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Cough and Leaky Nose

His cough has returned and this time, it’s accompanied by leaky nose. Fortunately no fever. I hate leaky nose on babies, it just messed them up so badly and grossly…

Declan will go “hachooooo” and you’ll then see a big bubble of mucus forming and hanging from his nose. If we are not near enough to help him wipe it away, he’ll burst it and rub his nose with his fingers and smudge it all over his face and then stick his fingers into his mouth. YUCKS! hmmm I think he probably enjoy the saltish taste.

Very often he’ll greet us with a mess of fluid and smudges on his face, making him look like a dirty stray kitten which have wandered on the street for a long long time. From my observation, the concoction of the unidentified smudges on his face must have consisted of his tears, his mucus and his drool. 😡 Did I just kill your appetite?? wahhahah


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My baby gotta Work

Fannie says to write this down so that she can read, so here it is.

Through a forum mum and her friend, Declan was asked to go for an audition for a role in a local serial drama. The lady in charge asked me if he gets along well with strangers and I told her no and he’ll usually cry when someone carry him. She arranged for an audition for him anyway, so I brought him there 2 weeks ago. Surprisingly, that day he was exceptionally cooperative and did not cry when they carried him and he even let them shuffled him out of the room away from my sight….

Last Monday, I received a call and was informed that they had decided to cast him as the baby of Cynthia Koh and his name will be Zhou Jie Lun as in Jay Chou… what a name…. First shoot was Wednesday.

When a few close friends and relatives get to know about this, they teased me and called me “xing ma” (mum of a star) but in actual fact, I feel more like a “xing maid” (maid of a star)… First shoot… I had to get up at 6.00 am in order to “transport” him to TCS by 7.45 am. I had to pull Kiat along with me as this is the first shoot and I’m not sure how the whole thing will work and the KS me packed along 5 feeds of milk, plenty of biscuits and snacks, a bottle of Heinz yogurt, 2 bottles of water, 1 hot flask, 1 extra set of clothes, some extra change of diaper and of course his pram.

It was such an overkill as filming was completed by 10.00am. It was just 2 outdoor scenes and all he needs to do was act as a baby. As expected, he brawled when “his maid” in the show carried him… I ended up squeezing into the car and hiding on the car floor to entertain him while they shoot the scene of the family getting out of the car. Poor me…

The crew and the director were nice and friendly people. When baby brawled, some of them tried making funny faces at him and try to soothe him. But hahahha the more they come near him the louder he cry. His “mum” in the show said to him :” Aiyoh baby, you cry and cry and cry, headache ahhhh!” He has always been a loud speaker, so imagine him brawling in an enclosed space of a car -_-“ *sweat* no wonder she got headache and probably “ear ache”.

The crew was amazed that the moment the director said “Action!” and the sound man pushed in the microphone, he’ll stared curiously at the big black “hairy” microphone and “forget” to cry. So the crew quickly got the scene over and done with before he started crying again. The moment the director said “cut” and the microphone was taken away, he cry again… How timely…

First session was not that difficult, I’m not sure when will be the next shoot though, they will call me and inform me as they do not have a schedule in hard copy.

A friend of mine and my eldest brother in law was saying :” aiyah baby so poor thing, so young have to work and earn money already” kekkeeekkee, anyway just to clarify, we are in it not for the money but for the “perceive” fun. I had since realized that it’s no fun having to wake up so early in the morning…. and of course having to soothe the boy when they “make” him cry….

Sorry folks, no photos to share as I do not want to be seen as a star struck mum on the set, so I didn’t snap any pics. I am a person who don’t idolize stars and I don’t go chasing and screaming after them , even when I was a teenager. But frankly, they are really a bunch of beautiful people.

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“Na na”, “Dog” and “Oh” are the favorite verses of Declan now.

When he says “na na” it can mean “No no”, which is what I always tell him, he will also refer to banana as “na na”.

To this little boy, all animals are “dog”. When he sees cat, he’ll wave to it and says “dog”, when he sees dog, he’ll do the same and no matter what 4 legged animals he sees, he’ll still goes “dog”. hmmm guess I’m a lousy teacher heheheh.

“Oh” is his version of “uh-oh”.

This little loud speaker, when he shrieks and screams, it’s real loud and sharp, but when he attempt to pronouce some words, it always sounds as if it all got stuck in his throat. He don’t really know how to throw out his speech yet.

But it’s fun hearing them learn how to speak. So cute!

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Whenever I bump into any friends or relatives, the most common questions asked nowadays with regards to Declan are :

“How old is he now?” when I reply “Oh he is slightly pass 1 yr old”, the next question will most likely be “Oh so can he walk already?” I will answer :” Nope, not yet.” Guess what will be their reaction and reply?

More often than not, they will give me a stun look and then ask me worriedly :” HOW COME?” -_-” hmmm these people really puzzle me. Is it really so unusual that my kid ain’t walking at 12.5months?

