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Of  late this question keeps popping into my brain. 

Is mum just a channel for you to arrive in this cold heartless world? 

Is mum just a milk cow giving you the much needed nutrients during the early months of your life? 

Is mum just another pair of hands to keep you clean when you dirty yourself?

Is mum just an ATM when you need cash for all wants and needs?

Is mum just a dummy for you to vent your anger and frustration?

I’ve seen closely knitted mums and children who bring a tingling warm feeling to my heart when I see how close they are… but, I’ve seen more mums and children who are at loggerheads with each other… this is the cold truth that I believe many refuse to face..

In my life, there appear a mum that in the bid of trying to grab her kids attention, she ended up messing the whole family up, sowing discord unintentionally and at times naively.  She is the cause to many disputes among her own kids.  She has got 5 children, but none are staying with her.  If you ask me, it is not that they don’t love her.  Some do, some don’t and I suspect 1 even hates her. Most of her kids can’t afford to maintain her, not that she is a big spender, but the fact that they are doing odd jobs with low income and have their own family to care for, they are left with not much to support her.  But still, she gets by.  She is not starving, except for a little more attention from each of her kid and maybe even grandkids…

It’s a sad state, why does a 80 yo needs to drama before her kids can give her some attention.  On the other hand, why must the 80 yo perform adverse drama and add stress to the already stressful lifes of her kids.  Unknowingly, she is actually pushing them away rather than drawing them back to her.  Along the way, someone gets caught in the middle.  She thinks she has a clear picture but sometimes she thinks she has a clouded mind.  All the kids starts pushing their mother to this person not knowing or refuse to acknowledge that what their mum need is not this person but their each and individual love and concern.  There is only this much this person can do, physically, emotionally and financially.  The mum just want her 5 kids to be united and behave as 1 and appear before her. 

This mum needs to go for an op.  The first reaction of 2 of the kids is : I can’t decide for her whether she can go for op, I cannot take the responsibilty if something goes wrong, the rest will blame me.  Why this kind of mentality?  Why always talk about blame?  Where has the heart gone to?  Can someone feel the pain that this mum is going through,  both the physical and the emotional pain. 

I am really heartbroken to see things coming to this dire state.  I thought to myself, will I ever put my 2 sons in such a situation? I hope not.  I am not in the best position to criticise these 5, cos I myself, is not in harmony with my own mum.

Is it really so difficult to be a caring, loving and forgiving mum?  or should we look at things from the other perspective?  Is it really so difficult to be a caring, loving and forgiving child?  Can’t the child/children be more accomodating towards their parents for having gone through so much to bring them to this world, by providing them all the needs and wants till their wings are strong enough to take off on their own?  I’m sure the parents would have showered lots of love on their children when they are young, just like how I love my 2 kids and just like how I put in certain efforts to do things for my 2 kids now?  Will there be 1 day, my 2 kids starts to hate me and try to stay away from me?  I can’t tell as my own are still very young.

Aside from asking myself what’s the value of a mum, I guess I should also ponder what’s the value of the kids to the parents?  Relationships are getting more transactional nowadays.  Aren’t you guilty of soliciting for love and results from your own kid?  Especially those who have really young ones at home?  e.g  Give mummy a kiss and mummy will give u a candy?  Can I have a hug?  You wanna watch cartoon? Ok, do this first?  I’ll put up both my hands high and admit I’m guilty.  I know this method is not quite right, but seriously, at this time, when everyone are spoilt for choices, everything seems to become transactional, even parental love… Sad state but it’s cold hard truth….

So what’s my value? As a mum, a daughter and a grandchild?  I’m ashame to say I got no definite, strong and objective answer to my own question…


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2 days ago, we spotted a huge rainbow across the sky just directly opposite Dec’s school.  He saw it first and he got really excited.  This is the first time he saw a real rainbow in the sky. 

These shots were taken by Declan.  The first shot was taken while the car was on the road, the second shot was taken after we parked our car.  I, as an adult, was really fascinated by this scene, let alone a little kid. 

As I drove, I kept sneaking a few quick peeks at the sky.  Thinking back now, it was really quite dangerous for me to do that.  But I believe alot of other drivers on the road was also awed by this huge rainbow.

If you look at the first shot carefully, you’ll probably see another more faint spectrum of rainbow above the actual one.  After this, I wonder when we will be able to see a rainbow again.  The last time I saw one was many years back.  Somehow, rainbow always reminds me of carebear.  When I was little, I always made it a point to wake up early on Sunday morning just to catch Carebear and Smurfs cartoon.

Somewhere… over the rainbow….way up high……

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Fabulous Blog Award

Mama Ray gave me the following award :


Thanks!! Mama Ray.  It’s nice to know that some folks like my posts, though the number of posts had dwindled. :p

As part of this award I must now list 5 addictions and then pass onto 5 more fabulous blogs!

