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How to synchronise them??

Few weeks back Bray and Ethyl was deposited at Mil’s place.  I came home and saw the 2 little youngest one playing and interacting with each other.  So cute! Thus I thought I wanna snapped a pic of the duo.  Little did I know that the job can be so tough.  It is practically impossible to get both of them to look the same way at the same time….

The pics turned out like this :


The best shot i got was this :

At least they were synchronized for once!! And guess what attracted the duo??  TV ads….


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Avid Reader?

Last weekend I heard didi woke up and moved around the house.  Since he didn’t roam into my room to wake me up, I just continue to snooze.  After awhile, I noticed all was quiet.  I got curious and wonder whether the little boy had fallen asleep again.  Thus, I dragged myself out of bed and sneaked into the boys’ room and I saw this :


He was sprawled on his bed and quietly flipping through one of his favorite character book.  This little one is so different from his brother.  When Dec was his age, he would usually wake up crying for milk.  At times when he don’t cry for milk, he’ll practically dig us out of bed.  I’m quite glad that the little one don’t fuss much when he’s the first to get out of bed and he is independent enough to keep himself entertained.

Here’s him with another of his favorite book.  He loves everything that is related to Thomas the Tank.  He can’t quite pronounce Thomas at this moment, so he lovingly refer to Thomas and Friends as “pooo poooo” haha

I do hope he’ll continue to love books.  Currently Dec only likes to flip through the pages and look at pictures, he’s not really keen in reading yet…  I do hope both of them will pick up the good habit of reading in future.

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A Sweet Whisper

While playing FB games in my room, I heard this sweet little whisper floating in from the next room :” I love you good night, Kenji..”  follow by a soft muah.

That’s from none other than my first born… His baby brother had fallen asleep but he did not forget to wish him goodnight and gave him a goodnight kiss.  I find it awfully sweet 🙂

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