical and the emotional pain. 

I am really heartbroken to see things coming to this dire state.  I thought to myself, will I ever put my 2 sons in such a situation? I hope not.  I am not in the best position to criticise these 5, cos I myself, is not in harmony with my own mum.

Is it really so difficult to be a caring, loving and forgiving mum?  or should we look at things from the other perspective?  Is it really so difficult to be a caring, loving and forgiving child?  Can’t the child/children be more accomodating towards their parents for having gone through so much to bring them to this world, by providing them all the needs and wants till their wings are strong enough to take off on their own?  I’m sure the parents would have showered lots of love on their children when they are young, just like how I love my 2 kids and just like how I put in certain efforts to do things for my 2 kids now?  Will there be 1 day, my 2 kids starts to hate me and try to stay away from me?  I can’t tell as my own are still very young.

Aside from asking myself what’s the value of a mum, I guess I should also ponder what’s the value of the kids to the parents?  Relationships are getting more transactional nowadays.  Aren’t you guilty of soliciting for love and results from your own kid?  Especially those who have really young ones at home?  e.g  Give mummy a kiss and mummy will give u a candy?  Can I have a hug?  You wanna watch cartoon? Ok, do this first?  I’ll put up both my hands high and admit I’m guilty.  I know this method is not quite right, but seriously, at this time, when everyone are spoilt for choices, everything seems to become transactional, even parental love… Sad state but it’s cold hard truth….

So what’s my value? As a mum, a daughter and a grandchild?  I’m ashame to say I got no definite, strong and objective answer to my own question…

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