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I got this gift from a vendor.  Cute not??

I like it alot!! I think my morning coffee is gonna taste so much sweeter from now on!! *beam* I’m gonna bring it to office so that whenever i need a break I’ll have my kids to accompany me, how nice!

Since I am clearing my leave, I made myself breakkie this morning.  I just go for some simple french toast since I got leftover bread in the kitchen.

I used the recipe from the same book which I got for the scrambled eggs.  I didn’t really like it cos the french toast tasted soggy and too milky to me.  I like my french toast more eggy rather than milky.  I’ve got some more bread slices in the kitchen expiring soon..probably I’ll try making some again tomorrow.  I’ll omit the milk and see whether the whole thing will be less soggy and more eggy.


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Sunday again, we’ve got no plans…  I woke up near noon :p (ok ok I know that is not a good habit) and decided to prepare some food for the boys… Breakkie food but at noon time :p  Here’s what I made for them.

Homemade scrambled egges, sausages and grilled cheese sandwich.  The duo didn’t quite finish their food.  Surprisingly, this time, Declan stomached more food than Kenji.  I realised that Kenji seemed to prefer chinese food as in rice and porridge while Dec preferred western food.  I myself have a preference for western food during breakfast ahem or maybe it’s more appropriate for me to call it my 1st meal of the day.

I don’t really like to cook.  The only meal that I enjoy preparing is breakfast or our 1st meal of the day.  I can’t quite make lunch nor dinner at this point of time.  Lets see whether I’ll change in time to come.  Actually, I hope I do.

Will like to share this really easy and yummy scrambled eggs recipe which I took from this book which I borrowed from the library :

Ingredients (serves 2) :

4 eggs

15g butter

3 tbs milk


1) Beat eggs and milk lightly with a fork

2) Melt butter in a heavy-based frying pan over very low heat and pour in the egg.  Stir constantly with a wooden spoon, lifting the mixture from the bottom of the pan so that it cooks evenly.  The eggs are ready when they are just set but are still creamy.

3) Remove from heat and serve immediately.

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It’s good to be back at our own place!  I can mess up the kitchen for all I care and there will be no one breathing down my neck ha!  Suddenly felt like being a good mother on Sunday so I woke up slightly earlier wanting to make Pancakes for my kids!  I surfed the web before I hopped into bed the previous night and manage to find a simple enough pancake recipe.

TADAHHHHHH!! My equipment and ingredients for making the pancakes.  There are 2 eggs hiding in the mixing bowl.

I was stupid enough to think that I should beat the egg white till stiff manually!!  I was thinking, aiyah just 2 egg white, no need to use the mixer… BIG MISTAKE!  Beating the egg whites nearly killed me….. I was huffing and puffing after the whites looks like it is stiff enough…. effect not perfect but I’m already half dead.. so I made do with what I achieved….  The end product :

First time I am able to achieve fluffy pancakes!! So happy!! It tasted like Mac’s hotcakes albeit a tad dry, wonder is it becos I didn’t handle the egg whites well enough….  I love the recipe! 


I spreaded on blueberry jam on one and butter on the other for Dec :

He just got well so I forbidded him to pile Smucker’s Globber Peanut Butter nor Nutella on his pancakes.  Didi went marketing with the dad and ah ma and upon his return, he ate 2 plain ones.

The elder boy wanted to go swimming but weather was bad, thus I had to confine both boys at home.  To help them drive away their boredom, I decided to let them paint in the kitchen.

I can’t let them paint in the living room cos the paint will stained the homo tiles.  The kitchen tiles are hardy so they can mess up the kitchen floor and I got no qualms about it.  It was didi’s first contact with paint brush and colours and he is more interested in tasting the “coloured water”… our heart skipped a few beats when we witnessed him sending the paintbrush to test taste….

In the evening, I decided to mess up the kitchen once again by baking Oatmeal and Raisins Cookies.

Again I got an easy recipe off the net.  I forgot to take pics of the end product though.

I enjoy messing around in the kitchen so far but I hate the washing up……..  I efficiently delegated some of the washing to the dad after I’m done baking :p

I love my new kitchen!!!

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We’ll usually eat out for breakfast during the weekends.  Declan will order Prata and Eggs most if not all the time.  Once in awhile he’ll ask for pan cakes which is actually MacDonald’s Hot Cakes.  He keeps calling them pan cakes.  That’s about all he’ll choose.  Give him anything else, he’ll loose interest in the food pretty fast.

Last Saturday, we’re somewhat stranded at home as the dad took the car out to play soccer with his peers.  With a baby and a toddler with me, it’s quite troublesome for me to drag them out just to buy breakfast.  We forgot to buy bread too.  So, no food for us.  The dad suggested I dial for MacDonald’s delivery.  After much thought, I decided I am not willing to part with extra $3 delivery charge just for that 2 piece of flour and a cup of ice milo for Declan.  So?  I’m only left with 1 option –> DIY.

