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Last update of 2009

*blow blow* *brush brush* ahem..  got spider web and thick layer of dust already :p it’s been 2 months since my last update.  Not that there is nothing happening in our life just that a sudden wave of laziness hit me right in the face and press me down for the last 2 months :p

Before 2009 waves bye bye to us, I thought I better try my best to update what has happened thus far.

In summary, I lost my 2nd uncle, my granny has undergone a surgery, recoverd and moved in with me and will be rotated between 3rd uncle’s and my house every 3 weeks, I’ve reported to work at new workplace, Kenji is improving in terms of expressing his needs and his views and the latest is, Dec will be reporting to new school comes 4th Jan 2010.

I received an email yesterday evening, informing us that the school will need to vacate it’s current premises by March 2010 as the landlord will not be renewing the lease.  The school will be holding a meeting with parents only on 9th Jan 2010.  This news came rather abruptly.  It got me worried.  Declan will be in K2, to me, K2 is a crucial year to prep him for Primary school and if there is a need to change an environment for him, I rather do it in the beginning of the year. 

In my view, the new venue is not ideal and it is really not convenient for me.  Thus we decided to pull him out of the current school which saw him through playgroup to K1.  I’m sure he will miss his friends and I too, will miss the teachers.  Cherie Hearts Learners’ Cove has always gave me a very homely feel.  I trust them totally and never have to worry about whether my kid will be treated badly when he is there.  I hope the new school will give me the same level of confidence to trust them that way.

In a flurry this morning, we managed to go through the enrolment process, bought him his new uniform.  I hope he’ll be able to adapt to his new environment next Monday.

On a happier note, little Kenji will be attending playgroup starting next week as well.  That boy can’t speak well yet, so I hope he won’t frustrate the teacher.  He is not as sociable as his elder brother so I forsee he might cry on the first few days.  Anyway I hope I can handle better this time round, having been through Dec’s 1st weeks at playgroup.

For the new year I will just wish for health and happiness for my boys and family.

I’ll just share some pics here.  I was greatly amused earlier on.  I came back and saw this :

Ain’t that the most stylo sleepng pose of the year???  I wonder how he can sleep that way..

The cheeky as usual kor kor.  ohh I must add his appetite has improved greatly!! Though he is still not eating alot but at least we need not force him to eat anymore.  phew!  He WILL ask for food now as oppose to going without solid food the whole day.

The 2 bros are getting along pretty well with occasional squabbles but the squabbles are never serious.  It is usually the didi that is more petty.  He don’t like to share his stuff with kor kor, while kor kor will generously share his things with didi.  Didi will snatch korkor stuff at times but Dec will usually let him have it, if the small one insist.  Such a pleasant kor kor. 

Recently, I realise didi likes to mimic kor kor.  Kor kor says :” YEAH!!” he will go :” YEAH!” as well.  Kor kor walk with hands at the back, he will follow as well. Quite funny to watch the duo.

I hope they will continue to co-exist in such a peaceful manner with minimal sibling rivalry.

I’ll try to update more frequently, if I am not lazy 😡


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