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New Year at Kukub

We spent our last day of 2008 and first day of 2009 at Kukub with my uncle and his friends.  This is our first trip to Kukub.  We had to leave little Kenji at home with mother in law as I think he is still too little for such trips.  We (including Dec) missed him dearly.

When we came back from the trip, mil shared that little Kenji missed us too.  For the 2 days that he spent at mil’s place, both nights he didn’t sleep well, he woke up twice every night.  awww poor boy…  The moment he came home and saw Dec, he squirmed to get out of my arms and was all over his elder brother as if to tell Dec that he missed him as well.  He’ll usually avoid Dec when Dec gets too near and rough for his comfort, this is the first time I see him lugged himself towards Dec voluntarily.  It was a cute sight!

The trip wasn’t fantastic, I guess we were a bunch of energetic folks who needs more activities to stay hyped.  There wasn’t much too do… It’s all about eating, drinking, talking, singing and playing with mini fireworks and crackers… 

Will just share some pics of the trip.

Dec got 2 other boys and a girl as company on the trip.  Another little boy was not in the pic.  These little ones really enjoyed themselves though the adult thought the trip was a bit boring.  The only girl in the group came back with 3 stitches at the back of her head as she fell accidentally off the double decker bed when the kids were playing.  The little accident manage to tame all of them and kept them away from the double decker beds.  Fortunately she was pretty alright and was up and running again the next morning.


The kids had fun watching the mini fireworks and playing with crackers while the adults have our own fun too.  kiat came out with this game that whoever lost will have to drink.  *burp*

Finally a group pic showing all the families and friends who were on the trip.  In total there were about 30+ of us including kids.

Happy 2009 folks!  Hope all your new year celebration and countdown went well and may all of you be blessed with good health and good wealth fo this new year!!


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Weekend in the East

No prize for getting it right that we are at East Coast Park again.  ECP is one of our favorite weekend haunt.  Since I went to TP HQ to replace my license, no reason why we shouldn’t be dropping by ECP since we are so near.

This lastest trip to ECP was by far one of my most inactive trip…. All because my dear Kenji boy knocked out right after lunch at Burger King…  He tends to perspire alot, thus, I chose to stay put in BK (got air con mah) to wait till he wakes up, while Kiat bring Declan out for his mini car and bicycle ride.  Not sure whether that was a right choice as I basically sat there for more than 2 hours.. with just my mp3 songs from my handphone and a few ID magazines to tide me through the 2+hours… *yawn*…..

The below pics that Kiat brought back was evident that Declan really enjoyed himself, as usual.  He simply loves ECP, especially the Bedok Jetty where he can see all the uncles fishing and he loves browsing through their catches.

Very girly right the car??? The dad explained that the pinky was supposed to be one of the fastest moving among the whole lot.  ok forgiven then… The ride was quite reasonably priced, at only $5 for a 15mins ride.  I saw a dad put a young baby (probably 9-10mth old) in one of this and moved the car by remote control!  Cool right?! of course the baby was safely strapped down with safety belt.  I wanted to put Kenji in one too!!! But too bad.. he fell asleep…

That was him right before he set off for his long ride to Bedok Jetty.  Can you imagine the dad actually walked the whole journey while the boy was paddling along??!! 

He loves fishes – be they dead or alive.  He’s always very intrigue by them.  If you don’t pull him away, I bet he can stay there till the sun set.  The dad told me they saw something interesting.  They actually saw a tiny octopus in one of the boxes.  Still alive!

Can you see it clearly???  So cute right???  awwww.. how I wish I was with them so that I get to see it too… 

The poor boy came back to BK with some scratches on his knee.  The dad told me he fell off the bike.  The brave boy, didn’t even whine to me.  When I tried to clean his wound he did squirm a little.  I didn’t dare to exert too much pressure for fear that it’ll be painful for him.  Ended up –  he must be thinking the mummy was such a looser, he asked for a wet tissue from me and and wipe off the blood from the wound himself :p  Tough boy I’ve got there!

That’s his momento from the trip.  Not too bad actually.

Ohh and while I was waiting at BK for the duo to return, I bumped into Baby Darius and family.  Forgot to ask to take a picture together…. wasted!!