He got these for his breakfast instead.  More nutritious and cost much less.

I’ve got cheese sausages in the freezer, so I thawed them in the microwave and just rolled it over a wee bit of oil over the saucepan for a little while.  Since he like pan cakes (or hot cakes or whatever), I made him mini pancakes with kaya using a recipe I got online.  He got his favorite egg too, plus a pack of strawberry milk.

Oh I must introduce the little egg cup that I bought from OG.  It cost me $3 for 2 of it.  It’s a god sent.  So easy to use, fuss free and you don’t scald your hands trying to break hot hot eggs to give the kid a soft boil egg.  Simply break the egg into the cup and throw it in the microwave, count to 20 and take it out and you got a nice soft boil egg.  If you like it more cooked, count another 10s and the egg is ready to be eaten right from the cup!  Easy huh?!

My this boy got a “golden mouth”.  He is pretty choosy when it comes to food…  Fortunately, he finished up whatever I put in his plate that morning, though the pancakes are not as soft and fluffy as MacDonald’s Hot cakes, he still finished them.  In fact he asked for more sausages.

That is a motivation to me.  now now now, what should I prepare for him this weekend??  I can almost hear the dad groaning, cos I know I have lousy cooking skills and I always mess up the kitchen.  He always end up having to gobble up the remains and clean up the mess that I created in the kitchen.

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We are putting in double effort during weekends to cook our own meal.  Between me and Kiat, we’ll each try to cook a dish.  Though the taste of my dishes are far from ideal and tasty but I guess at least the boys will appreciate my effort.  Though it’s tiring and messy to cook, but I do find cooking beneficial.  Not only in terms of nutrition but also in teaching the little one to be helpful. 

Last weekend, the little boy helped us with the preparation of the vege.

See the little auntie at work?

That’s his result.  Not too bad I would say.  Though the bits became a little small but it’s quite good for a first attempt.  He enjoyed helping out too.  I’m definitely looking forward to letting him help out in more difficult task in due course.

That was last weekend.  This weekend we won’t be cooking.  We’ll all be up at Genting!  First trip with Declan!  Hope he’ll behave and don’t throw tantrums on the bus journey. 

Will be back on Sunday! Adios! 

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The trial I had last week, got me quite hyped up to try even more of Wokking Mum’s recipes.

This was his Saturday lunch.  I didn’t possess the skills that wokking mum had, thus I can’t get the egg skin to stay around the crab stick without falling apart.  My solution? Poke them together with toothpick!!! ha!  The 6 balls are actually balls of japanese rice and I simply threw them into the pork floss and some japanese seasoning which I couldn’t remember what was it’s name.  He finished almost all of it.  I realised he love his food “rounded”.  Anything which resembles a ball, he called them the “dragon balls”.

This was his Sat dinner.  I re-did the trick of keeping his food rounded. sigh…. 1 trick should  not be used twice… he only ate a few “balls” and declared that he was full.  He gobbled down 2 cups of the egg custard though!

This was Sunday’s snack.  Used fish paste and seaweed to wrap around the crabstick.  At least this time, the “skin” stayed on!  Sadly… He didn’t finish this either.  However, I’m not gonna be disheartened!  I’ll keep trying.  He really needs to be beefed up…

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1st Bento Attempt

I was really inspired by Wokking Mum.  She can really cook up a storm for her family.  Her kids are just so fortunate to have a mum who finds joy in preparing interesting looking food for them.  Ever since I read her blog, I told myself I must put in some effort to make Dec eat.  Though I’m a lousy mum, as mentioned in my last post, but I’m not so evil as to disregard his non-existent appetite…

I bought quite a number of cookie cutters and it was left sitting there for weeks.  It was only last weekend that I decided to move my butt, get myself down to NTUC and hunt for the ingredients as stated in Wokking Mum’s blog.  Of course, I selected the easiest thing to make for my 1st attempt. 

So here is the result :

 As compared to what Wokking Mum did, mine is of course much much less appealing and can you spot the burnt piece of fish paste with seaweed??  The flower egg was a lame excuse.  I was trying to roll the up the sausages with the egg, however my dear hubby did the omelette too thick and thus we can’t roll them as they will break up.  So, the solution we got was to cut up the sausages and leave it around for him to pick :p  We gave him a choice of the shapes he wants his rice to be.  He chose the “Happy Rice”. To him, heart shape means happy.  So he called it the happy rice.

When he’s eating it, he don’t looks too happy.  His smile was kind of fake.   

hmmm I think I should practice more so that he need not be tortured by the food that I tried to prepare for him.

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