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New Year at Kukub

We spent our last day of 2008 and first day of 2009 at Kukub with my uncle and his friends.  This is our first trip to Kukub.  We had to leave little Kenji at home with mother in law as I think he is still too little for such trips.  We (including Dec) missed him dearly.

When we came back from the trip, mil shared that little Kenji missed us too.  For the 2 days that he spent at mil’s place, both nights he didn’t sleep well, he woke up twice every night.  awww poor boy…  The moment he came home and saw Dec, he squirmed to get out of my arms and was all over his elder brother as if to tell Dec that he missed him as well.  He’ll usually avoid Dec when Dec gets too near and rough for his comfort, this is the first time I see him lugged himself towards Dec voluntarily.  It was a cute sight!

The trip wasn’t fantastic, I guess we were a bunch of energetic folks who needs more activities to stay hyped.  There wasn’t much too do… It’s all about eating, drinking, talking, singing and playing with mini fireworks and crackers… 

Will just share some pics of the trip.

Dec got 2 other boys and a girl as company on the trip.  Another little boy was not in the pic.  These little ones really enjoyed themselves though the adult thought the trip was a bit boring.  The only girl in the group came back with 3 stitches at the back of her head as she fell accidentally off the double decker bed when the kids were playing.  The little accident manage to tame all of them and kept them away from the double decker beds.  Fortunately she was pretty alright and was up and running again the next morning.


The kids had fun watching the mini fireworks and playing with crackers while the adults have our own fun too.  kiat came out with this game that whoever lost will have to drink.  *burp*

Finally a group pic showing all the families and friends who were on the trip.  In total there were about 30+ of us including kids.

Happy 2009 folks!  Hope all your new year celebration and countdown went well and may all of you be blessed with good health and good wealth fo this new year!!


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Warning!! Long Post Ahead!

Wanted to do a more detailed sharing of my recent Japan trip but am really feeling very very lazy and the constant tiredness really took my motivation away.  Nevertheless, I manage to pull some strength together to post some photos.

Many of my fellow team mates wished to dine the “tatami” style, thus our host granted us our wishes and brought us for “tatami” style dining.  CEO complained:” Some how I just can’t keep my leg crossed and I feel really uncomfortable sitting this way.”  Ha!  I was totally comfortable with that sitting position except I was unable to sit in a kneeling position like what the Japanese ladies usually did, so I did it the men style – crossed my legs.

Cute and huge teddy bear which I spotted in Nagoya.  So cuddly!  A perfect huggie partner for cold weather!

We didn’t have much time for sightseeing.  The only place of interest that we managed to go is Kaiyukan – one of the largest aquarium in the world, focusing on the Ring of Fire and Ring of Life.  If anyone of you ever go to Osaka and you happen to like marine life Kaiyukan is a must go!  Why?  Because it is one of the 2 aquariums that housed a whale shark! I was really awed!

This is the best picture that I could capture for the whale shark, pardon the poor quality, it’s due to the poor lightings.

Before I went to the aquarium, I already tasked myself to take loads of pictures back for Declan to view.  He loved marine life.  It’s a pity that he was not there with me, if not I’m very sure we would be able to spend a very enjoyable day together.  In order to capture the clown fish and Dory look-alike fish, I ended up hogging in front of the tank for a long long while waiting for these 2 species to surface.  I did manage to snap the pic, but resolution not so good…. sigh…  But at least I managed to get other nice photos for him to enjoy which included :

The cheeky rays. 

The whole troop of spider crabs.  They look really magnificent.  Just standing there posting with their legs widely spread out as if waiting for a commander to give the signal to start a war.  We also spotted a school of weirdo fishes.  Not sure of the species though.  What intrigued us was that this school of fish were all looking skywards, not moving, just keep staring upwards, as if waiting for salvation to happen.  Freaky!!  Further down the tank, spotted another similar school of fish, this time, all of them was looking downwards………  weird!

These are my favorite!!!  Not the whale shark, not the spider crabs, not the sun fish, not clown fish BUT Jelly fishes!!!!!  Aren’t they soooooo pretty!!!!!!  This tank was simply beautiful and it looks so retro with rounded blue, white and black jelly fishes bobbing everywhere!!  This is only one of the jelly fish tanks that were showcased, there were many more other species but these are my favorites!  Because I was so mesmerized by them, I ended up being the last to emerge from the aquarium visit.  The whole group of folks was waiting for me.

Now the above is a rare sight! We spotted a pair of bride and groom outside the aquarium.  According to our host, nowadays, very few couples will choose to wear the traditional Japanese wedding gown.  Many of the young couples were westernized and would prefer to go for the western bridal gown.  So, this is bonus for us.

Just right beside the aquarium, is one of the tallest ferris wheel. 

This wheel stood at a height of 112.5 meters.  That photo of me was the masterpiece of my CEO.  He enthusiastically offered to take this photo for me.  He took really long to capture this pic.  He was going forward and backwards, squatting down, standing up etc.  I was wondering why he took so long to snap the pic.  After he was done, he proudly announced :” I was trying to make you look like ‘Guan Yin’ aka the Goddess of Mercy” ……………………………………

Included in our Nagoyo itinery was a trip to “Toyota City” where the toyota plant is.  My organization is a big fan of “The Toyota Production System” thus, that explained the reason why a visit to its production plant was part of our study trip.  Don’t think you guys would be very keen to know what went on in the plant right?  So, I’ll just share with you pics on the “Sakura Rain” that showered on me there.  What’s “Sakura Rain”?  Just look at the pics below!

Nice hor?!  Pink Sakura petals flying everywhere!  I felt as if I was taking my wedding photo leh!  BUT! It’s fake.  The “sakura rain” came from the hands of our team mates.  The below photo will solve the mystery of the “Sakura Rain”

These folks actually scooped the sakura petals from the road and threw them towards us to create the “sakura rain” effect.  The guy whose face got covered was actually our CEO.  Couldn’t imagine a man of his age and status could still be so playful and game to indulge in such silly actions with us huh?

Last but not least, would like to share the photos of the shop fronts and signages in Osaka.  They are really so vibrant and they really add alot of life to the shopping district!




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