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Giving Kenji a Brotherly Hug

The picture says it all.¬† He do that very often and I am not complaining ūüėČ


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Dec and Ken

Last Sunday, we brought Dec out for lunch.¬† After his lunch, while I was queueing to buy him his favorite jelly, he tapped me on my thigh and reminded me :” Mummy, you also buy one for Kenji ok?”¬† Seems like the idea of him having a little brother had quite settled in his little brain and he is accepting it quite well.¬† I can’t sense any jealousy from him at this point in time.¬† Hope this cordial feeling towards his little brother will continue when he arrives.

¬†I explained to him : ” Kenji can’t eat now, so I’ll just buy 1 piece for you.”

Dec : ” Oh is it because Kenji has not come out yet?”

Ha~~ Such innocent question.

There was one time while he was applying moisturiser for me, I explained to him that he used to be just like Kenji, hibernating in my womb and he replied :” I don’t want to be inside!!”¬†

Me :” Why is that so?”

Dec :” Because I want to see mummy and daddy.”

That reply is well worth all the milk powder and diaper money that we invested in him so far.

Last night during the moisturiser application routine, Kenji was moving quite vigorously and Dec was very amused by his little brother and he was laughing and laughing when Kenji kick against his palm.¬† He got a little too excited though and he actually held on to my tummy and shaking it.¬† He claimed that he is trying to see whether Kenji is inside, after shaking it, he exclaimed :” Yeah Kenji is inside!”

I am now at 35 weeks and I noticed that I am moving much slower this week.¬† Doc said that baby had moved quite low already and is weighing approximately 2.6kg.¬† If it continued to stay in there till full term, he should weigh about 3kg.¬†¬† Dec weighed 3.65kg at birth.¬† That explained why I am lighter in this pregnancy than my first.¬† I’ve put on a total of about 14kg todate.

Somehow I hope Kenji will pop earlier…..¬† dread going to office and facing some folks there…¬†I don’t mind if he arrive about 2 weeks earlier.¬† Am¬†keeping my fingers crossed!¬†

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Beanie got a name

I’m at 31 weeks now.¬† Very soon, Beanie will be arriving and of course I cannot always be addressing him “Beanie”.¬† I’ve been sourcing for a name ever since I know of my pregnancy and even more active in sourcing for one after I confirmed it’s gender.¬†

I’ve tried to find one that I like which starts with a letter “D” however, I really can’t find any, which is meaningful and yet unique enough.¬† There are some, but, those are already taken by some of the babies around me.¬†The only one left is “Denzel”, I like how the name sound, unfortunately, there is no special meaning to this name.¬† It’s just the name of a place.¬† I’ve got no memory of the place and really, my baby is in no way link to that place…. Thus I decided to forgo this option.

After weeks (or maybe months) of contemplation, I’ve decided to name Beanie – Kenji.¬† Kenji is a Japanese name.¬† It means “intelligent, strong, 2nd son”.¬† How appropriate this name is!! You may ask why.¬† Let me explain.

Beanie did go to Japan with me in April.¬† When I was sent to Japan, I was about 6 weeks preggy.¬† He would be my 2nd son and of course I won’t mind if he turns out intelligent and strong!¬† So you see?!¬†

That’s how my Beanie got named Kenji.¬† I’ve got people commenting that it’s kind of weird that Dec’s name and Beanie’s name differ so far.¬† But who ever dictate that siblings must share similar names?¬† Some also think Kenji sounds kind of weird but I realise this sentiment will fade over time.¬† Just like when I name my first born Declan, even the dad don’t quite like the name and now everything has settled down.

So do I get blessings for this name or majority think it is not quite suitable?

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30th Week Update

I am in my 30th week now.¬† It felt like just yesterday that I uploaded the pic of my positive indicating pregnancy test kit and just with a blink of the eyes, I’m already into my 30th week.¬† I can be considered heavily pregnant now.¬† I’ve put on a total of 12kg so far.¬† Last week, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes… sigh… There goes all my sweet treats….¬† I’ll just have to let all the mooncakes at home go to waste… I was adviced to control my diet and the diet that the doctor set for me, sounded really boring and tasteless ūüė¶¬†¬† Fortunately it’s just another 2.5 months away from my EDD.

