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Though it’s a long weekend this week, unfortunately we do not have any plans for the boys… Thus we stayed in on yesterday and spend our time on books bakes toys and games. 

The elder boy got my genes when it comes to playing games.  He simply love computer and handheld games.  Since he do not have “I Can Read” class today, I allow him to play some disney online games yesterday morning as he need not do any homework.

I’m glad that at this stage, Kenji is happy with just watching his korkor play.  He is intrigued by mickey and gang hopping around on the screen.  He thought he was watching cartoon. hahah. 


I hope the fight to use the comp won’t come so soon.  As it is, I already have Dec fighting with me to use the desktop, DS and Wii… if the little one join in the fight it will be a 3 way competition and I will appear to be a lousy mum for fighting with the boys.  But hey!! Games are my main hobby other than reading!!  Since the 2 little ones are occupied and as usual the dad is snoring away, I’ve got some time to myself so I started reading  my newly acquired book – Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic.  I only managed to cover 1 chapter but it’s a pretty interesting read and it’s not just for people from healthcare industry.  It is suitable for people working in the service industry on the whole.  Do pick up this book if you have the time.

In the evening, I finally got the courage to try my hands out at making some snowskin mooncakes.  The recipe looked simple enough, no bake.  I love to eat mooncakes but I actually prefered the bake ones.  Since I am a newbie at such things, I decided not to be too adventurous and stick to the no bake snowskin mooncakes.  End result as follows :

ehhh i didn’t really handle the moulding too well.. u can see break lines across the patterns :p  I’ll need more practice… Taste wise not sure yet as all of them are still sitting in the fridge and I’ve not touch them yet.  will probably try later and eat them as tea break.  Those who are keen to try can access the recipe here .  I am hoping I will have enough courage to attempt the baked ones next week.   Give me courage!!!


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Me and fannie went for cupcake decor class last Sunday.  We initially thought it was a baking class, but turn out it is a decor class.  Nevertheless I think we all enjoyed the class.  It was fun squeezing icing and seeing the decor takes shape.

We get pratice sheet to try out before going on to the real cupcakes.  These are my “grass”. 

 To me, the grass is the most difficult to handle.  Mine either ends up in globs or the grass starts falling sideways..

The mess that we created on the teacher’s dinning table :

After 1-2hours these are my “outcomes” :

The happiest person is none other than Declan.  He loves eating cakes, any kind of cakes.


The teacher commented that I was a “messy” student :p  She gotta help me clean up my smudges.  I doubt I’ll be doing cupcake decor at home much cos the thought of preparing multi color icing just puts me off… I’m lazy… I want to learn how to make fondant figurine though!!  Should be pretty fun! Like clay modelling like that! But classes are fully book till next year… We’ll see how next year then…

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It’s teacher’s day tomorrow but Dec’s centre will be closed, so we prepared the pressies yesterday for him to give it out to the teachers today.  This year, I decied to bake milo doggie cookies for the teachers. 

While I prep in the kitchen to make the dough, Dec did 8 little cards with the help of the dad.

He was very eager to help me make the cookies but I didn’t want him to get all oily and start smearing his oily hands everywhere.  So I assigned him to plant the choco noses for the doggies.  Look at how carefully he handled them :

At times, he pressed a little too hard and the doggie ended up with a flat face. -_-  As he helped, he also helped himself to the koko crunch and choco chips…. as if sending them into his mouth…

The doggies before going for  “sauna” in the oven :

The doggies after coming out of the oven :

I packed 8 packs of 6s and stapled the cards on and they are ready to be given out.

I packed some into the lunchbox for Dec to snack in school. 

 I’m happy that this boy like my bakes.  Though they are full of flaws but he still tells me they are yummy (some of which is really not yummy :p).  Very kind hearted boy.

The next bake for the teachers will be on X’mas.  hmmmm what should i bake for them next?

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It’s good to be back at our own place!  I can mess up the kitchen for all I care and there will be no one breathing down my neck ha!  Suddenly felt like being a good mother on Sunday so I woke up slightly earlier wanting to make Pancakes for my kids!  I surfed the web before I hopped into bed the previous night and manage to find a simple enough pancake recipe.

TADAHHHHHH!! My equipment and ingredients for making the pancakes.  There are 2 eggs hiding in the mixing bowl.

I was stupid enough to think that I should beat the egg white till stiff manually!!  I was thinking, aiyah just 2 egg white, no need to use the mixer… BIG MISTAKE!  Beating the egg whites nearly killed me….. I was huffing and puffing after the whites looks like it is stiff enough…. effect not perfect but I’m already half dead.. so I made do with what I achieved….  The end product :

First time I am able to achieve fluffy pancakes!! So happy!! It tasted like Mac’s hotcakes albeit a tad dry, wonder is it becos I didn’t handle the egg whites well enough….  I love the recipe! 


I spreaded on blueberry jam on one and butter on the other for Dec :

He just got well so I forbidded him to pile Smucker’s Globber Peanut Butter nor Nutella on his pancakes.  Didi went marketing with the dad and ah ma and upon his return, he ate 2 plain ones.

The elder boy wanted to go swimming but weather was bad, thus I had to confine both boys at home.  To help them drive away their boredom, I decided to let them paint in the kitchen.

