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Last update of 2009

*blow blow* *brush brush* ahem..  got spider web and thick layer of dust already :p it’s been 2 months since my last update.  Not that there is nothing happening in our life just that a sudden wave of laziness hit me right in the face and press me down for the last 2 months :p

Before 2009 waves bye bye to us, I thought I better try my best to update what has happened thus far.

In summary, I lost my 2nd uncle, my granny has undergone a surgery, recoverd and moved in with me and will be rotated between 3rd uncle’s and my house every 3 weeks, I’ve reported to work at new workplace, Kenji is improving in terms of expressing his needs and his views and the latest is, Dec will be reporting to new school comes 4th Jan 2010.

I received an email yesterday evening, informing us that the school will need to vacate it’s current premises by March 2010 as the landlord will not be renewing the lease.  The school will be holding a meeting with parents only on 9th Jan 2010.  This news came rather abruptly.  It got me worried.  Declan will be in K2, to me, K2 is a crucial year to prep him for Primary school and if there is a need to change an environment for him, I rather do it in the beginning of the year. 

In my view, the new venue is not ideal and it is really not convenient for me.  Thus we decided to pull him out of the current school which saw him through playgroup to K1.  I’m sure he will miss his friends and I too, will miss the teachers.  Cherie Hearts Learners’ Cove has always gave me a very homely feel.  I trust them totally and never have to worry about whether my kid will be treated badly when he is there.  I hope the new school will give me the same level of confidence to trust them that way.

In a flurry this morning, we managed to go through the enrolment process, bought him his new uniform.  I hope he’ll be able to adapt to his new environment next Monday.

On a happier note, little Kenji will be attending playgroup starting next week as well.  That boy can’t speak well yet, so I hope he won’t frustrate the teacher.  He is not as sociable as his elder brother so I forsee he might cry on the first few days.  Anyway I hope I can handle better this time round, having been through Dec’s 1st weeks at playgroup.

For the new year I will just wish for health and happiness for my boys and family.

I’ll just share some pics here.  I was greatly amused earlier on.  I came back and saw this :

Ain’t that the most stylo sleepng pose of the year???  I wonder how he can sleep that way..

The cheeky as usual kor kor.  ohh I must add his appetite has improved greatly!! Though he is still not eating alot but at least we need not force him to eat anymore.  phew!  He WILL ask for food now as oppose to going without solid food the whole day.

The 2 bros are getting along pretty well with occasional squabbles but the squabbles are never serious.  It is usually the didi that is more petty.  He don’t like to share his stuff with kor kor, while kor kor will generously share his things with didi.  Didi will snatch korkor stuff at times but Dec will usually let him have it, if the small one insist.  Such a pleasant kor kor. 

Recently, I realise didi likes to mimic kor kor.  Kor kor says :” YEAH!!” he will go :” YEAH!” as well.  Kor kor walk with hands at the back, he will follow as well. Quite funny to watch the duo.

I hope they will continue to co-exist in such a peaceful manner with minimal sibling rivalry.

I’ll try to update more frequently, if I am not lazy 😡


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Apparently my first born possesses better parking skills than the mum.  He found his flight of vehicles a brand new parking spot right below our suspended TV console. He refused to keep them at the toy basket and he spent a long time painstakingly lining them up prior to his bed time.


 He also tried his hand in interior designing.  See his decor standing on the console?? *faints*

 Apologies on the long lapse from my last post.  Was busy and tired with the new place…. we finally moved in y’day…

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 Dec turned 5 yesterday!  Wow!  Can’t believe I’ve been a mum for 5 years already.  There’s still so many aspects of parenting that is soo alien to me. 

This year, the boy asked for a Dinosaur cake.  The dad found one for him.  The initial plan was for him to bring the Dino cake to his school to celebrate together with his friends 2 days before his B-day, which is on a Friday.  Unfortunately, during the birthday week, quite a number of kids were out from school due to HFMD, there was a point of time there were only 3 kids left in his class..  So we thought it’ll be a waste to bring a 2kg cake just to have 3 kids to gather for his b-day.  Thus we postponed the delivery of the dino cake to today so that we can get his cousins in to celebrate with him instead.

It was wrong planning on our side.  Near the end of the week, nearly the full class turn up, and Dec requested for the dino cake to be delivered on Friday…  Too late to change, so our contingency plan was to get him a ready made cake from a nearby cake shop.

That’s the last minute cake that we bought :

I thought it looks cool and cute but I guess the boy will be much happier if we manage to bring his dino cake.. but we’ve tried our best.

