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Dec and Ken

Last Sunday, we brought Dec out for lunch.  After his lunch, while I was queueing to buy him his favorite jelly, he tapped me on my thigh and reminded me :” Mummy, you also buy one for Kenji ok?”  Seems like the idea of him having a little brother had quite settled in his little brain and he is accepting it quite well.  I can’t sense any jealousy from him at this point in time.  Hope this cordial feeling towards his little brother will continue when he arrives.

 I explained to him : ” Kenji can’t eat now, so I’ll just buy 1 piece for you.”

Dec : ” Oh is it because Kenji has not come out yet?”

Ha~~ Such innocent question.

There was one time while he was applying moisturiser for me, I explained to him that he used to be just like Kenji, hibernating in my womb and he replied :” I don’t want to be inside!!” 

Me :” Why is that so?”

Dec :” Because I want to see mummy and daddy.”

That reply is well worth all the milk powder and diaper money that we invested in him so far.

Last night during the moisturiser application routine, Kenji was moving quite vigorously and Dec was very amused by his little brother and he was laughing and laughing when Kenji kick against his palm.  He got a little too excited though and he actually held on to my tummy and shaking it.  He claimed that he is trying to see whether Kenji is inside, after shaking it, he exclaimed :” Yeah Kenji is inside!”

I am now at 35 weeks and I noticed that I am moving much slower this week.  Doc said that baby had moved quite low already and is weighing approximately 2.6kg.  If it continued to stay in there till full term, he should weigh about 3kg.   Dec weighed 3.65kg at birth.  That explained why I am lighter in this pregnancy than my first.  I’ve put on a total of about 14kg todate.

Somehow I hope Kenji will pop earlier…..  dread going to office and facing some folks there… I don’t mind if he arrive about 2 weeks earlier.  Am keeping my fingers crossed! 


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30th Week Update

I am in my 30th week now.  It felt like just yesterday that I uploaded the pic of my positive indicating pregnancy test kit and just with a blink of the eyes, I’m already into my 30th week.  I can be considered heavily pregnant now.  I’ve put on a total of 12kg so far.  Last week, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes… sigh… There goes all my sweet treats….  I’ll just have to let all the mooncakes at home go to waste… I was adviced to control my diet and the diet that the doctor set for me, sounded really boring and tasteless 😦   Fortunately it’s just another 2.5 months away from my EDD.

I’ve a bad feeling Beanie will arrive much earlier than Dec.  Dec was 2+ weeks early.  I’m experiencing irregular contractions these few days.  Dr Lui thinks that it is acutally premature labour contractions.  I don’t remember experiencing contractions that early with Declan.  This time, not only did the contractions came early, when it happen, the contractions can be quite strong sometimes.  Hopefully, the medication can subdue the contractions, if not I’m afraid I may be put on bed rest…….. 

Let’s hope Beanie will behave and stay in there till full term. 

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Botanic Garden

Saturday the blogging mummies had a gathering at Singapore Botanical Garden.  Damn it! I forgot to bring along my camera…. thus didn’t manage to shoot any pics….. except for this one with my handphone camera.

Let’s hope the other mummies manage to capture some photos.  Was waiting for them to post but none of them had posted yet.  I shall wait patiently.  It was a simple gathering.  Each family brought some food and I brought a mini soccer ball while Fannie brought bubble tools for the kids to play with bubbles.

The kids and dads sweat it out in the sun playing soccer, including the girls!  Mind you, these babes does play mean soccer!  The mums stay under the pavilion most of the time hiding from the sun :p  Dec has turned all tan from spending the whole time under the sun.  He really enjoyed himself alot kicking the ball and getting up close with the swan at the swan lake.

I got a surprise guest that day!  Mummy Jessie didn’t manage to turn up, in return I got Mummy Karen who drop by with Baby Kai Hui.  Both mummies were my poly mates.

After spending 3 hours there, I dragged the boys to Suntec, intending to get some new Maternity wear.  My current pants are too tight while my old maternity pants are too loose…..  Thus, now I am at a frustrating stage of wondering what I should wear everyday………..

Dec ended up like this :

Sleeping with his chocolate stick still in his mouth, as if he’s biting a cigar.  I went home empty handed because whatever was on sale at Suntec was simply tooooooooooooooooo expensive………………  $50 for a pair of shorts, $60 for a pair of 3/4 pants and $70-$80 for a pair of long pants……….  I can’t bear to part with my cash, so… I’ll have to spend the next few weeks pulling out my hair every morning wondering what I should wear to work………

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Change of Taste?

I’ve always been a coffee queen.  Have been drinking coffee since the age of 5, all thanks to my maternal grandma, who’ll lovingly share her cup of kopi-o with me.  She got me hooked ever since.  During my 1st pregnancy, I took great pains to stay away from coffee to limit my caffeine in take.  I quited the cold turkey way.  It was a torturing 1 full week, before I slowly adjusted to life without my favorite drink.  Now, I am wondering whether I was overdoing things then.  Anyway, according to many doctors, 1 coffee a day is totally fine and will not affect the baby.  In fact the guide was not more than 3 cups a day.