Other than the east coast trip.. this week I’ve dragged the 3 men to Singapore Expo thrice.  Once for the Megatex Fair where we got our LCD TV in prep for the new house, once to check out the IDs in the exhibition and the last to shop in Metro and Popular Warehouse Sales.  Guess the dad won’t wanna drive from AYE to ECP again for the next few weeks 😡

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Sandcastle Craze

Remember I shared that we bought a set of sandcastle mound?  We’ve put it to good use.

Now now, which desert did we go?? ha!  Nah… we were at east coast yet again! We were there last Friday.  Both Kiat and myself were on leave and we brought the older kids Keith, Evelyn and Declan to the beach and we left the little one at home so that he won’t get burnt and I would have a chance to enjoy myself too.

This was my second attempt at building sandcastle.  The first attempt, we were at the beach with Fannie and family.  We didn’t manage to build anything glorious…

This time at least we manage to build something that didn’t collapse the moment we remove the mould.

We worked hard!  While the boys were playing in the sea, both me and Evelyn were busy digging into the sand.  Most part of my whole time there, I was looking downwards and digging labourously, I ended up with a sunburnt back.  So bad that my skin is still peeling off as of now while I’m updating this post.

After a long long time, I think about 2-3 hours, we got this :

Though it is far from the fortress style which the professional people built but I guess it can be considered decent for a beginner without much professional help.  Say yes to console me! Somehow I’m most proud about the staircase that I built.

Let me tell you, building sandcastle is a good workout!  Don’t believe me??  Go out there and do it and you’ll know what I mean.  Don’t forget that you’ll have to walk to and fro to fetch water to mix with the sand.

With the success of the first project.  I rested, played in the water with the rest and then move on to start my second project :

TADAHJHHHH!! My second project which I thought looked like a lighthouse.  The waterway was compliment of Kiat and Keith who ran to and fro to fetch water and keep pouring into the void to allow me to take a nice photo of my so call lighthouse with the water effect.  The water was sucked pretty quickly into the sand.

It was a well spent day at the beach.  All of us were baked.  Dec had loads of fun, not with the sand but with the new water spouts that I bought for him.  Unfortunately I only bought 2 sets, should have bought 4 sets instead so that we could had teamed up and had more fun.  With 2 spouts and of course priviledge given to the youngest amongst the brood (Declan and Keith), poor Evelyn ended up being the moving target.

Both Kiat and myself had applied for another week’s leave at the end of the year.  I’m sure we’ll be at the beach again!  Kiat was saying :” You said you are buying the sandcastle set for Declan but seems like you are the one playing with it most of the time”  ha!  I agreed! Declan don’t seems to be have the patience.  He’ll rather run off to play in the water.  So I shall be the official builder!  Anyway I am trained in building mah so I should rightfully be a better builder!

Stay tune for more castles!

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Sand Sun Sea

We love the 3 “S”es.  We always try to get enough doses of the 3 “S”es during the weekend.  When we don’t Declan will “remind” us.  We are always more than willing to oblige cos I don’t mind some sun and it’s a pretty cost saving fun activity that is healthy and suitable for the whole family.

So, yeah! We were at East Coast Park once again.

Wonder why Dec is playing so far away from the rest of his toys?  He only managed to grab his wheelbarrow before “running for his life” and settling a distance away from the rest of the toys.  Wanna guess what he (and me as well :P) ran away from? 

That’s the culprit!  A harmless butterfly.  I got this weird phobia of butterflies. Whenever one gets too near I’ll freak out.  When I freaked out, it affected Declan as well.  He escaped along with me. hehehe


Just me and my boys.  I am happy when they are.  Happiness is such a simple thing for me.

I was afraid that didi will get sun burnt thus I put him in shelter while Dec continues to bask in the sun with the dad.  This little boy got interested in my book wor.


Like real only right??  Let’s hope he’s got equally keen interest when it is his turn to pick up the books.


While I was confined in the shade with didi, the dad tried to bury my first born alive.  From the look of it, my first born did’t seem to mind been buried alive.  In fact he looked pretty pleased.  He was enjoying his sand bath. 

After we got enough of the 3 “S”es we headed for the hawker centre for food.  After food, we bumped into this group of people who was building amazing sand castles along the beach. 

