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It’s good to be back at our own place!  I can mess up the kitchen for all I care and there will be no one breathing down my neck ha!  Suddenly felt like being a good mother on Sunday so I woke up slightly earlier wanting to make Pancakes for my kids!  I surfed the web before I hopped into bed the previous night and manage to find a simple enough pancake recipe.

TADAHHHHHH!! My equipment and ingredients for making the pancakes.  There are 2 eggs hiding in the mixing bowl.

I was stupid enough to think that I should beat the egg white till stiff manually!!  I was thinking, aiyah just 2 egg white, no need to use the mixer… BIG MISTAKE!  Beating the egg whites nearly killed me….. I was huffing and puffing after the whites looks like it is stiff enough…. effect not perfect but I’m already half dead.. so I made do with what I achieved….  The end product :

First time I am able to achieve fluffy pancakes!! So happy!! It tasted like Mac’s hotcakes albeit a tad dry, wonder is it becos I didn’t handle the egg whites well enough….  I love the recipe! 


I spreaded on blueberry jam on one and butter on the other for Dec :

He just got well so I forbidded him to pile Smucker’s Globber Peanut Butter nor Nutella on his pancakes.  Didi went marketing with the dad and ah ma and upon his return, he ate 2 plain ones.

The elder boy wanted to go swimming but weather was bad, thus I had to confine both boys at home.  To help them drive away their boredom, I decided to let them paint in the kitchen.

I can’t let them paint in the living room cos the paint will stained the homo tiles.  The kitchen tiles are hardy so they can mess up the kitchen floor and I got no qualms about it.  It was didi’s first contact with paint brush and colours and he is more interested in tasting the “coloured water”… our heart skipped a few beats when we witnessed him sending the paintbrush to test taste….

In the evening, I decided to mess up the kitchen once again by baking Oatmeal and Raisins Cookies.

Again I got an easy recipe off the net.  I forgot to take pics of the end product though.

I enjoy messing around in the kitchen so far but I hate the washing up……..  I efficiently delegated some of the washing to the dad after I’m done baking :p

I love my new kitchen!!!


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Apparently my first born possesses better parking skills than the mum.  He found his flight of vehicles a brand new parking spot right below our suspended TV console. He refused to keep them at the toy basket and he spent a long time painstakingly lining them up prior to his bed time.


 He also tried his hand in interior designing.  See his decor standing on the console?? *faints*

 Apologies on the long lapse from my last post.  Was busy and tired with the new place…. we finally moved in y’day…

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No budget to engage interior designer, so how?  DIY lor.  I struggled to doodle out what I had in mind for some of my carpentry works, hopefully these diagrams will be able to facilitate my discussion with the carpenters next week.  Otherwise I can talk until I die I still can’t be sure they knows what I want…

The only thing that I didn’t manage to draw out is my alter..  I got the idea… just dunno how to put it down…  will struggle again tonight..

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Finally completed the below 2 pieces for the boys:

I’ll send it for framing and intend to put it up above their bedhead.

Currently our new home is into it’s 3rd week of renovation.  Tiling has completed now awaiting for carpentry work to start.

I have been having weird dreams about my reno..  Think I have been staring at too many Interior related pictures…  I think the carpentry works will be my biggest challenge since I do not have a interior designer to draw for me…  Let’s hope my self designed carpentry will turn out well..

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Our Sofas

Just a little update on the progress of our new place.  We got our keys last Friday, renovation is suppose to start on 27th April, that is provided that the renovation contractor bothers to get back to me…. sigh…  He is simply too busy…

Anyway we had been making little purchases here and there, including things that we never plan to buy in the first place.  The sofa sets are good examples of items that we initally never plan to buy. 

At first we wanted to use back our existing set, which had served us well for the last 6 years and because we are rarely at home, the conditon is as good as new.  We planned to make a new set of covers which to our horror was quoted $800 and the choice of colour and fabric was pretty limited.  Then, alas, when we were shopping around for TV console, we set our eyes on this particular set of sofa which we thought looks decent enough and it’s in the colour that we want plus it’s got recliner/sofa bed and storage functions all in one.  Couldn’t resist, so we bought it.

The vertically longish part is a recliner.

The above pic shows how it’ll look after pulling out the seat and transfroming it into sofa bed.

A closer look at the shimmering rose motiff.

So above is one set of sofa which we never plan to buy but bought. 