This time round, the determination to stay away from caffine didn’t kick in at all.  Not only did I continue my daily coffee routine, I craved for colas too.  Unfair to Beanie huh? :p  Not really!  5 days ago, my addiction to coffee ended abruptly.  I suddenly woke up on Monday morning and somehow develop an aversion to coffee.  Imagining the smell of coffee makes me feel a little queasy.  So, now is my Day 5 without coffee.  Wonder whether this is worth celebrating?  Coffee is such a heavenly beverage to me then …..  but I guess, this will ultimately benefit beanie… so let’s hope the addiction stays away till Beanie pops.

Tomorrow will be my next gynae visit.  Tiredness is stilllllllllllllllllllllllllll bugging me………… now Migraine has joined in to bug me daily…………..  I now have a terrible migraine and it’s so bad that my ears and the back of my left eyeball is hurting too…… 😦

Oh yah Jan I know I owe u a tag, will do it when the migraine goes away… can’t think about food when there is this nagging pain in my head.  Mamas, I’m still reading all your posts, just unable to carve out comments with a painful head, ear and eye…….   

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Finger Painting

The pair of father and son did finger painting this afternoon.  That was when I remembered I took some photos few weeks ago when they last did finger painting together.

Dec loves finger painting or should I say he loves messing himself up with paint.  He prefers to use his hands than to use brushes.  We will only let him do finger painting at our own home and not at Ah Ma’s place.  This is because Ah Ma’s place is too cluttered up and there is a danger of him smearing every other piece of furniture within his reach.  Up at our own place, at least we are able to give him a clearance radius with his both arms extended.

He will usually start his session with sponge printing, before proceeding to finger painting and then hands printing.

It’s been awhile since he attempted foot printing.  The last time he did that was at Fannie’s place. Phewwwwww…. Can you imagine how messy it’ll get when he do his foot printing??

After attempting hand printing, it’ll be time he starts smearing his paint everywhere and flooding the piece of paper. 

The final process is – BODY PAINTING!

See how comfortable he is with his own mess??  If it’s me, I’ll feel all sticky and yucky.  He seems to enjoy the mess……

Wondering why I didn’t join the boys?  Not that I am afraid of mess…. I’m nursing my queasiness in bed….  I guess a tad too many people ask whether I have morning sickness and my constant reply of no is getting back at me……  I’ve started feeling queasy in the evening.  Usually knock off time will be the time I feel a bit nauseated.  However still not too bad.  The tiredness is still there.

Today, the queasiness started early.  While the boys were painting, I was snoozing in bed…. I spent most of my Sunday in bed…. I slept away most part of it. 

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My Lunch

Oh my god! I can’t come to terms with what I ate for lunch today.  All along I won’t be able to finish a MacDonald’s value meal by myself.  I’ll usually leave behind a mouthful or 2 of the burger and probably a quarter of the fries. 

Guess what I ate today??!!  I ate a full MacChicken Meal , UPSIZE + a box of MacWings!

God help meeeeeeeeeee!!  I’ve already put on weight on my face.  If this goes on how how how????  The last time it was a total of 19.5kg that I put on, this time will it go pass the 20kg mark???!!! I really, sincerely hope it will not……

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7 weeks update

I’m in my 7th week now (roughly……. I’m always lousy at keeping track of dates).  I’ve since nicknamed our new addition Beanie.

Here’s a peek of tiny beanie :

I bet you can hardly see anything.  Anyway Beanie measures about 6.6mm as of 16th April 2007. 

I’ m one of those more fortunate ones that don’t suffer much from morning sickness, even when I was carrying Dec.  The only thing that is bothering me now is my constant tiredness.  I can sleep the whole day through.  Every evening, after work, I’ll come home dragging my feet with my eyelids half closed.  I’ll not be surprised if I fall asleep half way through my walk home from the train station.  The constant fatigue is also the reason why the frequency of my postings are not as tight as before. 

Other than fatigue, my mouth is tasteless all day long….  Thus I will go for food with stronger taste to get rid of the “tastelessness”.  Unlike my last pregnancy, when I don’t have much cravings, this time, the cravings had kicked in early.  That is like, now.  This evening, I went for curry chicken noodle, yummy yummy! Something which I had craved for the last few days.  Another craving that is waiting to be satisfied is Old Chang Kee’s curry puff.  There isn’t any Old Chang Kee store around Clementi, so I may need to wait a little while longer to get that curry puff.

When I was expecting Dec, I hardly eat anything during my first trimester, resulting in a weight loss of about 3kg.  This time, appetite is still quite ok at this point of time.  Early this eveing, I felt hungy, so I ate 2 slice of bread with cheese, 1 mug of apple juice and an apple.  After all these…. I’m still hungry…. That’s when I decided to go for my curry chicken noodle :p  Let’s hope I’ll be able to keep tab of what I eat and not balloon too much……

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