The sandcastles are impressive aren’t they?  I am impressed and it did look really fun.  So we picked up a set of sandcastle moulds at $38 a set.  Now I am all excited to be back on the beach again and put the moulds and of course our skill to test.  Dec is equally excited and keen to try too.

We’ll either go tomorrow, if we got the time, if not it’ll be next Friday.  Will share our masterpiece to all.

Hmmm I’m trying to upload a set of slideshow on the pic of my boys onto wordpress without much success.. anyone can teach me how can I do it?

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An Unexpected Outing

We always try to bring the boys out as often as we can over the weekends.  Last Saturday, Kiat suggested to bring them to the goat farm.  So off we went to the goat farm.  As both of us are very bad at wayfinding, it took us some effort to arrive at the goat farm.  Along the way we passed by the cemetries and also spotted some interesting signboards that indicated to us that there’s a nature reserve and some agri parks or whatever around the vicinity.

Frankly, I didn’t really fancy the goat farm as there’s nothing much to be done except uhmmmm watching, touching and feeding them.  It was a short stay (about 20mins or less),

The dad guiding Dec to feed and touch the goats.

Didi was pretty interested in the animal as well.  He looked at them intensely.  See, even when we tried to take a pic, he couldn’t take his eyes of them.  I was kinda worried that didi would “offer” his stubby fingers to the goat, which was obviously very hungry as it was chewing the wire mesh, that’s why you see me holding back his hand.

From the goat farm, we thought we wanted to hunt down the fish farms as Declan loves looking at fishes.  Blame it on poor way finding (as usual), we didn’t hit any fish farm, instead we stumbled upon a frog farm.  Never knew that there was a frog farm.

Nothing exciting in there either.  There are just uhmmmm…. frogs and some fishes.  Quite a depressing sight actually. You see hundreds and hundreds of frogs just squatting there, croaking, waiting to be packed off to the restaurants.  Frog’s porridge anyone?  Yucks!

We left after a short stay.  Told the dad to just drive along and see where we hit next.  The next destination was pretty unexpected.  We drove to a dead end :p  Where the police coast guards were and beyond that — the sea.  Weather was hot, so the dad offered to bring Dec down to explore what was beyond while I was granted the priviledge of staying in the car with Kenji.

Why is it that the fellow with the thinest hair always perspire the most?  He was like pouring sweat lor, poor chap.

The dad came back and annouced – nothing much, just some people selling crabs. ??? selling crabs?? weird.  Anyway, when we were about to drive off, there was this pair of malay uncles with a little boy, who parked their car beside ours.  We noticed them pulling out nets and pails.  Kiat striked up a conversation with them and they told us, they were there to catch prawns.  We were amused.  Catch prawns?? where???  They were friendly, nice and excitable.  They urged us to follow them and they would show us and we did.

They brought us to a wooden bridge that extended into the sea.  Nice place.  Again, I never knew that there’s such a place in Singapore.

Looks like a kelong isn’t it?  Ohh pardon my messy hair, the wind was strong. 

We asked uncle, where were the prawns? He told us it’s in the water, they are everywhere.  I looked, don’t have leh…  So he put his net in, scooped and showed it to me.  Then I realised ohhhh not prawns lah…. they were tiny mini shrimps and it’s really alot!  Uncle shared that they could be added to eggs and fried.

He harvested the above in just 1-2 scoops with the net in the water.  We spotted an alien in there, see the circled fellow?  It’s not a shrimp.  It was a tiny piper fish (not sure whether i got the name right).

That’s how they looked like without the water.

We also spotted quite a few mini puffer fishes which were still alive.

When we got near, it actually puffed up and I did the most bimbo thing that I never imagine that I’ll do.  I pulled Declan away and exclaimed :” stay away stay away!!! will it explode??”  Shortly after I exclaimed that, I felt silly, when did you ever hear anyone got killed cos of a puffer fish (and a tiny mini one) exploding in their face???  They wouldn’t explode of course………..

We hung around awhile and bid the uncles goodbye.  We thought maybe we could come back again one of these days, bring our own nets and pails and start scooping as well. hehehee  Ohh and there’s mussels under the bridge as well.

WARNING – CATCHES THERE NOT FIT FOR CONSUMPTION for more details refer to comments wrtten by Xiaohongdian.  so ahhh folks, go there see, experience ok, but don’t eat!

