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I’ve progressed from baking cupcakes to baking no-bake cheesecake and now I am attempting to bake tarts.  I’ve tried 2 different tarts so far – Egg tarts and Apple Tarts.  Both attempts turned out edible.  As usual, my bakes don’t like pretty… I wonder why.. probably it’s due to my clumsy fingers and the lack of skills too.

The egg tart was easy.  I made use of Wokking Mum’s recipe.  The apple tart is more tedious, as I’ve to peel, chop and then boil the apples.  I got the recipe from a recently bought recipe book. 

Comparing my previous attempts at baking, I’m more satisfied with the results of the tarts than the cakes and cookies.  I’m now itching all over to try baking chocolate tarts but I’ve yet lay hands on an easy recipe.

Next on my attempt list is to make kuehs! Those will require steaming instead of baking. hehehheee

I started to bake because Declan loves to eat cakes.  I wanted to bake for him.  Unfortunately, he don’t really appreciate what I bake… He’ll eat just a little bit of it and won’t ask for more.  On the contrary, Sil’s family ate more of my bakes than my own immediate little family….  Nonetheless, I’m quite hook with baking now that I’ll probably not give it up.  I am now eyeing on Kenji!  When he is old enough to take solids, he’ll be my next victim.




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