I can’t let them paint in the living room cos the paint will stained the homo tiles.  The kitchen tiles are hardy so they can mess up the kitchen floor and I got no qualms about it.  It was didi’s first contact with paint brush and colours and he is more interested in tasting the “coloured water”… our heart skipped a few beats when we witnessed him sending the paintbrush to test taste….

In the evening, I decided to mess up the kitchen once again by baking Oatmeal and Raisins Cookies.

Again I got an easy recipe off the net.  I forgot to take pics of the end product though.

I enjoy messing around in the kitchen so far but I hate the washing up……..  I efficiently delegated some of the washing to the dad after I’m done baking :p

I love my new kitchen!!!

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I’ve progressed from baking cupcakes to baking no-bake cheesecake and now I am attempting to bake tarts.  I’ve tried 2 different tarts so far – Egg tarts and Apple Tarts.  Both attempts turned out edible.  As usual, my bakes don’t like pretty… I wonder why.. probably it’s due to my clumsy fingers and the lack of skills too.

The egg tart was easy.  I made use of Wokking Mum’s recipe.  The apple tart is more tedious, as I’ve to peel, chop and then boil the apples.  I got the recipe from a recently bought recipe book. 

Comparing my previous attempts at baking, I’m more satisfied with the results of the tarts than the cakes and cookies.  I’m now itching all over to try baking chocolate tarts but I’ve yet lay hands on an easy recipe.

Next on my attempt list is to make kuehs! Those will require steaming instead of baking. hehehheee

I started to bake because Declan loves to eat cakes.  I wanted to bake for him.  Unfortunately, he don’t really appreciate what I bake… He’ll eat just a little bit of it and won’t ask for more.  On the contrary, Sil’s family ate more of my bakes than my own immediate little family….  Nonetheless, I’m quite hook with baking now that I’ll probably not give it up.  I am now eyeing on Kenji!  When he is old enough to take solids, he’ll be my next victim.



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The very ambitious me tried my hands at baking Pandan Chiffon, not once, but twice.  I’ve heard many horror stories about beginner bakers trying to bake Chiffon cakes, how their cakes fell flat and didn’t rise like a true chiffon should or the texture turning rubbery etc.  All these, did not dampen my determination to try baking it.  I love pandan chiffon cakes so does Declan.

Over the months, I collected quite a few different recipes.  As usual, the lazy me will try to sieve out the easiest recipe and use it.  However, for pandan chiffon, the recipes don’t differ much.  The only differences are some recipes use coconut milk, some don’t, some use pandan juice and others don’t.

For my 1st attempt, I used a recipe which use coconut milk and I replace pandan juice with pandan paste out of laziness as usual.  I am an baking idiot, so needless to say, I stick very closely to what the recipe says, including the length of baking time.  My 1st chiffon turned out like that :


The skin was really thick and got burnt, but at least the cake did rise and the inside looks pretty good too!


Although the cake did rise, it did not rise really gloriously.  Reason being I use a baking pan that is much bigger than the recommended.  The texture inside was fine but it didn’t really have a strong pandan smell.  Thus mil suggested that I bake 1 more using panda juice.

So my 2nd attempt, I used another recipe, which exclude coconut milk but include pandan juice.  The result was like this :


This time i shorten my baking time by 5mins.  The top skin still turned out thick.  The colour is not as pretty.  I should have added a drop or 2 of green colouring to make it look greener.  The colour is just the natural colouring from the pandan juice.  This cake did look prettier, but the texture is not so great.  It’s dryer than the 1st attempt.  I suspect it may be due to the way I mix/fold the ingredients or the whisking of the egg white.  This cake is a bit too dry and crumpy but it smelt good! 

Then came the suggestion from hubby, why not I try baking another one with both coconut milk and pandan juice……  I would… but not this week… otherwise we’ll all be eating pandan chiffons for 3 weeks consecutively….. no matter how much i love this cake, this is not the way to eat it!

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My past attempts at baking mostly turn out quite horrible.  Somehow, something will go wrong.  Most of it ain’t suitable to be stomached :p  Today I attempted baking again after a good 1+ month break.  This time I did Banana Cupcakes from the recipe that I got from the below book.

I finally managed to bake something that is Edible!!  This time, the cupcakes turn out soft, unlike the last attempt in which my cakes turn out quite hard.  However, my bakes failed in the “looks department”.  They don’t look pretty….

See what I mean?  Their color are inconsistent….  some look paler than others and some look burnt.  But taste wise, not too bad 🙂

This is the easiest recipe I’ve seen so far :

225g Self Raising Flour

225g Banana (mashed)

225g Caster sugar

225g Unsalted butter – softened

4 eggs

* 1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional – I didn’t add this bcos I don’t have it at home)

Just need to mix all ingredients together (except the mashed banana) using an electric whisk until the mixture turn smooth.  Takes about 2-3 mins.  Then stir in the mashed banana and that’s it!  The batter is ready for baking.  Baked at 175 Degrees for about 18-20mins.

*forget to add that, after taking out the tray from the oven, let the cakes sit in the tray for 5 mins before taking them out of the tray to cool.  Don’t ask me why, the recipe say so and I follow suit

 Easy right??!!  Such recipes are good for baking idiots like me.

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