My 5 addictions :

1) Coffee – every morning must have!! if not engine cannot start!

2) Games – PC games, Online web games, PS games! Sometimes I wish that human beings need not sleep so that I will have more time for games and yet at the same time won’t neglect the kids.

3) Sleep – this is contradicting to item 2 but once I sleep I wish I’ll forever wish I can get another 1-2 more hours of snooze.

4) Sashimi – just love them RAW!

5) Cakes – esp cheesecakes!

I wish to pass on this award to :

The Lazy Stay-at-home Mummy
My Two Girls – All about Zara and Zaria
The Upperroom
The Little Feet
MamaBliss’ Treasured Moments

All these are some of my favorite and regular reads.  Of course my list of fav are much longer, it’s just that some already received the award from others.   I’ve learnt alot from the other mums/dads thru reading their blogs and I hope mine did provide some new parents with at least a wee bit information to whatever doubt they might have when it comes to bringing up their kids.

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New Pet

After the Declan’s Pet Talk happen, the dad was considering buying him a mini aquarium which I forbid as I thought we would not have the time to take care of the fishes and I did not want the pets to get neglected and die off.

However, mid of Dec 08, when the dad’s workplace was to be shifted to another location, down came an instruction from his management that staffs were not to bring over their aquariums to the new work place due to space constraint.  ha! I guessed it was more for professional image rather than space constraint.  Anyway, because of that instruction, the dad’s colleague wanted to give away his mini fish tank and the dad happily adopted it so that Dec could get his wish of owning a pet.  I was skeptical…  but when I saw the tank, I thought it looked pretty pleasant and the little things swimming in there were cute.

The tank came with a lonely tetra and 4 tiny shrimps.  I liked the shrimps.  Very tiny very cute.  Days later, we realised that one of the shrimp was pregnant wor!  You could see tiny tiny eggs in it’s belly!!  Also, out pop a snail, a pretty one.  Pinkish, orangy colour. 

That’s the lonely tetra.  Poor thing, the whole tank only got 1 fish.

You can see part of lonely Tetra, part of preggy shrimp and part of pretty snail.  Can you see the little white spots which I circled?  Those I presumed are the eggs.

Another pic of lonely tetra and preggy shrimp.

I wonder when will I be able to see more little shrimps. It’s been like more than 3 weeks since I noticed it preggy and still no baby shrimps.  I suppose it’ll lay the eggs somewhere and then they’ll hatch right?? *shrugs*  Its been hiding alot lately.  I hardly get to see it.  Not sure whether it has laid its eggs already or not.  Anyone what is the gestation period for shrimps??

Few days after the dad brought back the tank, he bought another 6 more Tetras to accompany the lonely one.  At least now the tank don’t look so bare.  I like the plants in there.  Let’s hope that our little fish tank will be able to flourish.

Ohh and Declan loves the tank.  He’ll go over and take a peek when he’s home and often wanting to feed the fish.  The dad had take control of the feeding routine for fear that Dec will overfeed those little chaps and kill them :p  I really hope to see more addition to the little community.

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Horrid Taxi Fare

Just wanna complain…. the taxi fare hike was really scary!!!  I took a Comfort cab home from Jalan Bukit Merah back to Jurong West at about 5+pm and guess how much was the fare??  $21.35!!!! My god…………. 

When I took a non Comfort cab from Jurong West to SGH (which is slightly further from Jln Bt Merah) it only cost me $14.  This is the first time I really welcome the extra overhead that will be incurred when we collect our car in Jan 08…. 

Everything seems to be going up, petrol cost, cab fare, cost of flour, cost of confectionary, school bus fare…. aiyoh… wonder what will be going up next….. and I am doubly sure it won’t be my salary…. 

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Stained Luggage Bag

This was the first time I flown SQ (cos I no “vitamin M” mah, usually will fly by other more economical airlines) and see what they did to my luggage???

arghhhhhh!!! So pissed off!!!  When I checked in the luggage it was still as good as new!!!  In a matter of 3 hours my lugguage bag looks as if it’s been used for 10 years!  I’ve sent an email feedback to our national carrier, hope that they will be more careful in handling customers’ luggage in future…


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I’m finally Here

2 weeks (I think) ago, I thought of switching over from blogspot to wordpress due to the problems I encounter with blogspot and of course the strong advocation from current wordpress users.  However due to the limitation when it comes to changing the template, I chicken out and ran back into the arms of blogspot.

The last straw came when my readers could not leave comments and have problem accessing my blogspot site.  Thus here I am now.  I love the wide eye bird above too much to just let it go, thus YL help me think of a way so that the wide eye bird can live on in our new home –> That is to inplant the image of this bird manually everytime when I post… 

Not too bad an idea though, at least I can still see this cute birdie around ahhaha Thanks yah YL!

So welcome to our new home!!!  Do drop by often. 🙂 

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