These chaps will then tell me that that Mr so-and-so’s baby started walking at 10 months, the other lady selling noodles, her baby started walking at 11 months and to end the milestone set by other babies, they will say :” and your baby is already 1yr+ and still can’t walk?? How come ahh?”

My answer will be :” I don’t know leh” because I REALLY DON’T KNOW and it don’t really bothers me that he’s only got 2 lower teeth and just sprouting the upper 2 teeth and not walking at the moment.

I’m really wishing that he’ll start walking as late as possible so that he won’t go around crashing into furniture and toppling over stuffs which will most probably crash onto him and probably crush him as well. The later the walks, the longer will be my “pre-walking honeymoon period” :p I know it does sounds kind of selfish.. but hey….. Once these little things starts walking they’ll never ever stop again!!

Mamas, enlighten me please, when did your baby take his/her first steps?

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Rash Rash

Fever died down and his cough got worse. Little red spots sprouted on his face yesterday afternoon accompanied by a set of puffy eyes. The spots got more obvious and spreaded to his body by evening. For awhile I thought it was drug allergy, so I stopped giving him the cough mixture. Then I remembered that was what happen to Ethylyn some time ago and realise it may be fake measles. I contemplated whether to send him to a 24hrs clinic, then I decided against it as I did’t really trust those doctors. I prefer him to see his own PD and anyway the medication that I gave him was prescribed by his PD.

Don’t misunderstand that I am just another over anxious parent who rather spend alot more on a private PD then going to the GP. Dec have been with this PD since birth and personally I think he is a very good and patient doctor who bother to check every part of the baby when we bring him in, no matter what is the problem of the baby at the point of time. In comparison, other GP when I say baby has fever, they will just measure the temperature and then give a prescribtion for us to bring down the fever and that’s it. They greatly rely on what the parents tell them. The plus point is this PD is not really that costly as compared to KK walk in clinic which charges us $65 the moment we register… Our last visit to the PD last week only cost us $50.

Back to the spots. This morning, the spots had faded and Fannie reassured me that it was fake measles. We shared the same PD. It was the PD’s advice to her that it is common for babies to develop rash after a bout of serious fever. Seeing that Dec is still as active despite the rash, and it seems that the rash don’t itch, I guess he will fully recover in 2 days time.

Let’s wait and see. Meanwhile pray hard that he’ll bounce back in full force soon.. we had too many disruptful nights of sleep since last week. This little boy is extremely “yang ow” when he is not well, he gets sticky and is choosy and fussy. Very siong…

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Look at the sickly chap… He’s been running a temperature since Friday night. Temperature ranges between 38+ to 39+. Seen a doc, but doc didn’t say much, we don’t really know what’s the cause of the problem.

It didn’t help with a naggy mil around the house and keep asking me how come baby’s temperature is not coming down… and keeps bugging me to bring him to see doctor when we already consulted one and doc’s advice was to monitor him till Tuesday morning. She further makes my blood boil when she insisted to apply rice wine all over Declan’s body and she took great pain to apply extra amount on his head…. I’m not really sure whether that will help, but it worries me that the alcohol will seep through his skin and get into his blood…

I can’t stop her…. the feeling that my son is not my own is back again…. why can’t i have some say when it comes to the well being of my son…??

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Recent Discovery

Recently I discovered the following about my little boy.

1) He doesn’t like durians. Weird isn’t it? To think that both his mum and dad are crazy about durians. When I was carrying him, I ate sooooo much durian in my last trimester that my weight shot up! You may wonder how we discover that he doesn’t like durian. This little glutton will always want a share in whatever we eat. There was one occasion when we were eating durians at home and we offered some to him, to our amazement, he actually pushed our hands away. When we offered to him again, he turned away and there was this not so happy expression on the face. Hmmmmmm must train him to like durians!!!

2) He knew how to make “3-point turn” to get himself down the bed. Previously, he always wanted to plunge head down off he bed. After some teaching and nagging from his dad, whenever he wants to plunge of the bed, we’ll get hold of him and say;” baby turn turn, remember what daddy teach you?” He’ll just do a “3-point turn” automatically and let himself down the bed. The won him many applause from his “audiences” whom find this act very entertaining.

3) He has learnt how to climb onto the bed on his own.

4) He has developed separation anxiety. Sometimes I wonder whether it is really separation anxiety or it’s just what his grandma termed “flower leg”, which means that he’ll want to follow whenever we are going out of the house. Nowadays, when he sees me get dress up and start to mess around with my hair, he’ll crawl to me and pull himself up holding onto my legs and refuse to let go. I’ve no choice but to carry him, after which he’ll refuse to be passed over to anyone else, not even to his grandma. He’ll fight with all his might to cling on to me, I’m actually amazed by his strength when he hold on to my blouse so tightly and tensed his whole body so forcefully that it is actually a real challenge to ply him off me. The end result is always him wailing his head off.

5) He’s got 2 more teeth!! 2+2=4 Four incisors! And he’s also developed a liking to use his caregiver as teether…. Ouch…

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