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Finally completed the below 2 pieces for the boys:

I’ll send it for framing and intend to put it up above their bedhead.

Currently our new home is into it’s 3rd week of renovation.  Tiling has completed now awaiting for carpentry work to start.

I have been having weird dreams about my reno..  Think I have been staring at too many Interior related pictures…  I think the carpentry works will be my biggest challenge since I do not have a interior designer to draw for me…  Let’s hope my self designed carpentry will turn out well..


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45-logo2As the title denotes, I am moving and we are moving too.

When I say I am moving, I am referring to the fact that I’ll be moving in terms of my career.  I’ve gotten a new job!  I pretty dislike the current working environment and it makes me unhappy.  Thus I decided to move on.  The change will take place in Feb 2009.  Upon letting my boss knows about my possible moves, some carrots were dangled in front of me.  Pretty tempting… but after much consideration, I decided to stick on to my decision.

Now let’s talk about the next move.  We are moving!  This is really a premature move.  I plan to move to Clementi, nearer to the time when Dec needs to enrol for Primary 1.  That is gonna happen in 2011.  For the sake of convenience as well as to have a better chance to get into Henry Park Primary, we thought the move will be apt.

Currently, we transit between Clementi (mil’s place) and Boon Lay daily.  That equates to extra travelling time, extra money spent on petrol, extra money spent on season parking (we got season tix for mil’s place as well) and of course less sleep…

hmmmm as I write my post and started counting, I realise the move may not be as premature as I thought it was.  By the time we finalise our move, it’ll be around mid 2009 and that’s about 1.5 years away from Dec’s primary school enrolment.  Which is just nice for us to do volunteer/grassroots work in prep for the enrolment.  ha! Heaven is on my side.

The viewings were unintentional.  We were bitten by the viewing bug as both Kiat’s brothers are planning their move as well.  Very often, our daily chit chat with mil will encompass around so and so is planning to sell their house, why don’t you guys go and view and see if you guys like the unit?  If you guys like it, might as well buy it.  With the daily psycho, I finally picked up the classified ads and rang up a couple of agents to arrange for viewing.

Kiat was not keen at all in this whole hunting process.  He’s feeling very comfy in the present flat and Dec’s primary school need has not set in for him yet.  So, I pretty much have to drag him along.  First 2 viewings came and go, and he is still showing no hype nor interest.  However, things changed when we viewed the 3rd unit.  At the door step, I already nudged him and whispered :” I’m quite sure you’ll like this unit.”  True enough, he couldn’t even wait to get out of the unit to have a discussion and insisted he wanted to confirm the purchase!  What a big turn of event!

With that decision, we negotiated with the seller’s agent and appointed him our agent as well.  We decided to engage him to sell our current flat so that we can proceed with the purchase of the clementi unit.

The whole thing started in October 08.  As of now, we’ve got a good news and a bad news.  Good news is, we have sold our flat.  Bad news is, we didn’t get a fantastic price due to the urgency of the sale.  We sold it only at valuation.   The only consolation is our valuation price was pretty good.

With the selling of our old place and the buying of the new place.  The next phase will be dressing up our new place!!  yeah!!! it’s exciting!! Will do a post soon on what are the ideas I like.

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