I’ve a bad feeling¬†Beanie will arrive much earlier than Dec.¬†¬†Dec was¬†2+ weeks early.¬†¬†I’m experiencing irregular contractions¬†these few days.¬† Dr¬†Lui thinks¬†that¬†it is acutally premature labour¬†contractions.¬† I don’t remember¬†experiencing contractions that early with Declan.¬† This time, not only did the contractions came early, when it happen,¬†the contractions can be¬†quite strong sometimes.¬† Hopefully,¬†the medication can subdue the contractions, if not I’m afraid I¬†may be put on bed rest……..¬†

Let’s hope Beanie will¬†behave and stay in there till full term.¬†

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18th week Update

I’m at my 18th week right now.¬† Beanie is doing fine and growing well.

That’s how Beanie look like as of last Saturday.¬† Wonder why he is facing downwards, usually the baby will lie on it’s back but this naughty chap is lying face down.

That’s how my tummy looks like at this moment.¬† Enough to tell others I am preggy but yet the weight is still very very managable.¬† I weigh about 48kg now, up 5kg from my original weight.¬† I am starting to feel the little flips and kicks that Beanie is practising.¬† With Dec, I actually felt him moving when I was into my 16th week, which was 2 weeks earlier than Beanie.¬† All my morning sickness is gone.¬† Thank goodness!!!¬† I am back to normal!¬† Though my energy level is not as high as pre-pregnancy.¬† I get tired easily.¬† My back is not too good.¬† It’ll ache every now and then.¬†

At last week checkup, Doctor again mentioned that Beanie will most likely be a “He”…… sigh….. my hope of getting a little princess is dashed……….¬† nonetheless, I think another boy may be a better playmate for Dec.

¬†When friends heard that I may be expecting another boy, most of them urged me to go for a third attempt.¬† It’s too early to decide whether I will try for a 3rd one…… At this point of time, if you ask me, I’ll say no thanks… having 3 kids is really no joke when it comes to the finances.

The next thing that I need to do is to pick a name for Beanie.¬† I’ve aleady got 2 names in mind, the Dad is suppose to hand up his homework to me.¬† I demanded him to chip in his brain cells and think of a name for Beanie.¬† So far, I’ve not seen his selection.¬† It’ll probably take us another few months to conclude on a name.¬† Any suggestion?

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I’m sure this little beanie is not a scholar as after I expect him I lost the urge to blog…. that’s why the lack of posts.¬† You’ll notice I say “he” when I refer to beanie…. sigh… during the last 2 scans… there are hints of the existence of a “little teapot” forming at the bottom… thus… i think the odds are high that Declan is gonna get a soccer mate….¬† So there goes my hope of having my little princess….. *sob sob*¬†

Little Beanie had really grown!¬† From a bean, he’s grown to 88mm in length as of last saturday.¬† Too lazy to scan in the ultrasound pic.¬† :p

Now the kor kor has finally imprinted the existence of Beanie in his little brain.¬† There was one time when we were climbing up a fleet of stairs¬†of the overhead bridge, he suddenly annouced to his dad :” Daddy!¬† Mummy got baby inside leh!”¬† A couple¬†coming down the stairs was sniggering at his comment.¬† So paiseh…¬†

Now everynight, before we sleep, when we say good night to each other, either the dad or myself will remind him that there is another little one that he should say good night to.¬† He’ll dutifully turn to my tummy and say :” good night bebe!”¬† At times when he’s in the right mood, he’ll even sing chinese rythmes to beanie.¬† He’s into his chinese nursery rythmes.¬† He sounds cute when he sings in mandarin.¬† If i get a chance I’ll video it down to share.

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Declan Kor Kor says…

Was in a “kajiao” mood yesterday night, so I pulled Declan to me, pointed to my little pouch and ask :” Bebe do you know what’s inside?”

Dec :” bebe (baby)”

Me :” Do you want to talk to bebe?”

He nodded.

Me :”So what do you want to tell bebe?”

He came close and this was what he said :”ŤīĘÁ•ěŚąį..”


What’s in his mind??? *shrugs*

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