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Time flies.. he’s grown from a little helpless baby to an adventurous toddler and now to an independent pre-schooler.  He is non other than my first born.

Declan has always been an independent boy, even in his toddler years.  I remembered him shooing as away when we tried helping him to open car doors and attempted to help him get off the car.  He’ll say :” no no I can I can!”  Even when he first attempted to use the adult toilet bowl, he refused to let us help him up and insisted us not to watch him while he do his business.  He more or less trained himself to use the adult toilet bowl.

Now, what prompted me to write this post is, he’s learnt to bathe himself 🙂 It was 2 weeks ago that I asked him whether he’ll be keen to bathe himself.  His instant replied was :” YES!”  So I reminded him to shampoo his hair and highlighted to him the areas where he’s got to pay attention to.  With that, he drew the shower curtain and started to shower himself.  I peeped thru the curtain and I must say he’s doing a pretty good job.  When he can’t get the soap off thoroughly, he called me and I showed him how to hold the shower head with the different sides of his hands in order to ensure that both sides (the left and the right) could be cleaned thoroughly.

Shower time is a bonding time for both the dad and him.  They had been showering together all this while.  Nowadays, it is still happening almost daily, but at times, when Dec decided to exercise his independence, he’ll request to shower himelf. hmmm seems like very soon, this little boy won’t need us to help him with alot of other things anymore…

My boy is not the only one growing, our nation is as well!  Happy Birthday Singapore!!  Today is our National Day!

Dec wore red and white to school yesterday and he did the above craft in school.  I like it alot.  I wonder where did the teachers get all their craft ideas from.  They always bring back interesting things.  I’m pretty lousy at craft…

Last week, while driving along ECP, we were fortunate to be there at the right time as we managed to catch the national day preview fireworks!

Was too engross with the display of colours that these are the only pics that I managed to snap.  I always like fireworks.  Kiat balloted unsuccessfully for tickets to watch the parade.  He wanted to bring Dec to the venue to watch the parade live, while I preferred to stay at home and watch it from TV :p  I hate being caught in both human and traffic jam.. but I must say the atmosphere is totally different when you are watching it there and then.  If you are performing, even better!  Did you know that this mama once performed in an item for the national day parade??  That was years back while I was still with my school band.  We formed some formation while playing our instrument and I am right at the mickey mouse nose!

Anyone caught the Olympics opening last night??  The performance was good right?  Let’s see how our very own parade will turn out tonight.

Once again happy holidays folks!


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Who needs to spend extra angbaos during CNY to engage lion dance troupe to hop around the house hoping that they will bring you good luck and windfall?  Not us! cos we have our very own little lion and even dragons.

Not bad right?  Can fight with the professionals.  Pattern many many.  Not happy with just a lonely little lion cub?  Now now, let me present to you the other 2 members of the troupe.  Evelyn and Keith the mini dragons!

I brought my little monkey to Ikea and he insisted in dragging home the 2 green huge worms… I tried negotiating with him to buy just one but he refused to compromise and insisted that we must get 2 – One for him and one for Keith.  That’s my little man with a big heart.

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Dec’s “Fashion Show”

 I always envy mummies of baby girls as they have soooooo much choices when it comes to buying clothes for their girls.  Fashion for little boys are really sooooo limited…. it’s always the usual pants and t-shirt….  Now before we see what Dec wore for this new year.  Take a look at the below photo.

Make a guess who wore this pair of sexy pointed heels?







*tada!!!!* It’s none other than vainpot Declan Lim.  When his dad said :”Smile!!” Not only did he flash his megawatt smile, he also decided to give a supermodel pose aka the crooked waist post with the hips thrust forward and the back slanted which is so typical of those Miss XXX contest models when asked to pose.

Now these were what he wore over the first few days of CNY


My favorite pick is :

The Walking Banana Set!!

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Happy CNY

To all our Friends and Vistors,


May all of you be bestowed with good luck and fortune in this year of the Piggie! Good health to everyone especially to all our babies, many of whom has been ill recently. May all of you be smooth sailing in your career as well. CHHHEEEERRSSS!!!!

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Little Helping Hand

As usual, nearing CNY, mum in law will pull out every other thing in the house to scrub them down.  Even the display statues.  All these years, she either did it alone or with the help of Kiat.  This year, she got a new assistant. 

I think Dec was more a hinderance than a help.  Thus, mil shifted in the little statue for him to brush instead.

Guess which part of the little statue ends up glimming more than the other parts of it?  The head!  The little one concentrates all his attention and strength on brushing just the head of the statue.  He looks comical with his intense concentration and quick little brushing action on the head.  Anyway good job Dec!

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Our 2006 New Year Eve

Our little family spent the last few days of 2006 and first few days of 2007 at our own nest. It’s a great feeling to be at our own home. I really appreciate the space as well as the peace. We spent the afternoon at my dad’s place because it’s his birthday.

Me :”Declan, let’s go! We going to kong kong’s place.”
Dec : “Yeah!!! Go kong kong’s place see dog dog!!”
Me :” Go kong kong’s place not to see Kong kong but to see dog??…..” -_-”

What a filial grandkid my dad has….

So off we went to my dad’s place. Of course when we were there, his focus was on the dog instead of the grandpa. He has this love hate relationship with ah girl (the dog). He loves to tease her and yet when he got her excited, Ah Girl will jump on him excitedly and he’ll get frightened, cry and Ah girl will get a scolding from my dad for jumping on him. I feel sorry for Ah girl as I know she mean no harm. After he calm down, he’ll go chase after Ah girl again… and she’ll get excited again and when he turns around, she’ll in turn be chasing him and he’ll cry again and of course she, for no reason will get another scolding from the doting kong kong. It’s a dog’s life yeah? ha!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My sis was there too. This is a heartless woman whom the whole family hardly sees her. It’s been a year since she last visited my dad and I had to nag and curse at her for her to show face today. She, just like me and some members of my family are game craze. I’ve mellowed down a lot when it comes to gaming. Where got time now?? I got a todd running my life! My sis had a Nintendo DS in her bag, the moment she flashed it out, I conquered the machine, even the presence of my little todd didn’t deter me!!

We had an early dinner there and left for some last minute shopping before heading home to join the rest of the Lims in their “neighbourhood” party.

Same like last year, we headed down to Fullerton vicinity to catch the fireworks. We arrived early and even have time to take a snapshot near fullerton. His grandma make use of the waiting time to teach Declan his numbers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here’s a few snapshots of the fireworks on New Year Eve.

Happy 2007 to all of you, may your new year be a peaceful and cheerful one.

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Post Christmas Blabber

Ok ok I know Christmas is already history but I have only 1 last christmasy post to blabber about before I move on. So do bear with me!

On X’mas eve, my mum brought a log cake as a pressie for Declan. We didn’t cut the cake till boxing day simply because we kept it at mil’s fridge and forgotten all about it.

When we took it out, the little boy simply can’t keep his hands off the cake. He wasted no time in plucking out the “Merry Christmas” greeting and slurp the cream from it. He also insisted on cutting the cake himself. Thus it’s as if we are celebrating his birthday again.

Do you all happen to notice that he is into “layering” his clothes? In the above pic, he’s actually wearing 3 pieces of t-shirts one over another…. he insisted he wanted to wear 3…

The cheeky boy enjoyed the cake. He took it as supper for 2 nights continuously. He’s alot like me when it comes to food. Both of us love noodles and cakes. Ohh by the time he cut the cake, he dirtied his 2 other layers of clothes and is left with the 1st layer.

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