We ended up at the esplanade.  Did nothing much except lounging by the riverside.  Though we didn’t do much, it was really relaxing.  We watched the sunset and took some nice pictures of ourselves.  Didi enjoyed some “al fresco” dininig as well. I fed him his cereal by the river.

Nice scenery right?

I took alot of pics of the boys and I particularly liked the ones below with Declan trying to feed his didi biscuits.

Very heartwarming for me 🙂  I’m really glad that he’s got over the jealousy stage and can now co-exist with his little bro.

Dinner was simple fare at Marina’s food court and I’ll end this post with Declan performing some basketball “stunts”.

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Bonding Day

The childcare centre is closed today.  I took leave to spend some private bonding time with my first born.  Just me and him.  It’s been a long time since I spent time alone with him.  There’s always the dad and the didi between us.  I’ve planned to bring him to the Disney Restaurant for awhile.  It finally materialised today.

I brought him on a train and bus ride.  Ever since we got our car at the beginning of this year, I realised we lost quite some bonding time.  When we used to take public transport, we’ll chit chat while we travel.  Nowadays, he is usually seated in his throne at the front with the dad, while I watched over Kenji at the backseat.  Though we still talk but it’s not quality chit chat.  More often than not, my attention is diverted away by Kenji.

I bought him a children’s concenssion card and he got all excited about owning his own ezlink card.  He took that as a symbol that he’s a big boy now and got very happy when he was able to scan his card and then enter the gantry on his own at the train station.  He loves to travel on train ever since he was a toddler and he likes taking the double decker bus too.  I fulfilled both of his likings for him today.

He and his own ezlink card on board a double decker bus.

Can you see that he’s a happy boy?

We chatted along the way and he told me this :”Mummy, you so long never bring me out already, it’s always daddy.”  sigh… That’s pretty true.  For the past months, most of the time it’ll be the dad that bring him out to the playground or for a swim, while I’ll opt to stay at home with Kenji.  I think I need to put in more effort to balance the time distribution between the brothers, I really didn’t want him to grow up with the mindset that the mum favors the little brother more.  I will note that down as an area for improvement in my University of Motherhood report card.

The Disney Restaurant is located at Anchor Point.  I ordered a macaroni and cheese for him while I got myself a pizza.  The taste of the macaroni was mediocre but the pizza was nice and the shape of the pizza was a plus point.  Even I as an adult was pretty amused to eat a mickey mouse shape pizza!

Cute right the pizza??! 

Declan’s strawberry milkshake don’t taste too bad actually.  Overall I think the food is low in value for money.  I don’t mind going back again once in awhile, not for the food but for the fact that it is a kids friendly restaurant.  As the restaurant is not big, thus it didn’t really have a very disney feel.  As Dec is not a foodie, most of the food landed in my tummy.  He is more interested in getting his hands on the computer for some disney games, as well as washing his hands from water dispense from a tap hidden in a huge mickey mouse glove.  ohhh and they gave the kids free stickers too.  

A big minus point was they made us wait for 40mins before our order was served.  Reason being that one of the oven was down…  plus I have a slow eater with me… by the time we finished lunch it was nearing 4pm.  The return bus trip and a short stay at the playground marked the end of our bonding session.

I have since decided that I shall always take leave to have similar bonding sessions with him whenever his childcare centre is closed.  Every year, they will be closed for about 5 days separately for different reasons such as, teachers’ workshop, spring cleaning etc.   Of course it won’t be just the 5 days, I will find more opportunities whenever time allows.

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At the Beach, Again!

We spent our national at the beach. shhhh better not let mil know, otherwise she’ll skin me alive for bringing her precious boys to the beach and seaside on ghosts month.  But hey! It’s not my idea!  It’s Declan’s!

I realised, we always pumped ourselves with junk food during the weekends.  It’s Declan’s idea too!!  He’s always asking for MacDonald’s.  I’m getting kinda sick of MacDonald’s, so I “re-directed” my brood to BK instead :p

He looked happy right?  Don’t be fooled.. I could tell that he really didn’t like kid’s meal at BK.  He hardly touched the chicken strip or whatever you call it.  If it’s McNuggets, you wouldn’t need to probe him to eat, he’d just keep dipping his McNuggets and fries into the sweet and sour sauce before sending them into his mouth.