The boy blowing out the candles after the classmates sang for him b-day song

Didi went along to Korkor’s school as well

Dec and his teachers

Can you guys spot the “new student” among the lot?

Didi felt quite at ease with korkor’s classmates.  He sat down with them to enjoy his share of the cake.  Prior to that he was roaming freely and playing along with the Playgroup students.  Good start!  If we can’t get him into the 2 hours daily Apple Tree Playgroup, he’ll end up in korkor’s school as well.

On Saturday (1 day before his actual b-day), the dad brought the boys to East Coast Park.  Ever since our reno started, it’s been a long long time since we last visted ECP.  Dec missed playing with the sand badly. 

This time, finally didi is sturdy enough to to sit in the baby chair fixed on the bicycle.  That will also mean, he dad had to pillion both boys while I ride on my own leisurely.  He just could not trust me to pillion any of his boys…

Didi got a little too comfy on the return trip and fell asleep on his chair.

You can see that as the time passed, he stoop lower as he fell into deeper sleep.

We returned the bike and let Dec have some sand play.  Didi was all knocked out, so I just laid him in my lap and let him continue snoozing while Dec and the Dad played with sand and watched scenery by the coastline.

I took these pics from afar, thus it’s blurry but I like the cosy feel of these set of pics.

On the actual day of his b-day (yesterday), he finally saw his dinosaurs cake.

I must thanks all his cousins for making the effort to come and sing b-day song for him.  We changed the cake cutting time from afternoon to evening, and all were sweet to stay behind.  The 2 elder ones even went off for tuition and came back in the evening.

In between the wait, we all scooted to Vivo to get pressies for the boy.  Dec got a Transformer toy and a play tent, while didi got a toy piano/phone and a pair of shoes. 

Next year will be his last year to celebrate his b-day in his first school, I think I should put in more effort to make his next b-day celebration a more memorable one for him.

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Declan at Yamaha

He looks so attentive right?  骗人的!!!  This boy can hardly keeps his butt on the chair nor his fingers on the keyboard.  Or should I say his hands will be on the keyboard at the wrong time… 

He tends to get over excited and wave his hands all around and by the time the fingers are back at the keyboard and hit the key, he would have miss the beat already…  Then he either played the key too short or too long…….

This Yamaha Junior programme includes singing.  The teacher wanted the little kids to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in a skippy manner.  Each word and note should be kept light and short.  When it comes to individual singing, my boy was doing:”mar..y… has.. a little lamb~~~~~”  he  drag his lamb super long and do it super slowly and the teacher said :” oh Declan, your lamb so fat, you need to make it slimmer.” hahahaha can die.

Overall I think the boy enjoy the lessons.  It’s only 1hour per week.  We are still at first semester.  Shall see whether his interest will persist or he will opt to drop out after awhile.

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Today, I woke up about 45mins later than usual, sent Dec to school and off I went to enjoy my “Me” day.

I drove to Jurong Point and settled down in Subway for a yummy breakfast with a book to accompany me.

That’s my 6″ ham and egg plus a coffee.  I took my own sweet time to finish my food.  I reached there about 9.10a.m and was waiting for the shops to open so that I can do my shopping.  I thought the shops there will open at 10am but they open at 11am wor!!!  #*%)!*!*!_ waste my time….

Below are my loot from both Jurong Point and West Coast Plaza

When u see me buying a number of items for myself within 1 shopping trip, it can only mean either one of the below :

1) I am doing CNY shopping.

2) I am in a bad mood.

So this time obviously it is no. 2.  Have been feeling rather tired and moody lately.  Maybe I overestimated myself by multi taksing on too many things at one goal.  I am learning to invest, negotiating/discussing/meeting with some people on some business idea, reading up on how to start a business, planning reno, sourcing furnitures, researching for ID ideas, sewing cross stitches for my sons and of cource busy renotalking and “facebooking” too :p

I think I should slow down and do them progressively, 1 to 2 things at a time.. but time is not on my side.. I’m stepping into mid 30s real soon.. I need to buck up…

Ok just a random thought, I am into purple and grey colour for now, maybe I can paint my house in these 2 colours? ?  oh another random thingy, the nike shoe is acutally dark purple not black, somehow in the picture it looks like it’s black.

See what I mean when I say I am always multi-tasking?  I am blogging and still thinking about my reno and also plannign to go back to Nike to hunt for running shorts this weekend all at the same time……….

