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Declan’s 3rd Birthday

Declan turned 3 yesterday.  Last year we did not celebrate his birthday at school for him as we think that he is still too young to appreciate and enjoy the celebration.  This year, he is much more aware about his like, dislikes and his own emotion, we decided it’s time for a group celebration for him with his peers.  He clearly enjoys birthday celebration.  Whenever he brings back a party pack given to him by his classmate, he’ll keep reciting the birthday song even after he is home.

We ordered a cake from ecreative.  We chose a cake with cars on it as transport is the love of his life. 

Everyone loves the cake design.  Even the teachers keeps saying that it’s very special.  Personally I like the taste of it, not too sweet.  It’s chocolate flavour with blueberry.

This funny birthday boy, when it was my birthday, he was so eager to blow the candle on my behalf.  Now that it was his big day, he simply refuse to blow his own candles.. The dad had to coax him and ended up his pals had to help him blew the candles out.

That’s my boy with his classmates and teachers.  A few of the kids on half day already left though.

By the time we came to these 2 pics, Dec could hardly keep his hands off the cars.  When we first took out the cake, all the boys’ hands went straight to the cars. hahahah there’s exactly 4 boys and there’s 4 cars on the cake.  The teachers and us had a hard time trying to keep the kids from removing the cars.

In addition to the cakes, we brought mini milo packs and some light snacks such as mini spring rolls, fishballs and sausages for the little one.  The teachers commented that all were well behave and eating well today as usually when the school serve their own snacks, the little ones will pick and choose.

Most of the kids were quite messed up after they eat.  They’ve got green cream smeared all over themselves.  Can see that the kids really enjoyed the cake.

Dec and Javier are good friends.  That’s Javier sitting side by side Declan.  For all the kids, Dec is only willing to share his treasured toy car with Javier.  At home, he constantly mention Javier to us. 

Even when he was distributing the goodie bags, Javier was the first who got the bag.  You can really see the bond between them.

This year, we didn’t really buy him a present.  He’s got so much toys that I really didn’t know what I should buy.  Anyway. we buy him gifts every now and then, thus I guess he’s got enough.  We brought him out for dinner at Brewerkz though.  Will post the photos in the next post as I am having problems posting the pics up………


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Habitat for Humanity

This is a super back dated post.  A few of my colleagues form a team to take part in “Build 4 Hope” project organized by Habitat for Humanity Singapore.  I brought Declan along to join in the fun. 

This project aimed at raising funds and also to build the world largest tetra pack house for Guinness Record.  Each of our team members raised $100 and for every $100 raised, we get 50 tetra packs for building.  All in all i guessed my team raised about $500.  Which means we got about 250 tetra packs.  We were allocated 10 June to build our part.  See how little boy enjoy building his own house while we were busy contributing our packs to the big house.

Building vertically wasn’t enough for him, thus he started building a long train.  That’s what he’ll usually do with his building blocks at home.

After he’s done with his long train, I decided to rope him in to help with the actual building.  I thought him how to apply glue and he got hooked and insist that he wanted to do it himself.  Needless to say, due to his “independence” both of us ended up with glue smeared all over our hands….

The event’s photographer ended up taking loads of photos of Declan building his own “empire”. This little boy had 3 photographers shooting at him at the same time – our company’s photographer, the event’s photographer and of course the dad himself.

He even tried his hand at laying the tetra pack on the skeleton.

Though the weather was really scorching that day but we really had fun!  We kind of regret not engaging more colleagues to raise more funds so that we can build the whole side of 1 house under our organization’s name.   A completed house will look like this.

Our pathetic 250 packs could only filled up about 1/5 of 1 side.  

That’s my team!

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I’m 31

I officially turned 31 as of yesterday.  We did not go for an elaborate celebration.  To be frank, we really got no idea what we should do.  Kiat bought me a cheesecake and an external hard disk as presents.  Just what I need!!!  My photobanks are bursting and all my documents in my laptop are not back up.  Kiat also gave me a hand draw card, done together with Dec.  He held Dec’s hand to write the birthday wish for me.  How nice!

Dec is very much into singing and especially love to sing birthday song in company of candle light plus a cake.  Below is a video of him singing both the english and mandarin birthday song for me plusSSSSSSSSSSS how he stole my show!  What do I mean when I say he stole my show??  Watch the video and you will know.

Apologies for the dark clip, the dad was trying to create the atmosphere by keeping the lights off.

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I’m sure this little beanie is not a scholar as after I expect him I lost the urge to blog…. that’s why the lack of posts.  You’ll notice I say “he” when I refer to beanie…. sigh… during the last 2 scans… there are hints of the existence of a “little teapot” forming at the bottom… thus… i think the odds are high that Declan is gonna get a soccer mate….  So there goes my hope of having my little princess….. *sob sob* 

Little Beanie had really grown!  From a bean, he’s grown to 88mm in length as of last saturday.  Too lazy to scan in the ultrasound pic.  :p

Now the kor kor has finally imprinted the existence of Beanie in his little brain.  There was one time when we were climbing up a fleet of stairs of the overhead bridge, he suddenly annouced to his dad :” Daddy!  Mummy got baby inside leh!”  A couple coming down the stairs was sniggering at his comment.  So paiseh… 

Now everynight, before we sleep, when we say good night to each other, either the dad or myself will remind him that there is another little one that he should say good night to.  He’ll dutifully turn to my tummy and say :” good night bebe!”  At times when he’s in the right mood, he’ll even sing chinese rythmes to beanie.  He’s into his chinese nursery rythmes.  He sounds cute when he sings in mandarin.  If i get a chance I’ll video it down to share.

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