While we were eating, the “little person” with us was whiny.  He actually wanted us to share our food with him.  We tried giving him milk, but he kept spitting the bottle tit out and continue to whine.  That’s when we realised.. ohhhhh the “little person” want to taste the food on our lunch table.  aiyahhh.. this little fellow.  So I got the dad to pinched some crumbs off the burger’s bread and that made him a happy “little person”.

He kept asking for more.  Fortunately I brought along some baby biscuits and I fed him 2 pieces of those.  Afterwhich, he still refused his milk….

Off to the sea and the beach for some fun after lunch.

I brought along Kenji’s throne this time so that he need not “koala” on me all the time.  Confining him in his pram is a bad idea too, as it can get pretty warm and the poor boy will be perspiring.  With  his throne, he can sit in it while he kicked the sand.

Hands free!  I love the idea!  Guess what?  This little person also enjoyed his “tea break” by the beach.

Yummy rice cereal under the sun with sea breeze blowing across his cheeks.  How cool can that get?!  Ohh but the minus point is he got a few grain of sand which “pretended” that they were rice cereal.  All thanks to the dad who tried to dust some sand away while I was preparing his cereal and I witness some actually flew into his bowl of warm gooey cereal.  Luckily no bad stomach after that.

The kor kor is always the happiest person whenever we go to the beach.  While the both parents will be the busiest people around.  Me will be busy looking after the younger one while the dad will be busy playing with the elder one.  After a dip in the sea, father and son got some sand play before Dec requested to go for a bicycle ride.

While they were away showering (before the ride), I noticed a hideous looking patch of dark cloud looming in the sky.

Instead of waiting for the pair to be back, I quickly stripped Kenji boy down in his pram and started packing.  After I’m done, they were still not back.  So, I thought I’ll just walked towards the toilet and wait for them outside.  On my way to the toilet, I saw one of the most amazing scene in my life.  Just 5m ahead of me, a screen of sand suddenly blew across the area.  It resembled a sand storm in a dessert.  Have you ever seen sand being blown into the sky and across the pavement in Singapore?  No?  Ha!  That’s not the end!  Following the mini “sand storm”  stuffs like plastic bags, paper cups all got blown up into the air and swept across the pavement.  The wind was exceptionally strong and those who are in the affected area could hardly hold their footing.  Next thing I knew, I saw tents being blown up and across, followed by some panic screams.  Those within the strange strong wind, started to run.  When I saw those people running, I quickly turned back and walk towards the opposite direction, worried that the strange wind would travel towards my side. 

Fortunately, as quickly as it started, it ended.  Leaving everyone at the scene lost, blurred, frightened etc.  I was kinda worried that Dec and Kiat would be one of those within the strange wind. Felt like walking towards the area to check but was afraid that it might happen again and I’ve got little Kenji with me.  I paced around the area… not sure whether to proceed or retrack and that was when I caught sight of the duo! Phew!!! They were close, but not affected as well!!!  We quickly dropped the idea of cycling, hopped into the car and made our way to Parkway.  It started to drizzle. strange thing was, after this happened, instead of packing up and leave for safety sake, alot of the beach goers simply stayed put and continue their activities.  Aren’t they afraid that something of a bigger magnitude might happen???  I know Singapore is pretty shield from such natural disaster but still???! What if a flying tent flew pass and hit them on the head?!….

I think the dad was pretty affected.  He got really worried and thought that me and Kenji was caught in the wind.  He kept exclaiming how worried he was while he drove.  By the time we parked, he managed to calm down more or less.  At parkway, the boys got their kiddy rides and we had dinner at Ajisen.  We managed to “con” Declan to eat his food by ordering him a kid’s meal that was served in an aeroplane plate.

Remember he wish to be a pilot?  I was happy as he almost finished all his food 🙂  After dinner, the dad got generous and bought Dec a “mike” and a “percy” and I got a smurf figurine.  He also brought us to coffee bean to lounge.

I love smurfs!  I remembered waking up early on sunday mornings during my teen years just to catch the smurfs on TV!  It’s a pity that they are not showing the cartoon anymore… 😦

I didn’t manage to catch the strange wind on photo nor video… wonder whether anyone else did..  hmmmm would we go to the beach again?  I think we would!  Dec and the dad loves the sun the sea and the beach!  We’ll be back!

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