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Dec’s new Friend

We went shopping and Dec brought back a new friend.  He named it Huggy Huggy.

The dad don’t quite approve of this new choice of friend but the mum happily paid for it and let him lugged it home.  The mum actually would love to bring back a hot pink version of Huggy Huggy for herself if not for the dad’s nagging…  So.. what to do… it’s either he gets one or I get one… so the big hearted mum decided to forgo hers and let the boy have his…

Huggy Huggy is really huggable!  It made a nice zzzzz mate.  I’m still thinking of my very own hot pink Huggy 😡


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New School update

As shared in the last post, Dec will be attending K2 in Kinderland after being in Cherie Hearts for the last 4 years and Kenji will be reporting to Apple Tree for his 2 hours playgroup.  As expected, Dec adapted really well and fast to the new environment while Kenji probably need more time to be left alone without his main caregiver for a 2 hours stretch daily.

Dec claimed that he prefers Kinderland to Cherie Hearts.  That’s good news to me.  I was worried that he’ll be upset for being seperated from his good old friends.  Seems like the worry was uncalled for. phew!  His new teacher feedback that he is adapting really well.  On his 1st day, I asked whether he needed me to stay on and accompany him, he bravely shook his head and sent me off.  So, off to office I went but I sneaked back at 10am to check on him.  I peeped through the classroom window and saw him doing group activity with his new classmates, no sign of distress.  It’s been a week so far he seemed happy.

Now to update on didi’s progress.   the 1st day wasn’t really positive.  He was probably confused by the new environment.  1st day at school was a short 1 hour session.  Parents went thru a short briefing and the kiddos get a little taste of assembly and group playing followed by purchase of uniform.  Day 1, the kids wore home clothes to school.  Kenji started fussing while we queued up to get his temperature taken.  He clinched his fists really tight when teachers tried to check his palm.  He refused to give up his pacifier.  I sat with him in the marked square where the little kids are suppose to assemble each morning.  A short while later, teacher encouraged the parents to leave the kids in the assembly area and sit along the wall and watched how the kids react.  Kenji was ok for awhile.  He continued playing with the toys while I sat at the side watching him.

The little one in white polo T with blue stripe is him.  That little moment of independence did not last long.   Shortly after that he kept straying back to look for me and soon, he started fussing again.  He just wanna go home….  Day 1 ended with him refusing to give the teacher a hi-5. haha

Day 2, he wore his uniform for the 1st time.

I like his bright red uniform.  The little kids looks really cute with a full set of red uniform.  Day 2 ended up with him crying to go home again.  Day 3 was more positive.  The grandma said that he seemed happy and was pretty co-operative.  The rest of the week, no more crying but that’s because the granny was allowed to stay in the class with him.  Teachers will probably sent the caregiver out by next week, hopefully this little one will survive 2 hours apart from the ah ma.  Keeping my fingers crossed really tightly.

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