I didn’t disappoint you right yl?? *wink wink*

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In my last post, I mentioned that I planned to bring him to my office on Saturday mornings so that I can coach him a little on his writings as well as reading.  We started off the first session last Saturday and I must say the effort was worth it.

I should have done this long ago.  We are currently squeezing in with Mil and it is practically impossible to get any decent work done in the cluttered and noisy environment.  At home, there are plenty of distractions that will lured him away from his work.  The TV, the people walking around, the didi crawling around at his legs and trying to steal his pencils, the toys, the games etc etc.

At the office, all the distractions are taken out.  It helps that we are being given rooms and thus he don’t have a big space to awe at and be busybody.   This boy is very KPO, when he went to my ex office, he’ll be running around and getting curious over stuffs that are placed on other colleagues’ desk and too bad for him, the mummy’s desk got nothing interesting for him to play with. 

Thus, when there’s nothing else he could meddle with, he went back to practice his writing and so coincendentally, I got an extra computer desk thrown to me by my boss.  Just nice for him.

The end results?

He  finally got all his numbers from 1-10 the correct side.  Ok I know he miss out 12.  However, comparing this piece of work to his last piece, he had made vast improvement.  I’ll go through with him the next 10 digits in our next session.  To encourage him, I also awarded him stars on the works that I thought he did pretty decently.  If I stinge on the stars, he’ll question me, asking :” Is that all? So few?”  hahahah

We spent nearly 2 hours at the office.  Other than writing, I got him to go through with me the rhymes that he did in school and he didn’t forget to spend some time doodling on the white board.

I was asking him how come his fish got hair and he went :” Mummy that is a whale.. not fish.” ooohhhh bad eye sight on my part :p

I’ll try to stick to this new saturday morning routine as strictly as I can as I also enjoyed the bonding time between just the 2 of us.

I got 2 good news to share.  1)  His yahama junior programme will start this Friday evening and he is very excited about it.  He’s been waiting for it. 2) He’s been promoted to Pre Reading Programme at I Can Read! He started with the creative thinking class which is for beginner to familiarise with all the alphabets sounds first.  Unfortunately all the PRP classes are full… we are not the waiting list…

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arghhhhhhhh having most of our stuffs in the warehouse now is such a big inconvenience…  I wanted to scan my quote to share with some folks who are also going to do reno soon…but no scanner…. So I’ll just type it all out here…

1) Hacking and disposal – $2500

2) wall tiles for 3 toilets – $ 3600

3) floor tiles for 3 toilets – $1200

4) Plaster for kitchen wall – $600

5) Floor tiles for kitchen – $1200

6) 600x600mm homogenous tiles for living /dining/balcony/bedroom passage way – $3200

7) install 3 sets of WC – $240

8) install 2 set of wash basin – $70

9) 3 glass doors for toilets – $1350

10) Shower screen with door for 2 toilets – $560

11) stainless stell water pipe for whole unit – $1000

12) stainless stell rubbish chute – $180

13) 17ft top & bottom kitchen cabinet (top all glass) – $3400

14) granite table top for kitchen – $1000

15) glass wall/door for kitchen c/w partition wall – $1600

16) Full ht cabinet at kitchen area – $200

17) TV console and feature wall – $1300

18) 3ft altar full ht – $900

19) 5.5 ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1200

20) 6ft sliding door wardrobe at MBR – $1320 (yes it’s correct I kiasu doing 2 wardrobe in MBR :p)

21) 3inch platform both MBR and Boys’ room – $700 (this is dirt cheap!)

22) laminate flooring for 3 bedrooms – $1800

23) Painting for whole unit (Nippon 3 in 1 paint) – $1100

24) nato windows for 3 toilets – $400

25) fire resistant main door – $650

26) false ceiling c/w 5 lighting point at living room – $800

27) Lbox c/w 14 lighting point at living/dining room area – $900

28) windows for whole unit – $2350

29) window grille for whole unit – $1000

30) 5ft wardrobe in kids room – $1100

31) 2ft full ht cabinet in boys rooms (for toys and stuffs) – $380

32) Vanity top of MBR toilet – $700

33) 4 ft shoe cabinet – $720

34) supply new power point, new switch and install lights – $450

35) 4 x bedroom doors (this one dunno how much but it is included)

For all the above work, after discount and negotiation we arrived at $35,000.

Now.. I’m just waiting to receive my keys and for uncle to start hack hack hack!!!!  That will probably be in late April.

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