During our reno planning, I decided to doing away with dinning area to make way for play area for the kids.  I will custom make a set of dinning table and bench which can be stacked up when not in use.  Thus the dining area will be left empty, for me to throw in play mat, little chairs, bean bag and other stuffs for the boys.  The custom make dining set will look something like the below which I got off the net.

Went around with Fannie and family to hunt for their bedframes and chanced upon a mini L-shape fabric sofa, which I thought looks pretty cute.  We didn’t get it on the spot cos we thought $399 for a mini fabric sofa isn’t really value for money.  We went shopping around again yesterday and we ended up purchasing the below blink blink set for the boys.

I like it alot!  Though I guess it looks more suitable for girls but I couldn’t resist as the sales person agreed to let us have the display set at 30% off the original retail price. yeah!! I think this will goes will even if we place it at the living room since the colour can match the big set that we bought.

Apparently, Fannie had also set her eyes on this set for her kiddos as well!  Seems like the Twins’ wifeys also think alike. hahahaa

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arghhhhhhhh having most of our stuffs in the warehouse now is such a big inconvenience…  I wanted to scan my quote to share with some folks who are also going to do reno soon…but no scanner…. So I’ll just type it all out here…

1) Hacking and disposal – $2500

2) wall tiles for 3 toilets – $ 3600

3) floor tiles for 3 toilets – $1200

4) Plaster for kitchen wall – $600

5) Floor tiles for kitchen – $1200

6) 600x600mm homogenous tiles for living /dining/balcony/bedroom passage way – $3200

7) install 3 sets of WC – $240

8) install 2 set of wash basin – $70

9) 3 glass doors for toilets – $1350

10) Shower screen with door for 2 toilets – $560

11) stainless stell water pipe for whole unit – $1000

12) stainless stell rubbish chute – $180

13) 17ft top & bottom kitchen cabinet (top all glass) – $3400

14) granite table top for kitchen – $1000

15) glass wall/door for kitchen c/w partition wall – $1600

16) Full ht cabinet at kitchen area – $200

17) TV console and feature wall – $1300

18) 3ft altar full ht – $900

19) 5.5 ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1200

20) 6ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1320 (yes it’s correct I kiasu doing 2 wardrobe in MBR :p)

21) 3inch platform both MBR and Boys’ room – $700 (this is dirt cheap!)

22) laminate flooring for 3 bedrooms – $1800

23) Painting for whole unit (Nippon 3 in 1 paint) – $1100

24) nato windows for 3 toilets – $400

25) fire resistant main door – $650

26) false ceiling c/w 5 lighting point at living room – $800

27) Lbox c/w 14 lighting point at living/dining room area – $900

28) windows for whole unit – $2350

29) window grille for whole unit – $1000

30) 5ft wardrobe in kids room – $1100

31) 2ft full ht cabinet in boys rooms (for toys and stuffs) – $380

32) Vanity top of MBR toilet – $700

33) 4 ft shoe cabinet – $720

34) supply new power point, new switch and install lights – $450

35) 4 x bedroom doors (this one dunno how much but it is included)

For all the above work, after discount and negotiation we arrived at $35,000.

Now.. I’m just waiting to receive my keys and for uncle to start hack hack hack!!!!  That will probably be in late April.

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Our First Nest

These 2 weeks have been a pretty mad rush for us, especially during the weekends.  The dad appointed the mover pretty late, thus we got the boxes late which means we started packing late as well.  The last 2 weekends were mostly spent throwing out stuffs and packing what we wanted to bring along.  The whole place looks like a war zone now!!  Fortunately, I did took some photos of our first nest some time ago for memory sake.

This place was our very first nest, bought about 6 years ago.  Can’t believe that it’s already 6 years!!  We will be officially shifting out on 28th Feb 2009.  It’s a mixed feeling.  I am excited about the new place but yet a little reluctant to move from our cosy nest which we had grown so accustomed to.  Come 2nd March, when we have to officially hand over the keys to the next owner, we will be offcially homeless as well.  For the time being, we will be depositing at mil’s place.

Here are a few pics of our first nest, sharing with all and also keeping it in loving memory.

This place has kept us sheltered for the past few years and I had been through 2 confinement periods there.  It’s a little painful to let it go… but I gotta plan for the future.  Dec needs to be at Clementi as I intend to enrol him Henry Park Primary School.  By shifting nearer, it’ll also mean that we’ll all be able to get more sleep in the morning!!

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